47 Couples Who Absolutely Nailed Their Rainy Day Wedding Photos

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47 Couples Who Absolutely Nailed Their Rainy Day Wedding Photos

Nobody asks for rain on their wedding day, however you’ll be wishing for some rain on your wedding day after seeing these stunning photos. This months collection is all about those rain photos, beautiful moments where you just have to embrace the rain, and of course a few frowns too!

Rainy Day Wedding Photos

Our collection of rainy day wedding photos shows what an amazing wedding photographer can do to get some incredible shots, even if it is pouring down!

rain wedding photos

Getting Wet on Your Wedding Day

Photo by Jasmin & Matt Photography / Matthew Mathieson – Grand Sunset Princess Resorts, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Sarah & Kevin tried to stay somewhat dry when the rain poured after their ceremony, but in the end, said “let’s have fun, we’re in paradise!” It’s not every day you get an opportunity like this to photograph such a rainy wedding in the Caribbean!!

rain wedding photos

Night time kisses

Photo by Nisha Haq Photography – It was late in the night and asked the couple if they wanted to try a few night-time portraits and get some fresh air. I saw this beautifully crafted bench in the gardens at Southdowns Manor, Sussex and got this gorgeous couple to cuddle up under the umbrella. From then on, they were just lost in each other’s love for one another and sharing intimate kisses. What better way to end a magnificent wedding day.

rain wedding photos

Rochford in the Rain

Photo by Gemma Giorgio Photography – This photo of Charlotte and Olly was taken at Red Brick Barn in Rochford on their wedding day. It had rained most of the day and to make the most of the weather we ventured out to capture this photo.

rain wedding photos

Umbrellas on 3 2 1

Photo by Benjamin Stuart Photography – As the gorgeous Bride Kate arrived at her Berkshire wedding venue the groomsmen and her father were waiting and ready to cover her every step of the way!! Great team work all round.

rain wedding photos


Photo by Cassandra Lane – This image was taken at Fiona & Tom’s wedding in France. It had rained a lot that day and I wanted to get a special image of the rain. We did this right at the end of the night whilst everyone was dancing away!

rain wedding photos

Sam & Neil

Photo by Sarah Maria Photography – Sam & Neils wedding day was caught in the eye of a storm earlier this year. The outdoor images we’d dreamed of taking couldn’t happen so we needed to do something epic to remember the day by. This was it!

rain wedding photos

Rain at Le Chateau

Photo by Eye of the Tyne Photography – Laura and Ryan were married at the stunning Le Petit Chateau last March. The venue is nestled in Northumberland Countryside but has the most stunning French style gardens. However on their wedding day it literally rained from start to finish. This didn’t stop us getting some amazing wedding photos, including this one of them outside in the rain in front of the stunning Chateau.

rain wedding photos

It’s like raaaaain on your wedding day

Photo by Eye of the Tyne Photography – Laura and Ryan were married at the stunning Le Petit Chateau last March. The venue is nestled in Northumberland Countryside but has the most stunning French style gardens. However on their wedding day it literally rained from start to finish. This didn’t stop us getting some amazing wedding photos, including this one of them outside in the rain.

rain wedding photos

In the lake!

Photo by Tiree Dawson Photography – Laura and Chris had actually had dry weather for most of their wedding day, but were super excited to go down to the lake for some rainy pictures in the evening – I love it when couples embrace the Lakeland downpours!

rain wedding photos

Rainy night

Photo by pollok pictures – This image was taken in Germany near Munich. This was an wedding in late October. The summer and also most of the autumn we had very good weather in Germany. But on this day the weather changed. The whole day rain, and only 5° celsius outside. So i wanted to get the best out of this weather.

rain wedding photos

Rainy Day

Photo by pollok pictures – This Photo was taken in Germany in the beautiful landscape of Bavaria. During our shoot the sky turned really fast dark and after a few minutes it starts to rain. We ran and hide under a shade. After that i saw the fog is coming in the background, and i thought, this could a really cool pictures. And this is the result.

rain wedding photos

Let’s do it!

