Best of 2019

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Best of 2019

This months collection and the final of the year is the best of 2019, photographers favourite photos of the last 12 months.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

Magical sunset with beautiful love

Photo by Magia Obrazu – We love challenges! We love couples who love challenges as Aldona & Tomek do!

It was after 10 km trekking (and still 10 km way back left) almost running to be in the beautiful “Morskie Oko” lake on time. When we came to the destination it was quite late, but still, we had a chance to take lovely photos. But what happened at the end, when some of us thought the session is finished… it was magic! Just before the sunset, sunlight appeared on the mountains peaks beautifully reflecting in the water… One last photo-stop on the big stone in the lake let the Bride & Groom relax in lovely circumstances and create such a unique picture of love perfectly harmonizing with nature.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

The light. The love.

Photo by Magia Obrazu – It is the picture we were waiting for a very long time. Perfect time, perfect light came through old palace’s ceiling and perfect love of Basia & Alex captured in one moment. Isn’t it magical?

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

Passionate Kiss

Photo by My Love Momentz Photography / Ivan Lim – Their first kiss? of course not! but this kiss has a lot of meaning to it… the mark of their last kiss to their next chapter in life

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

A moment of magic

Photo by Nisha Haq Photography – This was by far the wettest day of 2019 where it poured all day long. Despite battling the elements, Laura & Mike had bundles of energy even if they were drenched, they couldn’t stop smiling! I love how much love they have for one another and goes to show whatever the weather your wedding day is what you make it… pure happiness & joy! We sneaked out for a few moments of fresh air to capture this magical moment in the rain.
Captured at Beaulieu Domus, New Forest, UK.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

Beautiful Reflection

Photo by Martine Sansoucy – I had such an amazing day with this beautiful couple! Their wedding was colorful and the attention to detail was incredible! I wanted to do a shot that reflected their uniqueness and decided to take them out at sunset to play around with a crystal ball. I am so happy with the result and loved how this image turned out!

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

Having the time of their lives

Photo by Sarah Williams Photography – This is one of my favourite photos captured from my 2019 weddings and it just happens to be at one of my favourite venues too! Clare & Tom had the most wonderful wedding at Upwaltham Barns and I stayed on longer to capture their evening party. This was taken just after their first dance when everyone joined them on the dance floor and I love how happy Clare and Tom look in this photo too.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

Love Is A Burning Thing

Photo by Liam Carroll // ZT Photography – Bride squad…taken at Abode Manchester.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

Wedding Knights

Photo by Zo Taylor / ZT Photography – Taken at Clitheroe Castle // Lancashire // UK

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

Memories of a Wet Summer

Photo by Martelle Photography – The photo was taken on a wet and wild day in July earlier this year. It was late in the evening when I took the bride & groom outside, under umbrellas, promising them they would love the shot I had in my head. It had rained pretty much all day! On seeing the back of the screen the bride exclaimed she was really happy it had rained on her day!!. This image is now framed and adorns a wall! Memories of a Wet Summer!

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

The yawn

Photo by Nabis Photographers – I was waiting for the bride entering in the church.
One of her little boy was having a problem with a shoe and in that precise moment I saw the little flower girls yawning at the entrance.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography


Photo by John Steel Photography – This was taken earlier this year at Bagden Hall, West Yorkshire. I had an amazing fun-loving couple and from our walk back from having 5 minutes of bride and groom portraits the bride out of the blue did a cartwheel and this happened. I will admit at this stage there may have been a little alcohol involved.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

Attaching the buttonhole flower.

Photo by Paul Gapper Photography – The groom helps his best man attach his buttonhole flower to his suite at Jo and Mark’s winter wedding.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

The First Dance

Photo by Paul Gapper Photography – Dancing to The Bee Gees how deep is your love, pleasant surprise to see the Mike, the groom lift his new wife, Laura high in the air.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

Unique wedding pose

Photo by Stefano Ferrier – I tried to push the limits of a pose, even though posing is not my cup of tea, I took this photo thinking about what I would get with a fountain and a lot of blurred drops, I am quite satisfied of the result.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

Portrait of a Bride

Photo by Stefano Ferrier – A dreamy moment just before leaving her mother’s house, when makeup was finalised I found a gorgeous light and I stopped her for a pose.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

Never let go of me

Photo by Alvaro Sancha – Wedding session on Edinburgh.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

Twilight Moment

Photo by S.R.Urwin Wedding Photography/Steve Urwin – A balmy Hampshire evening, this summer, at the golden hour. Taken in the grounds of the magnificent Elvetham Estate in Hartley Wintney.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

Something a Little Epic

Photo by Fiona Walsh Photography – This was amazing, I saw the smoke pits and thought it’d be cool to try and light them up a bit. Then I thought of using my ‘light saber’ behind them, and this was the result!

