Best of 2018

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Best of 2018

From vibrant creative shots, posed sunsets or stunning black and white documentary photos, we have rounded dup our fave shots from this years collections in our best of 2018 feature. Thank to all the photographers that took part this year, and we look forward to seeing more in 2019!

Fun Wedding Photos


Photo by Andy Li Photography – This photo was taken when the groom was getting ready at Pimhill Barn in Shropshire. Obviously I had to take a photo first before pointing out they were in the wrong toilets!

Fun Wedding Photos

There is never a break from the kids

Photo by David Stubbs – I was sat in the back room eating my supplier meal. Dad who is an usher, comes in holding his baby, broken arm, and starts to change babies bottom in the corner. I have young kids and can relate to this, it never stops! There is never a break!

33 Photographers Share Their Favourite Wedding Photos

Kiss under moonlight, or maybe right next to it!

Photo by Fiona Walsh Photography – This was one of a kind shot. I’d been shooting an elopement and after sunset we turned around to see the moon on the horizon. Very exciting!

33 Photographers Share Their Favourite Wedding Photos

Pug Wife

Photo by Sam & Louise – As devoted pug parents ourselves we always ensure that our dogs are well looked after when we’re photographing weddings. So when our dog walker announced that she’s getting married, of course we had to return the favour and photograph her wedding. Rightly so her own babies had to steal the limelight a little and here they are as bride and groom for the day. This is one of our favourite photos because, well, pugs!

Image By Steven Herrschaft

Look again!

Photo by Steven Herrschaft. Something isn’t quite right here, what is the bride wearing?

33 Photographers Share Their Favourite Wedding Photos

What are they hiding?

Photo by Pedro Filipe Fotografia – This photo was made during a beautiful wedding at the south of Portugal, in Alentejo.
What are they hiding with the hat?

33 Photographers Share Their Favourite Wedding Photos

Love above the mountains

Photo by Magia Obrazu – Anna & Genadij dreamed about wedding in the heart of polish Tatra mountains – Zakopane. And their dream comed true! During our session we reached almost 2000 metres above the sea level – and beautiful sunset made perfect scenery for their love!

documentary style wedding photos

The struggle is real

Photo by Sam & Louise photography – There are plenty of things that people don’t tell you about wedding days. One of them is just how difficult it can be to get in to wedding attire!

53 Beautiful Photos of the Bride

Two mirrors..

Photo by Simone Miglietta Photography – I taken this pictures during a Bride’s getting ready in England.
It was my first wedding in England and I was very exciting. The bride and the groom was amazing!

53 Beautiful Photos of the Bride

Final details

Photo by Joshua Wyborn Photographic – Lartington Halls stunning rooms and decor as Beckys dress is altered slightly.

53 Beautiful Photos of the Bride

The look of love

Photo by Paul Keppel Photography – I captured this photos at Knightnor winery in Cornwall. I was rushing back to the bridal prep room and as I came up the starts I saw this beautiful moment between the bride and her daughter.

53 Beautiful Photos of the Bride

The Peacock’s Eye

Photo by Liam Carroll // ZT Photography – Bride having fun in the field…taken at Bassmead Manor Barns, Cambridgeshire.

Must-Have 'Getting Ready' Photos for Your Wedding

Cover your eyes!

Photo by Victor Lax

Must-Have Getting Ready Photos for Your Wedding

Final preperations

Photo by Sarah Williams Photography – This photo is of my lovely Bride Tina putting her gorgeous wedding shoes on. I wanted to capture this from a slightly different angle, and as space in the room was a bit tight I simply photographed looking down on her, keeping some of her veil in the frame too.

Emotions of a Wedding Day


Photo by Hollie Nicole Photography – This was during the Grooms speech, the two crying are sisters. Taken at The West Mill at Darley Abbey, Derbyshire.

Emotions of a Wedding Day

Just Married Jubilation

Photo by David Stubbs Photography – After getting married in Manchester City Centre, the bride and groom move into the lift to head to their drinks reception. The emotion from the ceremony bursts out in the bride who gives her new husband the biggest hug and squeeze possible.

Emotions of a Wedding Day

Still Rocking at 85!

Photo by Paul Fletcher Photography – This image was from a fun wedding day At Bartholomew Barn in West Sussex and I knew the family and friends would be straight on the dance floor. What I hadn’t bargained for was an incredibly lively 85 year old grandad, who was the first to hit the dance floor and let it all go!

46 Stunning Black & White Wedding Photos

Back Seat Romance

Photo by Just Hitched/ Dave Allen – The ceremony was over at the church, the formals had been taken and Stephanie and Jonathan were just heading off to the reception venue. I asked them to have a little snuggle up in the back of the car, this is the result and it worked beautifully.

46 Stunning Black & White Wedding Photos

First Dance

Photo by Liz Greenhalgh Photography – When you are surrounded by family and guests but the only thing that matters is the person you are holding onto. Chloe and David have a moment during their first dance at Longstowe Hall Cambridge

46 Stunning Black & White Wedding Photos

Cassandra Lane Photography

Photo by Cassandra Lane – This shot was taken as Andy was checking himself in the mirror just before heading to his wedding ceremony.

The clouds closing in

Photo by Nicu Ionescu Photography

46 Stunning Black & White Wedding Photos

Victoria & Paddy Countryside

Photo by Barney Walters Photography – This is Victoria & Paddy, they held their celebrations at Coombeshead Farm, in Cornwall last September. It was a super cloudy and slightly dark day, which made a lovely backdrop for this gorgeous picture of the two of them in the countryside.

46 Stunning Black & White Wedding Photos


Photo by Simone Miglietta Photography – This picture was taken during a bride getting ready in Italy.
I wanted to bring up the dream of many women.

Must-Have Getting Ready Photos for Your Wedding

With Mum’s Help

Photo by Heather Photography / Megan – This photo was taken at a wedding only a few week’s ago in Exmouth- the bride had quite a number of bridesmaids, but chose to only have her Mum in the room when she was actually getting dressed and putting the final touches to her outfit. This was actually at their family home as well, so the entire situation felt very intimate and special.

Best Destination Wedding Photo Ideas

Caldera Ceremony

Photo by Mark Wallis Photography – Suzanne & Steve held their Mamma Mia-themed wedding ceremony at a winery on a clifftop overlooking the famous caldera of the Greek island of Santorini.


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