Photo by Nabis Photographers/ Chiara Ridolfi – Melissa and Claudio got married in the beautiful Abbey of San Galgano , in Tuscany.
The open church is amazing so we decided to do some photos in the garden surrounded the church.
Unfortunately it started raining and we were forced to hurry and reach the car. Melissa with the help of her bridesmaids claimed over the wall with agility despite of her wedding dress.

rain wedding photos

Through the rain

Photo by Nabis Photographers/ Chiara Ridolfi – I was waiting for the bride in front of the church.
It was raining a lot. She preferred to stay a little bit in the car hoping to be able to go out of the car without an umbrella. When I saw her look so worried and full of love I shot…

rain wedding photos

Light fantastic!

Photo by Paul Fletcher Photography – This image was one of the final shots at a Powder Mills wedding last year and it was raining so hard that I couldn’t have expected the bride and groom to feature in this shot! Instead I asked a couple of the bride’s young nephews if they’d like to feature in a spectacular shot that would result in them and me being completely soaked. Of course came the answer! It was so difficult to focus in the heavy rain that I started to doubt that I could actually pull something spectacular off, but eventually I managed to focus and the resulting image was pretty epic!

rain wedding photos

Dancing in the rain

Photo by Doville Gail Photography – We had so much fun despite the weather.

Out of this world!

Photo by Andy Li Photography – This photo of Cheryl + David was taken at Dewsall Court in Hereford. The weather was beautiful during the day…but the heavens decided to open in the evening. I don’t mind a bit of rain as it means I can take epic photos like this!


Yay, it rains!

Photo by Alexa Poppe – Kourtney and Mike eloped to Cornwall at the fantastic Lowerbarns Boutique and Breakfast. They were unlucky with the weather and we had to skip our trip to a nearby beach. These two had such a fab time inspite of the rain and this fantastic venue offers endless backdrops for some great shots. Here they are walking down the aisle as a just married couple.

Happy in the rain

Photo by Alexa Poppe – It rained all day for Dan and Sally’s wedding at Cosawes Barton, but I just love how these two kept up their positive vibes and had the best day ever inspite of the rain. Such a great couple to work with and one of the weddings I will always remember..

Is it raining

Is it still raining?

Photo by Andy Li Photography – This photo was taken of Georgina as she arrived at the church in Knutsford, Cheshire. I love the way she checked to see if it was still raining before she stepped out of the car.

rain wedding photos

Sarah & Mark

Photo by Eneka Stewart Photography – I took this photo at the end of the night just before leaving the venue. It was a beautiful soft rain and perfect for a OCF photo. The couple was totally up for it and it’s one of my favourite photos ever.

rain wedding photos

Light Rain

Photo by Martelle Photography – Martin – Taken at Bestwood Lodge after a beautiful sunny and dry day. Just a couple of minutes into the last part of the day the rain started and the Bride & Groom just wanted to play about in it. We feel that the rain really brings this image to life!

rain wedding photos

Kissing In The Rain

Photo by Alessandro Della Savia – Tony e Ayesha sono una coppia londinese che ha festeggiato il matrimonio a Cernobbio, sul Lago di Como. Nonostante fosse estate, quel giorno il tempo fu poco clemente: tirava un vento fortissimo e delle nubi scure pesavano nell’aria, immerse in una surreale luce blu. Mentre gli sposi si spostavano su un auto d’epoca dalla cerimonia al luogo del ricevimento, ha iniziato a cadere una fitta pioggia. Parenti e amici degli sposi erano arrivati da ogni dove e l’atmosfera fu comunque calorosa ed estremamente allegra.

rain wedding photos

The Rainy Arrival

Photo by Tony Hart Photo – It was raining quite hard when Rosie arrived for her wedding to Simon at The Stone Barn. Their whole day looked and felt very classic and the collection of black umbrellas over a white dress really added to that.

rain wedding photos

You cannot plan the weather

Photo by Sarah Williams Photography – My lovely couple Natalie & Kevin were married at the stunning Casterley Barn in Wiltshire last September. They had planned an outside ceremony but unfortunately the weather had other ideas so everything was moved to indoors. The barn was so cosy but we did want to try some portraits so ventured outside. No sooner had we rounded the corner we were hit with sideways rain and i just managed to capture a few frames before I got them back in the dry.