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

Upside-Down ‘I do’s’!

Photo by Fiona Walsh Photography – How cool is this? They had a fun fair at their wedding! I love their spirit of fun and just how much they’re expressing it! This was taken at a wedding venue in Kent.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

Autumn Almanac

Photo by Tim Simpson Photography – I’d met Tom and Kerry at the church in Surrey a few months before their wedding and planned to do some of their couples shoot in the field next to the church. On the day I was very happy to see the freshly cut field and these fabulous hay bales dotted about. With the warm weather and a great bride and groom everything just fell into place for this hero shot.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

Fireworks in Texas

Photo by Matt Badenoch Photography – Sarone and Nahom enjoying a moment to themselves during the fireworks at their awesome wedding in Dallas, Texas.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

Father and Son

Photo by Matt Badenoch Photography – After the ceremony, Dan’s father came up and embraced him for almost a full minute. It was a beautiful and deeply moving moment.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

Katie and Ben

Photo by Jacob and Pauline Photography and Film – Katie and Ben at their destination wedding in Spain. Katie and Ben were sharing a beautiful romantic moment while sitting at the staircase of the beautiful Spanish Villa Candela en la Colina near Marbella.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

Ivana and Ondro

Photo by Jacob and Pauline Photography and Film – Ivana and Ondro at the top of the rock from a beautiful destination wedding in Slovakia. The photo was shot during a beautiful sunset at the Sitno Peak in Stiavnicke Vrchy Mountains.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

Why the long face?

Photo by Albert Palmer Photography – Let me start off by saying nothing has been photoshopped! I persuaded the couple to walk in to the field. The groom was quite keen, the bride less so! The light was great but the horses were some way away.

As I positioned the couple, the horses saw us, become inquisitive and walked over. Then the three of them broke out in to a trot and ran behind the bride and groom. Thanks to the fast frame rate on my camera I managed to get one photo where the three horses are evenly spaced out and the couple positioned nicely in the space.

It was like magic before my eyes where everything unfolded perfectly. We then quickly exited the field!

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography


Photo by Albert Palmer Photography – Totally set up – just for fun… after a HOT wedding in Spain the bride, groom and a lot of their friends decided to jump in the pool at about 1am.

I had about 5 minutes notice, so ran down to the pool, set up some lights, took a few test shots and hoped for the best! What followed is one of my favourite shots of the year. Full of fun, colour and suspense.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

Tears of Love

Photo by Gavin Alexander Photography – This truly emotive photograph was captured at Sarah and Ste’s wedding at Formby Hall.

During our pre wedding meetings Sarah never mentioned that her Dad was ill.
I had spent just over an hour with Sarah and the girls during the preparations stage before heading to document guest arrivals.

When I came back to Sarah’s hotel room to photograph her Dad’s reveal moment. Sarah told me seconds before he entered the room that her dad had been very ill.

The emotion in the room was unbelievable as he entered and seen Sarah for the first time. He instantly smiled and began to cry. I was choked behind the camera, I got in nice and close to fill the frame with pure emotion but kept the flowers girls in shot to add more context.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

A Fathers Love

Photo by Gavin Alexander Photography – This photograph was taken at Formby Hall Golf Resort and Spa during the wedding of Simon and Claire.

I observed from a distance for some time before taking this photograph. I watched how this child’s Father totally adored him.
The usual wedding madness was going on around them and it was if time had stood still for them both to enjoy this shared loving moment together.

To take this photograph I didn’t want to alter or disturb this moment so I hid myself behind other guests and shot over their shoulders.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography


Photo by In the Name of Love Photography – This photo was taking at the stunning boho style wedding at the Rhynd – St.Andrew’s. Laura & William had a wonderful celebration of mix the Scottish & Romanian traditions.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography


Photo by Jason Williams Photography – I met this couple about a year before the event at The Wetlands Centre in Barnes where I have shot many times. I enjoy same sex events as there is nearly always that added subtext of community, unity, possibly even a little defiance, all of which is so beautifully manifested by the rainbow theme. So when a rainbow (and a good one!) did emerge right on cue, I pretty much commanded the couple to snog like there was no tomorrow, and this was the result. I have upped the contrast massively and boosted the colours a little to give it that whole Wuthering Heights drama which I felt the image needed and deserved.
Of its type it is my favourite from 2019. Hope you like it too.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography


Photo by Jamile Andrade – Details of anxiety, will and love!

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

Blessed love

Photo by Roney Rufino – The strength that this couple has, is something out of the ordinary. The joy, the faith, the complicity. For sure, a blessed love!

