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How much should I budget for a wedding photographer?

Wedding photography is something that will last for ever, however the cost for this can vary depending on location, package and also the photographer you hire. Read our guide to wedding photography costs here.

I found a photographer that I love, but they are not local, will they travel?

Don’t worry, most photographers will happily travel be it across the country, or hopping on a plane to your destination wedding. Depending on the location in the UK you may just have to pay their travel expenses, if you are getting married abroad then it would be travel costs and accommodation, however get in touch with the photographer and see what they advise.

How do I get in touch with the photographer?

You can contact the photographer via the contact form on our site, or if you click through to their website and use their contact form, just make sure you mention you found them on Your Perfect Wedding photographer.

What questions should I ask my wedding photographer?

When you have found a photographer you love and everything feels right then you may be worrying there are things you need to ask that you haven’t thought about. Your photographer should put you at ease and answer any question you have, even better they should have already answered any questions you may have before you have even asked just in general conversation. Take a look at our article 15 Questions to Ask your Wedding Photographer to help make sure you have everything covered.

Should I provide food for my wedding photographer?

Ask your photographer, they could be working all day ensuring every moment is captured, some photographers will bring their own food and like to get away for a few minutes, to have a break, while others may appreciate and enjoy a small meal at the venue. Read our article Do I Need to Feed My Wedding Photographer? where photographers have left their views and opinions in the comments too.

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How do I Join?

You can sign up and showcase your work here. It is a single fee for the year, or 6 months. Your membership does not auto renew, so no more payments are taken unless you renew.

How do I renew?

Once your membership expires you will receive a renewal email notifying you, to renew just login and change the drop down that the top of your edit listing page to the package to renew to, it will currently say ‘Expired’. Once selected, saved your listing and it will take you to the payment screen to confirm.

How can I upgrade my membership?

If you are not signed up with our top package, then you can upgrade at anytime just paying the difference. Just login to your account and edit your listing. At the top of this page is a dropdown where you can select the package to upgrade too, once selected, click submit and confirm and you will be upgraded.

How are photographers ordered on the website?

Photographers are ordered in two groups, the first group are featured pro members, and these are shown in a random order, below these are pro members which again are shown in a random order.

How can I add reviews and testimonials to my page?

On your profile page half way down is a tab named reviews, click this and then submit a review, here you can add and upload reviews from your couples, as well as inviting future couples to add reviews too.

All reviews  must be approved by us before being published on your page.

How do I add my personal photo or logo?

Go to edit your profile page, then click ‘My account details’, then select the My photo tab. Upload a square cropped photo for best results.

What size should my photos be?

Make sure you upload high quality photos, these should be 900px-1000px wide without any borders or watermarks. Please ensure they are saved for web and under 250kb.

How can I improve my page?

Don’t just add your profile and leave it, re-fresh the work you show and upload new photos, this will help keep your profile near the top of the pile and we shall also give you a shout out on our social media accounts too.

Don’t just cut and paste text from your own website, enter some new fresh unquie details about yourself and your work, making people get in touch to find out more or click through to your website.

At the bottom of every profile is the ability for couples to leave reviews, so ask all your happy couples to take a moment and leave you a review. All star ratings are now shown on the browsing pages too.

Do you have a badge for my website?

You can download and use our logo and badge on your site when featured. Grab is here –  add our badge to your site.

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