Documentary Style Wedding Photographers

Reportage, Documentary and photojournalist, whatever you want to call it, it is about beautiful photos that tell a beautiful story of the day. Find a lifestyle wedding photography, capturing special moments, emotions and relaxed natural photos in a candid way. We have rounded up the top Documentary style Wedding Photographers covering London and the whole of the UK.

What is documentary wedding photography?

Documentary and reportage photography is a candid style of capturing photos, you may have also heard it called reportage, or photojournalist, although different names they are the same style. So what is the style? It is all about observational, unobtrusive and candid photos. It is about telling a story of the day, capturing emotions, expressions on yours and your guests faces, the tear running down your mothers cheek, the awkward face on the groom as his best man reads his speech, the smiles and laughter on your guests faces. Documentary Wedding Photography is about the story of your day captured in a relaxed and informal manner so when you look back over your photos, you can relive the day and also see moments that you may have missed. This is reportage.

What is NOT documentary wedding photography?

Reportage isn't just about ignoring the camera and lots of lovely black and white photos, it is about the photographer telling a story of the day, capturing the emotions, the feelings, those little moments that maybe missed while telling a beautiful story of the day through captured photos.

Traditional photos such as group shots be it with different family members, your parents, close friends, these types of photos fall under traditional. However that being said a photographer thats style is all about candid photos, will do take these photos, so speak to them about it. It is best to keep them to as few as possible as they can take time to do them.