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

I love you to the moon and back

Photo by Eye of the Tyne Photography – Milli & Adam had the cutest coastal wedding yesterday. Lots of bunting, fairy lights, awesome music and gorgeous weather. We went out to do the couple shots after the wedding breakfast and the lighting was just perfect. I noticed the moon to the south and wanted to incorporate it into this shot. I also wanted to add a little movement to the photo, so had Milli and Adam run across the frame as quick as they could.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

Cheerful first of many

Photo by Carine Bea Photography – This wedding was all about having fun and share the moments with friend and family. This first dance was outside the pub Lamb Tavern, with a live band, at the Leadenhall market. This is my favourite moment of 2019, just perfect couple! They keep sharing so much happiness in South America for 6 months after the wedding, long and joyful honeymoon.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

Night time kiss

Photo by Sam Gibson Photography – This is a really simple night time portrait taken using the festoon lighting at Louise and Phil’s garden wedding this summer. I like it because it’s a great example of using what’s available to make something creative and timeless and I love the symmetry of the final frame too.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

Emotional speech

Photo by Pedro Filipe Fotografia – This picture is very emotional. The groom was crying like a baby. His emotion was really.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

Maxine and her Grandad

Photo by Olly Knight Photography – It was really sweet to see Maxine’s close relationship with her Grandad on her wedding day. There were several times throughout the day when she’d take herself away from the bustle and party and noise and go over to her Grandad for a long hug. I loved capturing this moment between them during the afternoon reception.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

Tuscany in the Evening

Photo by Olly Knight Photography – It was the evening on a really hot day in Tuscany and just as the sun was setting in between courses Matt and Holly and I climbed up a hill over the road from the Castle where they’d got married. The landscape, the light and the two of them made this one of my favourite moments and images from 2019.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

Bride getting ready

Photo by Laura Barbera Photography

The kiss of light.

Photo by Ladybirds Photography – Another sparkler photo I absolutely love, this was taken at New Dungeon Ghyll in Langdale. This was such a good looking couple with so much enthusiasm for photos, I loved photographing them and I had to finish their day with a magical sparkler exit. This just exceeded everyone expectations including mine.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

When the time stood still

Photo by Ladybirds Photography – This shot was taken at Hidden River Cabins Carlisle. I just love creating a magical photo, a photo that makes people go ” Wooowww” and a well executed and edited sparkler photo usually does the trick.This couple was just amazing, they were so in-love, so into their photos, so stylish, evewrything a photographer could ask for, and I just wanted to capture their magic with this shot.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

Thinking about the future

Photo by Alessandro Della Savia – A future bride on her balcony in Valtellina, Italy

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

My girl

Photo by Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography – It was probably one of the most emotional moment between daughter and dad that I photographed. The tears were still 10 min after they saw each other. Everything worked perfectly.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

Fun By The Sea – Lake District Wedding

Photo by ER Photography – This is one of the most beautiful locations we’ve shot this year, situated near Kendal in the Lakes Park House Farm is a new venue with this stretch of coastline on its doorstep. With the perfect opportunity after dinner to hope in the car with these two lovelies in the back, we headed off to the beach for some stunning portraits.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

Dancing In The Dark

Photo by ER Photography – This photo was taken in Castlefield in the heart of Manchester. Having no light around popping a flash behind the couple and getting them to have a little dance in the dark, sometimes you just hit it lucky and this is one of those real moments when the stars aligned.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

Abi, Ben and the ferns

Photo by Sally Rawlins Photography – Straight after the hottest day of the year, it was an unusually rainy July wedding day, but I managed to sneak 10 minutes of photographs outside with Abi and Ben at their incredible venue, Butley Priory in Suffolk. The lush green of the ferns complemented Abi’s bold, vibrant bouquet and Ben’s royal blue suit, and it just made this a complete banger of a photo. My favourite of 2019.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography


Photo by Hannah Hall Photography – Rosie’s dad Bruce was bowled over seeing Rosie in her dress for the first time – an incredible moment at Rosie and Tom’s wedding at Caswell House in July this year.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

Let Them Eat Cake

Photo by Hannah Hall Photography – It’s not really about cutting the cake – it’s about eating it! Erin and Wes married at The Cart Shed at Park Farm in Shuckburgh in July this year.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

Get down…..

Photo by Andrew Billington Photography – Prita and Michael’s wedding at Iscoyd Park was a fantastic day – two ceremonies, lots of food and drink and a brilliant DJ to take everyone through the evening. I never photograph a wedding by nibbling around the edges but from right in the middle of it – which includes the dance floor!