This photo is actually one of my favourites from their day and it really does show that rain on your wedding day really is not important – enjoying every second of your wedding and having fun like these guys did is!

rain wedding photos

Good friends

Photo by Magia Obrazu – Good friends are always with you – even if they are motorcyclists and its raining on your wedding day 🙂

rain wedding photos

Happy day

Photo by Magia Obrazu – It was on the way to the church at Kinga & Jakub wedding. They were smiling all day long and rainy sky couldn’t change it!

rain wedding photos

Dancing in the Rain

Photo by Ladybirds Photography – It was one of them days where the rain wouldnt give us a break. Horrible,dark, rainy mixed with snowy day, but the couple soldiered on and in spite of the elements we managed to get some magical photos.

rain wedding photos

Standing in the rain

Photo by Martine Sansoucy Photography – There is just something I love about this photo! It was one of the last shots of the day and it had started to rain. On our way back to the venue headed back to the reception, I saw a little path full of flowers and I hailed the car to pull over. I’m happy we did because it was such a beautiful little spot and they were able to use their umbrella for some sweet shots 🙂

rain wedding photos

Laura & Ben in the Hertfordshire Countryside

Photo by Becky Harley Photography – Laura and Ben were married in Welwyn Garden City in August 2018. After a scorching hot July we were hoping for some long sunny days in August but Laura and Ben got several showers amongst the sunshine on their wedding day. This shot was taken in the Hertfordshire countryside en route to their wedding reception at Offley Place in Hitchin.

rain wedding photos

Smiling in the rain

Photo by Damion Mower Photography – This bride completely embraced the rain, nothing was going to wipe that smile off her face. She just hitched her dress up and carried on regardless.

rain wedding photos

Soakin’ love

Photo by Ap-Art Photography – We’d done a series of wide angle shots in the fields when the rain started coming down in buckets. I said, ‘This is it guys’! And they started running back to the car and I said: ‘No, wait, this is it! This is the shot we want to get!’ So we did…

rain wedding photos

Out in the rain.

Photo by A-Fotografy – Last shot of the day. The rain was pouring quite heavy but I still offered a couple to get out and take this last shot I had in mind. There was a bit of smoke going around and complemented photo with some mystery.
The photo was taken at Mansfield Traquair wedding venue, Edinburgh.

rain wedding photos

Rain is coming..RUN

Photo by A-Fotografy – I and couple were out taking their portraits at Castle Fraser. We knew at some point rain will start but at the time it was dry. So we kept having fun and suddenly a gush of rain came and we had run from it. This made a comical portrait as we were running.

rain wedding photos

Wedding Day Rain Joy

Photo by Andy Davison – When it rains in the evening at a wedding, I always offer up creating something with some flash before I leave. I often get the response, “if it’ll be an awesome image, we’ll agree to it”. It was just that way with Rebekah and Perry here! We started with an umbrella but seeing that they’d got into the mood for some fun and weren’t too bothered about the rain once outside, I went for a final frame without the brolly – the rain and brolly has become a bit of a wedding cliche so I like this image for it’s expressions and the fact that the bride and groom are braving the weather without the umbrella.

rain wedding photos

Hengrave Wedding Day Rain Reflection

Photo by Andy Davison – A day of torrential rain at Hengrave Hall. We were shooting couple portraits inside due the weather when I saw the reflections of the festoon lights that the groom had earlier placed outside. I could see there was a shot to be had if the bride and groom were up for getting quite wet (it really was pouring down). With the help of a bridesmaid to keep me and my camera fairly dry, we took this shot from a low wide angle to gets much of the house in as possible and to benefit from the reflections in the puddles. Bride and groom got very wet but agreed that it was worth it (phew!).

