Looking for a Destination Wedding Photographer?

If you have decided to fly abroad for your special day then you certainly want to make sure you capture every little detail and memory. This section is our destination wedding photographer directory which has some of the best photographers who are international, or based in the UK and destination weddings is second nature to them.

UK Destination Wedding Photographers

If a destination wedding photographer is wanted and needed then we have a great selection in our destination wedding photographer directory who are ready to hop onto a plane and captured your special day. What do you look for when you are trying to find a wedding venue? Well, it all depends on how you want your wedding to be. If you really want it to be a low key affair, you can have the marriage within the Church and have a small party on the backyard of your home. However, if you are looking for the perfect venue for a destination wedding and the right destination wedding ideas, here are some things you need to keep in mind.

Beach weddings

Who doesn't love a beach wedding? It's one of the perfect destination wedding ideas, and you can get married as the sun sets in, and drive away to a new life. Some of the popular beach wedding destinations in Europe are the Elias Beach in Cyprus, the Sugar Beach Club Blue Lagoon in Turkey and The Balcony Zante in Greece. The views are sure to be breathtaking and with the right wedding destination photographers, you can make it more special.

The Amalfi coast in Italy is known to offer some great wedding pictures and guests get to walk one of the most scenic beach stretches in Italy with a dramatic view of the sea. Guests can even pay a visit to the ruins of Pompeii or take a boat trip through the Blue Grotto off Capri.

Mansions and Valleys

There is nothing better than having your wedding in historical mansions or beautiful valleys. France has the Loire Valley that is just an hour away from Paris and has everything from fairy tale castles to historic villages and some breath taking views. Guests can enjoy the country life and you can organise your wedding just about anywhere you like there.

Thinking of other destination wedding ideas? Why not organise your wedding at Fonte de' Medici, which consists of a cluster of farm houses and is situated in Northern Italy, between Florence and Sienna.

Deciding On Your Destination Wedding Venue

Here is the checklist of some of the things that you would need to do when organising the wedding.

  • Enquire about the food options available
  • Confirm if the venue if available on the given day
  • Check the seating capacity of the venue

These little things will go a long way in helping you decide the destination wedding costs. In the end, photographers will make the real difference in how memorable your destination wedding is. So, how do you hire the right one?

Things to Consider When Finding the Right Destination Wedding Photographers

Every couple wants to preserve their wedding day as perfectly as possible. Not only do you spend a huge amount of time getting all the details right, but there are also moments that will never be recaptured. This can range from something expected like the wedding vows to a candid moment shared between the bride and a family member.

When you want to recall the event, you should be able to sit down and look through a beautiful photo album. It takes the perfect destination wedding photographers to capture a perfect wedding. Here are three basic but essential tips on how to hire destination wedding photographers who will accurately record your special moments.

Look At the Portfolio

Photographers always have portfolios regardless of whether they're fine artists applying for exhibitions or trying to land a job for an event. You should always ask to see a portfolio of all the wedding photographers you interview and consider. A good portfolio will include a variety of images, styles, and events. Don’t be afraid to gravitate toward a photographer who has the best pictures from a birthday party, though, because that just means that they’re good at capturing special moments.

Do be wary, on the other hand, if the work seems limited in scope. Looking at a portfolio allows you to get an accurate idea of what you can expect after your wedding day is over. Different photographers also have different styles. This is especially true when it comes to wedding photography, since there’s such a wide spectrum of aesthetics. Some couples prefer more candid shots, whereas others opt for traditional pictures. Make sure you find a photographer who reflects your own visual sensibilities. Destination wedding photographer prices vary, however you also need to budget for expenses, this can include travel, flights and accommodation.

Get Recommendations

Once you find a few possible photographers whose work you like, you need to go ahead and get some recommendations before proceeding. This can be from friends, or even acquaintances, who can vouch for having a good experience with the photographer in question.

The reason for this is that, although the pictures might look perfect in a portfolio, nothing can replace a good, old-fashioned endorsement from a satisfied customer. Wedding planners are also a good resource for photographer recommendations, because they’re in the industry. They know what photographers are dependable and which ones aren’t. Even if you’re not using a wedding planner, it doesn’t hurt to request that the photographer provide contact information of someone they’ve worked with before.

Take a Few Test Photos

Although not all destination wedding photographers will agree to test photos, many will. You might be charged a small fee, but if you’re leaning toward going with a particular person, then seeing how they photograph you is a good reason to spend the money. Ask the photographer if you can take some test shots in his or her studio wearing your dress or other wedding accessories to get an idea of how you’ll appear on film.

Ask for the photographer’s recommendations on poses and group shots to see if you like with the ideas. Bringing a friend can also be helpful, especially you’ve chosen a bridesmaid, because she can offer moral support and opinions from an outside perspective.

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