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

Beach Trash the Dress – Karyna & Jason

Photo by Jasmin & Matt Photography / Matthew Mathieson – Getting wet and sandy in your wedding attire is one of the most liberating and fun ways to celebrate your marriage, so when Karyna & Jason asked us to photograph the fun, we said HECK YES!

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

Final preparations

Photo by Tiree Dawson Photography – Beautiful bride Wen asked for a portrait with her bridesmaids on the stairs. I knew I’d prefer this in between moment.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

The Wedding Festival to end all Wedding Festivals…

Photo by Hana Laurie Alternative Wedding Photographer – Sarah + Ben DIYed their whole wedding in a barn without mains electricity, and boy did they nail a beautifully relaxed party day. There were tears, and laughter, and COLOUR. So many of their friends and family camped for the week before to build and set everything up, and this shot just captures a tiny bit of that…

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

Wild romance

Photo by Sugarbird Photography – This is a field of corn in the very heart of Yorkshire on a beautiful windy wedding day! The whole field was swaying back and forth as one. With Maddie and Alex in the middle together you could absolutely feel their totally unique and special connection with each other.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

bride and groom

Photo by duesudue – happy moments after ceremony!

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

Bride and Dress – All about Sensuality

Photo by Nuno Lopes – My first time doing a naked photo. The bride has done a boudoir session before wedding, and in the wedding day, she take almost all cloth and ask a sensual photo with the dress… 5sec after i have this image on my head, expose the photo for explode bright light and at home correct and make this image. I love how the sensuality is there, how the bride, the dress, the body is not much exposed.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

Bridesmaid falls for Bride

Photo by Gary Stafford Photography – Beth and her squad were enjoying the bouncy castle at her wedding fest themed wedding which featured as well as the bouncy castle, garden games, wedding wristbands and their favourite live act. Shot on location at Stallingborough Grange in Lincolnshire.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

Love is in the air

Photo by Simon Dewey Photography – Jo had asked for a shot of her bridesmaids holding the L-O-V-E balloons she was planning to display at the venue later in the day. It didn’t go quite as planned.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

Against the Wind

Photo by Chic Photo by Jacqui – After the ceremony we were doing location photos near the venue when I local stopped by in a Landrover and asked us if we wanted to go to the top of the hill. It is only accessible by 4×4 so we all hopped in and drove up to the top. We were met by hurricane winds and stunning views and the veil flew perfectly.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

Emotions run high

Photo by Chic Photo by Jacqui – This was the first time the groom saw the bride in her dress. He was so overcome with emotion that he cried the whole time she walked down the aisle. It was such a lovely moment to capture.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

Tender moments

Photo by Sofie Michelle Photography – This photo was taken at Dean’s Court in Wimborne, Dorset. Away from the party madness of the marquee by the lake, we found a small passage way lit only by the light bulbs. Giving the couple an opportunity for some alone time together.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

Smoke/Colour at Tunnels Beaches

Photo by Evolve Photography – This wedding day was a little different but a lot of fun! With its own private beach the venue Tunnels Beaches enabled us to capture this colourful/fun smoke bomb photo which really encompass the party atmosphere of the day. One of my stand-out weddings of 2019 for sure!

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

The Florists Bouquet

Photo by Robin Ball Photography – Victoria, who is a florist, got married at the Oak Barn in Kent. Needless to say… the flowers were next level! There were gorgeous blooms everywhere including a stunning floral arch. The whole place looked and smelt utterly divine.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

Rain, what rain!

Photo by Sarah Williams Photography – The award for my wettest and most memorable wedding so far in 2o19 goes to the lovely Vanessa and Mark, who were married at the wonderful Kingdom, Penshurst in Kent.

The outdoor ceremony they had been hoping for was wiped out in a downpour that arrived just as the ceremony was about to start and these guys then had rain on and off all day.

They did not let this stop them from having fun however and this photo of them in the rain on a space hopper is still one of my favourites and really goes to show that despite the horrendous weather they had, they still had the best time – and were blessed with a rainbow too.

Best of 2019 - Wedding Photography

The Bumblebee

Photo by Rich Lawrence Photography – Super wedding at a fabulous location on Dartmoor at Monks Withecombe, as Leah lifted her bouquet up so a bumblebee took off and the camera captured the moment perfectly.


  1. dan.tee

    Just LOVE the last one of the bee – if there’s such a thing as the perfect wedding photograph, I think that might be it!


    Such an awesome set of images, love the one of the bride doing a hand stand in her dress lol

  3. nathan walker

    So many amazing shots! I can’t wait for wedding season to come around once the country is open for business again . Thanks for the wonderfully inspiring photos. My fave has to be the one with the moon in it, I just love a bit of negative space 🙂


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