0 Weddings Captured a Year

The average number of weddings captured a year is 28.

How it compares:
2018 -29 | 2017 - 31 | 2016 - 28.

Average Weddings Shot that were Unplugged
Photographers that prefer unplugged weddings

Average Spend on Photography

Average Full Day Starting Packages

Cheapest Region - North East - £0

Most Expensive - South West - £0

How it compares:
2018 - £1,560 | 2017 - £1,480 | 2016 - £1,450.


0 Hours Editing

The average time spent by a photographer on editing a full days wedding.

How it compares: 2018 - 14 Hours | 2017 - 12 Hours

When asked where photographers spend most of their time, editing came out top.

Digital Vs Film

96% of people questioned only shot in Digital. 53% described their styled as Documentary, followed by Modern and artistic.

Marketing Spend

Including online advertising, printed brochures, wedding fairs and other marketing spend the average yearly cost is £1,253.

How it compares: 2018 - £1,274

Total = £0.00
Top 3 Social Media Platforms for Bookings
Instagram - Organic
Facebook - Organic
Facebook - Paid

Instagram has become the leading social source for bookings jumping Facebook from last year.

Top 3 Biggest Expenses
Online Advertising

Little change here from last year with online advertising and travel being the next biggest expenses.

0 Enquiries

The average number of enquiries received a year is 110. The percentage of bookings from first enquiry ranges as can be seen on the right.

How it compares: 2018 - 106

% of clients booking after enquiry
Percentage that show prices on their website?
Average Percentage
that request a second shooter

Last year this was 32%

Average Percentage
that Book an Engagement Shoot

Last year this was 34%

Percentage that buy
a Wedding Album

Last year this was 35%

Taking Part in
Online Awards?

33% of photographers surveyed said they do take part in online awards for recognition and badges.

How it compares: 2018 - 54% | 2017 - 33%


Camera Brand of Choice

Canon Vs Nikon
Canon -
40% Canon
31% Nikon
22% Sony
7% Fuji
40% of Photographers use a Canon Camera, 31% Nikon, 22% Sony, 7% Fuji.

Age & Experience

The Average Age from those surveyed was 39 years old. You can view the experience on the right hand side.

How it compares: 2018 - 38 | 2017 - 39

44% Woman and 56% Men.

Your Thoughts

Below are a sample of comments you left with regards to your thoughts on the industry.

"It's getting more competitive with more people charging less. I would love for photographers to charge properly so the average moves from £1500. It has been this for so many years and hasn't moved with inflation or other external costs increasing. My rate reflects my experience and the level of service but at a glance it can be harder when someone is comparing primarily on price."
"Love it. I always inject lots of fun and personality into what I do and get along with everyone, or at least try. My mantra is to help everyone. I can only be booked for one wedding a day, so if I get multiple enquiries I like to share the love to other photographers with a similar outlook to myself."
"Very saturated, and it's becoming more demanding in terms of the client expectations as well as the diversity of skills needed to run a profitable business (e.g. complex SEO, knowledge of increasingly complicated social media strategies, website maintenance, blogging, online sales)"
"Wonderful, friendly industry. Everyone is supportive and I couldn’t be where I am today without industry friends recommending me, giving advice, support, etc"
"It's very competitive and there are a lot of beginner photographers devaluing the photography industry by offer shockingly low prices making it harder for well established photographers to book at 'normal' prices"
"Although saturated, clients tend to go with recommendations. But to sustain a freelance business, you need to be business-minded with marketing and consistent with postings, not just be a good photographer - I find this pretty difficult.
"In my region (Essex/East of England) there is an ever-increasing flow of new photographers, and the industry is still booming. Interestingly, these new photographers are not coming in with undercutting prices, rather, those who have only photographed one or two weddings, are starting out by charging exactly the same as established, experienced, talented photographers. I don't know whether this is a good or bad thing, as I feel the market price for photography is steadily increasing."
Our Thoughts Each year we do see a theme with comments, the industry being unregulated, new photographers driving the price down and it being as competitive as ever. For some bookings and enquiries are down on last year, and for others they are both up.

Why You Love it!

Below are a sample of comments and reasons as to what you love about the industry.

"It's great, especially as you become more connected in the industry & network at events & with suppliers, it's a thriving industry helping couples create the most spectacular day in their lives. Though it's thriving, it is becoming more competitive but that means as suppliers we can't be complacent with our business, which is healthy to have."
"On the whole it's a great industry to be part of. It is very competitive but that helps to keep me on my toes!"
"I love being a wedding photographer - I hope to do it for as long as I possibly can!"
"The wedding photography industry is more exciting than ever at the moment with amazing new talents shining through all the time. There is also a growing movement away from the staged, fake 'traditional' wedding photography towards the documentary style, real and genuine moments that weddings are really all about. Artistic storytelling is becoming more mainstream and expected at last and not just a slogan on photographers websites!"

Credits: Header photo by Lily & Moon Photo & Film

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