31 Beautiful Emotions of a Wedding Day

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31 Beautiful Emotions of a Wedding Day

This month we have a collection of 30 photos that show the emotions of the day, beautiful photos of tears of joy, and stunning photos of happy faces and huge smiles.

Emotions of a Wedding Day

The Indian bride

Photo by Nabis Photographers/ Chiara Ridolfi – She was very beautiful in her bridal gown. It was a stunning outdoor ceremony in the Tuscany hills. After the Indian ritual she began to greet all the guests and crying for the joy and emotion.

The Emotional Groom.

Photo by Special Day Wedding Photos – Much to the groomsmen’s delight Groom Lewis struggled to keep his emotions under control at this very emotional wedding at Powderham Castle in Devon.

Emotions of a Wedding Day

The groom’s speech

Photo by Nabis Photographers/ Chiara Ridolfi – I was at the reception in a beautiful location called Relais Appia Antica.
The groom was very excited to do the speech for his bride. They had been shared a piece of life together even if they were so young. The bride looked at him and started crying for the emotion!

Emotions of a Wedding Day


Photo by Jordi Tudela – This photo is very recent, from the wedding of Silvia and Andreu.
Held in a Church in Barcelona, ​​at a given moment, after the rings, the niece of the bride approached very innocently and went to give him this hug and kiss. It was a magical moment.

Emotions of a Wedding Day

Dancing with her Father

Photo by jason Williams Photography – I had gathered from the speeches that this family had been through a great deal. I didn’t get the full story and I didn’t feel it was appropriate to ask but there had clearly been accident, illness and untimely death. How this affected the bride directly I couldn’t say but she became particularly emotional – distraught, almost – when dancing with her father. Some weddings can function not only as a celebration of a union but also as a kind of consolidation of family strength, maybe even a sort of closure for collective woes and misfortunes. I like this picture for its rawness, intimacy and simplicity.

Emotions of a Wedding Day

The Vows

Photo by Hannah Mia Photography / Hannah Mia – At this wedding at The Priory Barns in Hertfordshire, the couple wrote their own vows. I love this moment where Duncan is overwhelmed by emotion, fighting back tears and Celeste is laughing.

Proud Daddy

Photo by Ebourne Images – I took this picture at Jen & Nick’s beautiful ceremony in Rye. The set up of the room allowed me to stand elevated and shoot from behind some furniture. The vantage point produced some great candid shots. Proud Dad is one of my favourites. The joy, happiness and proudness sparkles in his eyes. Congratulations guys!

Emotions of a Wedding Day

The gravity of the occasion

Photo by John Hope Photography – I captured this intimate moment of Julia during bridal preps when the emotions got too much. At first I thought I was going to miss the moment as I was on the wrong side to capture her face, then immediately socred bonus points by spotting the I could capture it as a reflection in the mirror. All the more powerful as a BW image for me…

Emotions of a Wedding Day

An Osea Island wedding

Photo by Sam Gibson Photography – This is Jade and Tom’s wedding from Osea Island last year. They had an outdoor ceremony, and just as Jade came into view it suddenly hit Tom and he got pretty emotional while he waited at the front of the aisle. It was a beautiful moment, and a lovely wedding day.

First Look

Photo by The Gibsons – I mean can you beat this reaction after clapping eyes on each other for the first time in their wedding attire! Love a first look!

Emotions of a Wedding Day

A Bride’s Laugh & A Groom’s tears

Photo by Nisha Haq Photography – Just moments before the bride walked in, in her stunning wedding dress, she said to her bridesmaids, she thoughts she’d cry when she saw her husband-to-be as she walked down the aisle. To her surprise, it was the groom who had tears running down, which made her giggle. I love the contrast of the groom with tears and the bride with laughter in one photo. This beautifully shows the overwhelming emotion and love they have for one another, which was amazing to capture. Photographed at Audleys Wood Hotel, Basingstoke, UK.


Photo by alexa poppe wedding photography – Laura and Paul had a pagan wedding on the beach with just their parents and closest friends. Such passionate and lovely bunch of people, I always will remember this day as it was so different and personal. Laura and Paul have a really deep bond with each other, this image was taken just after their ceremony on Millook beach in Cornwall. A hug of joy and happiness.

Emotions of a Wedding Day


Photo by Mick Cookson Photography – Taken at Hillbark House in Cheshire, Elizabeth was a total live wire all day – brilliant fun. As her ring went on, she let out a fantastic yelp of joy and made all the guests laugh. It wasn’t fake – this was for real…

Emotions of a Wedding Day


Photo by Dale Weeks Photography – I think the anticipation and build up to this moment, where Nick was only seconds away from finally seeing Gemma again and getting married, was all too much to contain.

Emotions of a Wedding Day


Photo by Dale Weeks Photography – Alicia and Martin were wed in Cornwall.
They hired an entire stately home surrounded by beautiful gardens.
The ceremony was under a huge ancient cork tree with lanterns and ribbons flowing from the branches.
As Martin read his vows he felt overwhelmed with emotion!

