Bridesmaid Moments

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Bridesmaid Moments

This collection is all about the team bride! Those must have wedding photos of your bridesmaids, funny moments captured on camera, shots of the bridesmaids getting ready and of course those first look moments.

Must have Bridesmaid Photos

Throwing the Bouquet

Photo by Stevie Jay Photography – The Bridesmaids wanted the opportunity to throw their hoops and bouquet for a fun photo! Taken at a recent wedding at The Barns at Lodge Farm.

Must have Bridesmaid Photos

The upside down

Photo by Sam & Louise – If you watch and wait for long enough, sometimes things just align and you get the shot you’d seen coming hours earlier.

Must have Bridesmaid Photos

Cute Photo Session

Photo by Vonlè Art / Bozhidar Krastev – The beautiful bridesmaids and the gorgeous bride having their cute photo session.

Must have Bridesmaid Photos

Having Fun

Photo by Vonlè Art / Bozhidar Krastev – The beautiful bridesmaids and the gorgeous bride have fun just before the preparation starts.

Must have Bridesmaid Photos

Bride Squad Goals

Photo by Nisha Haq Photography – Emma’s wedding was so much fun, you can feel the energy and excitement in this photo with her bride squad. Love the styling with the rose gold sequined dresses in different cuts and the cream suit to all match together with the colourful fresh florals. This shot was taken at Wotton House, Surrey at the Roman temple. Weddings are about fun and celebration and love how everyone is embracing the love & laughter with her closest friends.

Must have Bridesmaid Photos

Getting Ready at Villa Pizzo

Photo by Alessandro Della Savia – Getting Ready of Como lake before the Wedding of a beautiful english couple, Thomas and Indigo.

Must have Bridesmaid Photos

The entrance of the bride

Photo by Nabis Photographers/ Chiara Ridolfi – The bride and her bridesmaids were ready to go to the church .
There was a beautiful , intense and positive tension between them.
They formed a line and started to walk towards the cathedral.

Must have Bridesmaid Photos

Giving a helping hand

Photo by Art by Design / Steve Wheller – As Francessca was getting ready there is the usual of the pictures adjusting her dress but this moment was little different as Frankie’s sister held her hand whilst preparing here for the great day ahead.

Must have Bridesmaid Photos

A Wilderness wedding

Photo by Sarah Williams Photography – This photo was taken at the stunning Winderness weddings in Kent at a shoot arranged by Wild Ones. We wanted to set up some relaxed and natural photos of the girls all together and this was one of my favourites of them walking and having fun. The beautiful ceremony area can be seen in the background and just how amazing are those dresses too!

Must have Bridesmaid Photos

Girl’s happiness

Photo by In the Name of Love Photography – This photo were taking during a non traditional wedding at Sloan’s in Glasgow. The bridal crowd were absolutely mad and enjoyed every minute of this happily crazy & funky wedding.

Must have Bridesmaid Photos

Sundown, time to party!

Photo by Evolve Photography – The best place for sunsets in the UK, Tunnels Beaches on the North Devon coast a photographers dream location & a venue I have shot at a lot. With this insider knowledge I knew that a beach photo at Sunset wasn’t possible this day as it was a very high tide at the same time as sunset so I had already planned a secret escape with just the couple & bridal party to the roof top terrace. All their guests still at ground level, oblivious to our private sunset show. And the sunset just kept on giving. This was a destination beach wedding without the air miles!

Must have Bridesmaid Photos

A little embarrassed

Photo by inimmagine di Roberto Schiumerini – The attitude of this beautiful bride who is embarrassed when her bridesmaids arrive

Must have Bridesmaid Photos

Sisterly love

Photo by Erika Rimkute Photography

Must have Bridesmaid Photos

Before the ceremony

Photo by Holly Collings Photography – Rowena having a laugh with her beautiful bridesmaids at her parents house, just before heading off to the ceremony.

Must have Bridesmaid Photos

Bridesmaids get the picture!

Photo by S.R.Urwin Wedding Photography/Steve Urwin – Photographed outside the reception lobby at Milton Hill House, an imposing venue a few miles from Oxford, the relaxed bride has chosen bridesmaids who were up for some fun! They had no hesitation when helping me set up this shot.

Must have Bridesmaid Photos

Boho bridesmaids

Photo by Diana V Photography & Film – Dani and her bridesmaids having a good old giggle at Corban Arts Centre in Auckland. I loved the bright orange container with weeds sprouting as soon as I saw it, and it made a perfect backdrop for their photos.

