September 2016 Collection

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September 2016 Collection

We round up our favourite wedding photos in our September collection. With hundreds of entries we have narrowed it down to this stunning collection of top wedding photos.

James Tracey Photography

Ibiza Sunset

Photo by James Tracey Photography – Stevie and James met in Ibiza and went back to get married on the White Isle at Elxir Shore Club. For their couple photos we made the most of the famous Ibiza sunset.

September 2016 Collection

Super Groom

Photo by John Steel – As soon as I arrived at the reception I knew I had to get the bride and groom on the trampoline. Fortunately the groom decided to go into Super Hero mode. I wish there was a trampoline at every wedding.

September 2016 Collection

Engagement shoot in Barbados

Photo by Jacob and Pauline Photography – We shot this beautiful image at one of the most beautiful beach we’ve ever seen. The Crane beach in Barbados.

September 2016 Collection

A misty early morning on the beach

Photo by Diana V Photography – This photo was taken at Karekare beach in West Auckland, New Zealand early in the morning, before Marie and Sam’s wedding ceremony back at their house up the road. Karekare is a big, very wild and deserted beach, where the film, The Piano was set. Big waves crashing, beautiful dunes and dramatic cliffs and wooded hills all around. There is always a beautiful soft light here and slight mist in the air, just as it was on Marie and Sam’s wedding morning, creating a wonderful romantic atmosphere.


Golden hour in the Sussex Downs

Photo by Sarah Williams Photography – I always factor in some time with my couples during the evening for some relaxed natural portraits and in the Summer months this means we have gorgeous light too! This was taken at one of my favourite venues to work at again – Upwaltham Barns in Sussex. This was taken as my couple made their way back to the reception and I loved the fact they both wore matching converse and factored in time as I suggested to make the trip up for these photos.

September 2016 Collection

Thinking out loud…

Photo by Sam & Louise – Jenny & Antony are just the loveliest couple. They’re so natural and happy together. Just after their wedding breakfast one of their guests got up and played an impromptu acoustic mashup for them. This ended up being their unplanned, very emotional first dance. There was an incredible atmosphere. We were all silent, in awe as their pal, Ed Sheeran sang for them. I think they liked it!

September 2016 Collection

Cornwall Wedding

Photo by Alexa Poppe Wedding Photography – Andrea and Phil were married at Polhawnfort. Polhawn is an old fort tucked away under a cliff on the end of a road. The gardens offer beautiful views over the cornish coastline and is overlooked by a very large old pine tree. Andrea wanted an image which shows the views of the stunning location. It rained all morning and we were very lucky when the sun came out after the ceremony, the gale force winds and rough sea make the landscape shot more dramatic.

September 2016 Collection

Something a little corny

Photo by Stephen McGowan – Anna and Johnny had a Tipi Wedding at their back garden in Cheshire. During the day we jumped into next door’s corn field for some gorgeous cornfield portraits. I feel this photograph perfectly sums up the day – spontaneous, emotional and full of love.

September 2016 Collection

Bath Time!

Photo by Norsworthy Weddings/Martyn Norsworthy – Olivia and Mark expressed a wish to have a photo using the Roll Topped Bath in their Honeymoon Suite. I am tired of Brides and Grooms fully dressed and in Baths, I dont get it! SO i had pre arranged for them to actually take a bath before the first dance! we set up the shot, the hopped in and viola!

September 2016 Collection

Family is everything

Photo by Martine Sansoucy Photography – On this beautiful day in Candle Lake Saskatchewan, the sun was setting beautifully on a hill by the couple’s resort location. I asked the bride and groom to take their daughter up to the top of the hill to play with her and as soon as I got this image I knew it would be something special! It was the perfect ending to a perfect day!

September 2016 Collection

Getting Ready

Photo by Massimiliano Magliacca

September 2016 Collection


Photo by Nabis Photographers/Chiara Ridolfi – I really loved to see this beautiful moment between 3 special little girls.
The photo was taken in Villa Catignano, Tuscany

September 2016 Collection

Love in an elevator

Photo by Luisa Raimondi – We were reaching the second floor of the mansion, while I noticed the beautiful reflection in the elevator mirrors! We had a lot of fun to take this photo!