Emotions of a Wedding Day

Sisters and love

Photo by Simone Miglietta Photography – A special hug from bride’s sister.

Emotions of a Wedding Day

Making it Offical

Photo by Our Beautiful Adventure – Pure joy during the signing of the register.

Emotions of a Wedding Day


Photo by Andrew Billington Photography – I love these unscripted moments between people at weddings. If there is a task at hand (as there is here with the couple trouping off to plant a tree in celebration of their wedding) I’ll often hold back and see what develops between people rather than being in sight all the time.
This was a great moment between Rachael and her bridesmaid as they followed the groom and best man into the orchard at the Matara Centre.

Emotions of a Wedding Day


Photo by Hollie Nicole Photography – This was during the Grooms speech, the two crying are sisters. Taken at The West Mill at Darley Abbey, Derbyshire.

Emotions of a Wedding Day

Just Married Jubilation

Photo by David Stubbs Photography – After getting married in Manchester City Centre, the bride and groom move into the lift to head to their drinks reception. The emotion from the ceremony bursts out in the bride who gives her new husband the biggest hug and squeeze possible.

Emotions of a Wedding Day

Dad sees his daughter in her wedding dress

Photo by David Stubbs Photography – The bride gets in her wedding dress just before heading off to the ceremony. Dad walks in and sees her in her dress for the very first time. He gets very emotional and sheds a few tears. The brides mum, comforts him at the same time making this a very special family moment.

Emotions of a Wedding Day

The bride speech

Photo by Ben kelmer – The photo was taken during the chuppah (the Jewish ceremony ) the bride wrote a few words to say to her groom, on the right side you can also see the groom mother.

Emotions of a Wedding Day

An emotional ceremony

Photo by Tiree Dawson Photography – Stacey and Anthony’s ceremony at Broadoaks Country House Hotel in the Lake District was beautiful and very emotional – not a dry eye in the house, including myself and the registrars!

Emotions of a Wedding Day

Emotion of a daughter

Photo by SV PHOTOGRAPH – The tears of joy of this duaghter who is witness of her daddy’s wedding in Tahiti.

Emotions of a Wedding Day

Remembering grandad

Photo by Sam & Louise – Speeches are always emotional- especially when a moment is taken to remember those who cannot be there. So when Victoria’s beloved Grandad was mentioned it was a touching and emotional moment for her and her lovely nan too.

Emotions of a Wedding Day

Gender reveal

Photo by Sam & Louise – A few weeks before their wedding Lauren & Tom contacted us to let us know that on their wedding day they would be doing a gender reveal, as they were also expecting a baby! They’d found out just two weeks after booking their wedding venue.

The gender reveal was a complete surprise to guests and even the couple themselves didn’t know whether they were expecting a little boy or a little girl. This is the exact moment they found out they were expecting a baby girl. Emotions ran incredibly high- there were lots of tears. So much joy. This baby is one lucky little girl.

Emotions of a Wedding Day

The Big Reveal

Photo by Aaron Storry Photography – Jane is close to her dad, that was obvious to see during bridal preparations on the morning of Jane & Jon’s summer wedding at the stunning Brookfield Barn. Jane really wanted a big reveal to show her dad what she looked like in her dress; I didn’t set anything up as I wanted the moment to flow, I just happened to be lucky with the positioning of a full length mirror to capture both reactions. A once in a lifetime moment to be treasured forever.

Emotions of a Wedding Day

A proud father of the bride!

Photo by Paul Fletcher Photography – This wedding was full of emotion and opportunity, starting with bride’s preps at home in West Sussex, before heading to Cranleigh in Surrey for a church ceremony and then Loseley Park for the reception! I shot the bridesmaids checking themselves out in the mirror during bride’s preps, candidly from the top of the stairs, and at that point decided that the light was perfect there for the F.O.B reveal. I stayed at the top and managed to take a lovely set of images as the bride made her way down the stairs.

Emotions of a Wedding Day

Still Rocking at 85!

Photo by Paul Fletcher Photography – This image was from a fun wedding day At Bartholomew Barn in West Sussex and I knew the family and friends would be straight on the dance floor. What I hadn’t bargained for was an incredibly lively 85 year old grandad, who was the first to hit the dance floor and let it all go!

Emotions of a Wedding Day

The father’s first look

Photo by Fiona Walsh Photography – I reckon this one is one of my fave images of all ten years as a wedding photographer. A love of from a father to his daughter is overwhelming. I get to know the dad’s on the weddings I do, it’s brilliant to be alongside their journey.

Emotions of a Wedding Day

One tear of joy

Photo by Big Day Weddings – David Green – The groom took a quick peek at his bride coming down the aisle at their Fincley london wedding ceremony. As he turned back to face the priest a huge tear of emotion trickled down his face.

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