Must have Bridesmaid Photos

Bridesmaids in the rain

Photo by Diana V Photography & Film – There’s no other way of putting it – Martha and Kurt’s wedding day was a complete wash out. But the whole wedding party took it in their stride and it was a stunning day nonetheless. Here are Martha and her four bridesmaids (her sisters) braving the weather for a few photos.

Must have Bridesmaid Photos

Three Bridesmaids

Photo by Rich Lawrence Photography – This is simply three beautiful young bridesmaids looking out of a window in natural light. It was taken in Cornwall at The Vean which I believe was an old hunting lodge.

Must have Bridesmaid Photos

Sequin Sparkles

Photo by Erika Tanith Photography – It was a beautiful, elegant, art deco styled wedding at the Vermont Hotel in Newcastle. the day had been characterised by lighthearted fun. The first dance was incredible, confetti canons and expert lighting making the dance floor the place to be. Cue the bridesmaids!
The sequin floor-length gowns the bridesmaids were wearing had a cape detail on the back which became a prop for some epic dance routines.
I love this shot because it captures a moment of happiness and silliness. All the bridesmaids were dancing, but this one image in particular stands out as being the most joyous.

Must have Bridesmaid Photos

Forever Friends

Photo by Amanda Karen Photography – Charlie and her bridesmaids were so energetic and full of laughs, all dressed beautifully in white, this wedding was a super stylish affair in the heart of the Cotswolds

Must have Bridesmaid Photos

Pretty Maids All In A Row

Photo by Sarah Maria Photography – A photograph of Holly & Her bridesmaids waiting pre ceremony to walk the gorgeous stair case of Manchester Hall.

Must have Bridesmaid Photos


Photo by Liam Carroll // ZT Photography – Bridesmaids in the morning…taken at Bassmead Manor Barns, Cambridgeshire.

Must have Bridesmaid Photos

Get Low

Photo by Zo Taylor / ZT Photography – Taken at Dawn + Oli’s fab wedding // Hengrave Hall // Suffolk

Must have Bridesmaid Photos

Nuisance Bridesmaid

Photo by David Stubbs – As the bridal party walked to the church through the town, this bridesmaid got her heal caught between the paving stones creating a memorable moment.

Must have Bridesmaid Photos

Bridesmaids helping the flower girl

Photo by Wayne La Photography – Bridesmaids helping the flower-girl get ready.

Must have Bridesmaid Photos

Charly & her bridesmaids

Photo by Cassandra Lane – Charly and her bridesmaids relaxed and happy after dinner!

Must have Bridesmaid Photos

Sister, Friend, Bridesmaid, Fan

Photo by Lenscurve Photography – This was at the end of bridal prep at a wedding at Airth Castle. The bride had just been fastened into he dress and a combination of lack of ventilation and nerves made her start to fell very hot and flustered. Her chief bridesmaid (also her sister) used a lid from a hat box to fan the bride and lighten the moment too! This is actually part of a sequence of 4 shots that I love.

Must have Bridesmaid Photos


Photo by Luca Caparrelli Photography – Preparation with bride.

Must have Bridesmaid Photos

The reveal

Photo by Sam Gibson – A really simple documentary image of Fiona’s bridesmaids responding to seeing her in the dress for the first time. I love the expressions here, the emotion is written all over their faces!

Must have Bridesmaid Photos

Strong Bridesmaid

Photo by My Love Momentz Photography/Ivan Lim – When the Bridesmaid took up the challenge to see how strong they are, they lifted up the Groom.

Must have Bridesmaid Photos

Bridesmaids Delight

Photo by Mark Ewels Photography – Taken at Wood Farm Barn, Benacre, Suffolk

Bride Abi: ‘Think it would be a fun shot if we could our bouquets all at the same time’

Me: “Ok guys… are you ready … 1, 2 and 3 throooow’

Must have Bridesmaid Photos

The emotion of the first bride

Photo by Alvaro Sancha – The bride is the first to marry her friends and a precious moment could be created.

Must have Bridesmaid Photos


Photo by Alvaro Sancha – Before the ceremony the groom decided to surprise the bridesmaids with a very personal appeal.

Must have Bridesmaid Photos

Lovely Bridesmaids assisting the bride on her big day

Photo by Stefano Ferrier – This was one of the most gorgeous bridesmaids picture I’ve had the opportunity to shoot, the light was perfect, a flawless pose, I love this picture.


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