September 2016 Collection

Newly Weds

Photo by Matt Selby Photography – Taken at Colwick Hall in Nottingham. A relaxed capture of the newly weds following their wedding ceremony.

September 2016 Collection

Up in the air

Photo by Hayley Baxter Photography – At Owen House Barn the Venue lifts the Photographer up in the air in a crane to capture the full group shot … Alice & John were straight over! We wanna go up there!!
The Venue have said they are the first Bride & Groom to go up!
Fair play to this wicked couple!

September 2016 Collection

Emily + Sam – Berrow Court Birmingham

Photo by Rob Grimes Photography – Rob Grimes – Taken at a recent wedding at Berrow Court in Edgbaston Birmingham, we managed a break in the rain during the day and decided to use some smoke bombs for the portraits to give the image an effect of colour.

September 2016 Collection

Smoke bombs

Photo by motiejus – The picture was taken in the afternoon during the wedding. We wanted to create something different to suit the style of the couple so smoke bombs was a great choice.

September 2016 Collection

Rainy wedding adventure

Photo by Sam Gibson Photography – This is what I’ll show couples the next time they ask me what will happen if it rains on their wedding day! Laura and Pete had showers on and off all day for their wedding, but it didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits. Half way through the day they jumped in Pete’s sports car and we sped off down some country roads to get some couple portraits. As we were taking these the rain was spitting and there was the continuous rumble of thunder in the background but Laura and Pete were so happy and oblivious to it all. Embrace everything your day gives you!

September 2016 Collection

I will smash you

Photo by Sami Moda – Dina & Dan great couple from the UK, decided to get marry and Crete was the choice for this beautiful wedding.

September 2016 Collection

A bright day

Photo by Andrea Cittadini Photography – This photo was taken in Umbria, at the Trasimeno lake. I really loved the sun rays in the sky and I decided to shoot with my infrared camera in order to come up all the details.

The historical center of Castiglione del Lago, the town where this photo was taken, is at the top than the new town and from the belvedere you can enjoy a fabulous view.

September 2016 Collection

Framed by the Cathedral

Photo by Eliza Claire Photography – This was taken during the wedding ceremony at Ely Cathedral. I was restricted in where I could stand but I saw that I could shoot through the architecture and it created the perfect natural border to this image.

September 2016 Collection


Photo by Arteextremeño

September 2016 Collection

The bare cheek of some guests

Photo by Linus Moran Photography – A military wedding, Royal Marines reception just after the first dance. It was rumoured that there was going to be a ‘naked bar’ later in the evening, but one guest had ‘peaked too soon’ and decided to strip off and dance much to the surprise of gathered family and guests. Great reactions captured and a real favourite of mine, showing that each wedding can be unique in some many different ways!

September 2016 Collection

The First Dance

Photo by Aaron Storry Photography – Laura & Tom had a lot of guests at their reception, all wanting to catch a glimpse of their first dance. There was no way I could document in the usual way (close up and personal) so I decided to take a step back and see things from a fresh perspective. With my signature *asking two guests to hold my flashes*, I waited for the right moment and snapped this beautiful moment as the newly wed took to the stage.

September 2016 Collection

Phone Box

Photo by Wellington Oak Photography – Recently shot a wedding in the lovely village of Rotherwick in Hampshire, the couple really wanted a photo in this old phone box which is now converted into a book exchange. Set up a couple of flashguns off camera and played around with the lighting whilst the happy couple canoodled in the phone box… Happily I can say that they were delighted with the outcome of this shot!

September 2016 Collection


Photo by Jordi Tudela – Pere and Miriam were married in the parish of Sant Pere de Terrassa . This photo reflects one of the moments of the ceremony , and where natural light , you can see the whole Miriam dress , the bride.

Well done to all and look out for our email too all members when next months submissions are open.

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