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Discover the best UK videographers that can capture you wedding and tell a story for years that can be shown to many generations.

Planning for a wedding comes with multiple decisions for the couple to make. How many of friends and other people will be invited? What food kind will be served? Which colours will crown the day? However, although ignored by most people, it’s as essential to hire videographer for the wedding. When budgeting and planning for the wedding it is as important and necessary to include videographer. Compared to wedding photography, the videography captures those moments which are in between those moments. When coming up with a documentary wedding video it’s those small intangible things like laughing with friends, nervous energy as the partner walks down the aisle that make the day as memorable.

You could have had a great meeting with the cinematic videographer, their samples look great but then you should ensure you are making right decision. Ask around and get to know especially from your photographer whether they know the person, ask friends if they have hired him or even enquire from the planners of your wedding if they have any experience working with the company. Visit social media platforms for left reviews as well.

Before hiring, have an idea of what you want. Do you want full day video, summary video three to five minutes long or drone which will edit the video same day? Share with the videographer so as to establish if they will meet your needs.

Why hire a wedding videographer?

Although most couples would ignore the videographers, there are some reasons as to why your wedding should not lack a videographer. Such reasons include:

Life-like memory - Photography might not capture every aspect of your wedding; videography on the other hand will capture the whole of the celebration starting from times of preparation to reception time hence keeping a complete memory of that great day.

Videography allows you have a look of each and every reaction from the guests which are not easily noted during the event. It allows you have a picture of what happened step by step.

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