rain wedding photos

Bride’s Arrival

Photo by Andrew Billington Photography – And just in case you wondered what they were looking at… A bride arrives at the wedding reception by boat on a wet and windy May day at La Talbooth in Essex.

rain wedding photos

Wet Arrival

Photo by Andrew Billington Photography – It’s lovely when couples decide to do something different on a wedding day – but arriving by boat in the UK in May was always going to be a risk…. The guests enjoyed their arrival in a hale storm at La Talbooth in Essex.

rain wedding photos


Photo by Liz Greenhalgh Photography – Most of the day had been a perfect summer’s day, but once it started to rain it carried on raining. Making it a part of their wedding day story we headed outside to capture rain, smiles and the love between Harriet & Chris

rain wedding photos

Out in the Rain

Photo by J S Coates Wedding Photography – An outdoor ceremony in the rain and one of my favourite ever. These three best men (all brothers) caught my eye as it shows a typical sibling relationship. Two brothers undercover whilst leaving one out in the rain and their faces say it all.

rain wedding photos

Laughing in the Face Of Rain

Photo by J S Coates Wedding Photography – This wedding was extremely intimate with just a selection of the brides & groom’s absolute nearest and dearest friends/family. It just felt right to create something small, intimate and fun right at the end of the day to reflect what their wedding had been about. No way was the rain going to stop us.

rain wedding photos

Enjoying the rain

Photo by Stefano Ferrier – We were in a country house in Italy and suddenly it started raining, we knew it was going to happen and we took up our umbrella.

rain wedding photos


Photo by Jordi Tudela – Oscar and Eva were married in the house of colonies Mas Tallades, and in the report the sky decided to leave us a nice rain that did not discourage the couple, on the contrary, we could enjoy a special and different session.

rain wedding photos

Crazy Golf

Photo by Tansley Photography – Gemma & Joe’s wedding. They’d hired a crazy golf course and weren’t going to let a bit of (heavy) rain spoil their wedding day. Even the guests joined in. Fabulous couple. Shot at Rotherwick Village Hall, Hampshire.

rain wedding photos

Love by ‘rain-light’

Photo by Fiona Walsh Photography – Go with the flow on your wedding day! Go for it! Have fun and embrace it all! These guys were so so awesome, coming out for rain photos. We had their friend holding them umbrella nearby and then running out of shot!

rain wedding photos


Photo by Stella Kurek Photography – There was a huge storm that day, but the chauffeur was armed with an umbrella, and the chauffeur to the very end got the bride with dry way for the wedding.

rain wedding photos

Blue Rain

Photo by Dino Photo Ltd – This was shot a Copthorne Hotel Effingham Gatwick clearly on a rainy day.

rain wedding photos

Wet confetti!

Photo by Sam & Louise – Umbrellas aside, you’d never know it was raining in this photo! In spite of the rain Skye & Matt were so happy and it didn’t deter them from having the confetti photo they wanted. Rain only hinders proceedings as much as you let it.

rain wedding photos

St Pauls Cathedral

Photo by Sam & Louise – This was never planned as a rain shot. We just stepped outside with the couple for a night time photograph in front of the iconic St Pauls. As soon as we were set up and ready, it began to rain out of nowhere. We asked the couple to bear with us for just a few moments and we’re so pleased they did!

rain wedding photos

Love the rain

Photo by Matt Selby photography – Last shot of the night in the drizzle. The rain was never going to dampen their spirits!

rain wedding photos

Steph & Lucy – LIT

Photo by The Struths – Steph & Lucy got married at Abbey House Hotel and when the heavens opened and I jokingly mentioned we could nip out into it for some photos, they were both like YES! So we ended up with this lovely little shot!


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