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Betty Jnr Co.


Glasgow | 10+ Years Experience | Will Travel | From: £200

Hi, I'm Betty

Glasgow Wedding Photographer – Capturing the Heart of Your Special Day

Embark on a whimsical journey with Betty Jnr Co, your Glasgow-based wedding photographer, where each still captures the essence of romance and a dreamlike allure.

For over a decade, my lens has been my enchanted portal, transporting me from the mystical realms of Scotland to the most captivating corners of the world. In this journey, I’ve been capturing love stories, each a unique tapestry woven with the threads of passion and joy.

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How would you describe your style?

My artistry in photography is deeply inspired by the elegance and depth of classic portraiture, painting every frame with a touch of timeless magic. Think of your wedding photos as individual masterpieces, each a frozen moment from your unique love saga.

What ignites my spirit is creating images that will make your heart flutter with delight. You, my perfect clients, are the dreamers, the ones who cherish the fleeting, luminous moments that truly define a wedding day. You entrust me with the vision to capture the soul of your story.

My style is a celebration of authentic emotions, mirroring the warmth of a heartfelt embrace or the tender quiet of a shared glance.

If you're ready for an enchanting adventure, keen to co-create and cherish the unexpected, then our paths are destined to cross.

What do you love about weddings?

What truly captivates me about weddings is the opportunity to meet a variety of couples, each with their own unique story and way of expressing love. It's this special insight into relationships that makes my job so fulfilling. From the grandeur of lavish celebrations to the simplicity of intimate elopements, each wedding brings its own charm.

I have a particular fondness for the details – those carefully chosen elements that you've spent months planning. There's something magical about stepping into the reception space before the guests arrive, capturing the essence of your vision in its purest form. But contrastingly, I'm equally enchanted by the stark beauty of elopement weddings, where the landscape itself becomes a character in your love story.

One of my favorite moments is whisking you away during the reception for a brief, peaceful walk. These 10-15 minutes are a time for creating portraits that are timeless, honest, and heartfelt. It's an opportunity to pause, breathe, and reflect amidst the day's excitement.

Above all, it's the privilege of witnessing and capturing people on one of the most significant days of their lives that truly makes my heart sing. Each wedding is a new adventure, a fresh story to tell, and I'm always excited to be a part of it.

Advice for couples planning their wedding?

My foremost advice is to remember that your wedding day is a celebration of your love, not just a series of perfect moments. It's important to trust others with the details on the day and allow yourself to go with the flow. Remember, the heart of the day is your union; as long as that happens, everything else is a bonus.

During your portraits, cherish this time as it's often the only moment you'll have alone together amidst the whirlwind of the day. Use it not just for photos, but as a chance to pause, reflect, and really soak in the magnitude of what's happening. These moments are precious.

Finally, approach your day with gratitude, grace, and kindness. Be thankful for the people who've come together to celebrate with you, for the professionals working to make your day special, and for each other. A wedding filled with love and appreciation is always a beautiful one, no matter what.

Your Travel policy?

My travel policy is designed to focus primarily on weddings within Glasgow, ensuring that I can dedicate my full attention and creativity to each couple. While I have enjoyed the experience of traveling extensively for weddings in the past, those days have now drawn to a close. This shift allows me to concentrate more on local celebrations.

However, I still welcome the opportunity to capture a few special weddings outside of Glasgow each year. These are limited in number to ensure that each wedding receives the care and attention it deserves. For weddings outside Glasgow, travel costs will be calculated based on the location and specific requirements of the wedding. This will include any necessary accommodation and transport expenses.

Couples interested in having me photograph their wedding outside of Glasgow are encouraged to get in touch early, as these limited spots tend to fill up quickly. We can then discuss the specifics of your wedding location and any associated travel costs in more detail.

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