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Ceremony Moments

Published by Sam, Editor -
Ceremony Moments

This months collection is all about those ceremony moments, emotions, first looks and celebrations!

Wedding Ceremony Moments

The First Kiss after unveiling the veil

Photo by My Love Momentz Photography/Ivan Lim – The moment where the Groom kiss the Bride after unveiling the Veil during their church wedding ceremony. It’s the first kiss of the day.

Wedding Ceremony Moments


Photo by Matt Badenoch Photography – A friend of the bride sings hallelujah while they signed the registry at their Church wedding in Oxford, UK.

Wedding Ceremony Moments

Lake District Love Story

Photo by Winston Sanders Photography – Rachel & Tom were married at one of the most picturesque locations in the UK: Ullswater in The Lake District. Their venue, The Inn on The Lake, provided the perfect backdrop for the perfect couple. If you look closely enough you may be able to spot the red hearts Tom had stuck onto his socks!

Wedding Ceremony Moments

Balloons and weddings – match made in heaven

Photo by Ebourne Images – Amy & James’ All Saints Chapel wedding in Eastbourne was truly a remarkable event.
Their ceremony did not disappoint either. All Saints Chapel’s style and glamour came through perfectly throughout their blessing. I loved the balloon shower at the end. This was my favourite pictures of the day. Congratulations once again guys! xx

Wedding Ceremony Moments

Air punch

Photo by Erika Tanith Photography – “I now pronounce you husband and wife”. No other feeling quite like it!
Angela & Andrew, married at Horton Grange in Northumberland.

Wedding Ceremony Moments

All the way in?

Photo by Sarah Maria Photography – During the ring exchange Steven was a little nervous and asked ‘All the way IN?’ instead of all the way on…. It cracked everyone up and relaxed the couple a bit!

Wedding Ceremony Moments

We did it!

Photo by Sarah Williams Photography – The lovely Decima and Jason were married at the historic Southsea castle back in October in one of the most unique rooms I have captured a wedding ceremony. I love this moment where Decima holds the wedding certificate aloft with pride and happiness and the black and white edit adds a bit of drama to the candle lit room.

Wedding Ceremony Moments

Tears of joy

Photo by Alessandro Della Savia – A joyful wedding day on Lake Orta.

Wedding Ceremony Moments

So much in love!

Photo by S.R.Urwin Wedding Photography/Steve – Shot at a really happy ceremony at St. Mary’s Church in Marylebone, London. The bride didn’t stop smiling all day and when she met her husband-to-be at the alter, this was the result.

Wedding Ceremony Moments

Church Light

Photo by The Last of the Light – This lovely flower girl melted everyone’s hearts as did the page boys both on the way in and on they way out of Sam & Shannons traditional church wedding. A chance capture on my part as she moved into some gorgeous window light shining down onto the procession as the wedding party exited the church.

Wedding Ceremony Moments


Photo by Roberto Schiumerini – Beautiful moment when the church is reflected in the glass of the bride’s car and she will go to get married after a few minutes in that church.

Wedding Ceremony Moments

Big Reactions

Photo by Wayne La Photography – Weddings aren’t just about the couple but who they’ve chosen to share their day with too. Here is the bride’s family showing their resounding approval at the first kiss!

Wedding Ceremony Moments

Just a Moment in Eternity

Photo by Vonlè Art – It was the emotional wedding day of Teodora and Georgi in beautiful Varna, Bulgaria. This is one of those quiet moments of subtlety we have captured in its most beautiful and natural form.

Wedding Ceremony Moments

Lipstick smudges

Photo by Becky Harley Photography – Issy and Alistair were married at Milling Barn in Hertfordshire in December. I loved their festive celebrations and this is one of my favourite images from their day – Issy had very red lipstick and during their first kiss it rubbed off to give Alistair a very fetching bit of lippy for himself!

Wedding Ceremony Moments


Photo by Albert Palmer – Katie and Matthew exchanged wedding vows outside in San Galgano Abbey in Tuscany. Fortunately the mayor and translator moved to the side which allowed me to get this long shot with a 135mm lens. I love Katie’s reaction in this image and it goes to show that personal vows are the way forward! This is one of my favourite shots from their ceremony.

Wedding Ceremony Moments

Walking down the aisle

Photo by Albert Palmer – I love this shot of Souraya walking down the aisle towards her groom Alan. Deciding to walk alone is a big thing but she loved every moment! Smiling and waving to her friends and family (and a few cameras!) along the way. It sums up her big heart and fun personality and it’s great to see people do things differently at their wedding.

Wedding Ceremony Moments


Photo by Pedro Filipe – This ceremony took part during a catholic mass and is a filipinian tradition.

Wedding Ceremony Moments

Getting the ring on

Photo by Holly Collings Photography – Alex had a little trouble getting the ring on Harriet’s finger at The Cow Shed.

Wedding Ceremony Moments

Happy tears and laughter

Photo by Holly Collings Photography – This photo was taken at Chelsie and Jose’s intimate wedding at Worden House, Dartmouth. The ceremony was packed with laughter and happiness, a true reflection of them as a couple.

Wedding Ceremony Moments

The flamboyant celebrant

Photo by Stefano Ferrier – Here this nice flamboyant celebrant is going to formalise the promise between this couple.
Italians sometimes are really extravagant.

Wedding Ceremony Moments


Photo by Jamile Andrade – Emotion takes over, gives that shiver through the body, the bride on her happiest day, the incredibly thrilled groom, all the blessing in one picture!

Wedding Ceremony Moments

The light is with you.

Photo by Roney Rufino – The lights point to where is the happiest couple of the night! The light is with them!

Wedding Ceremony Moments

Intense happiness!

Photo by Roney Rufino – When love is too much, joy is too much, happiness is too much … the smile is too much!!!

Wedding Ceremony Moments

Love and Laughter

Photo by Andy Sidders Photography – Dave & Kerry’s wedding ceremony was filled with nervous giggles. This was my favourite moment when both burst out laughing during the ring exchange!

Wedding Ceremony Moments

Whisper in the ear

Photo by Ed Godden Photography / Ed Godden – This was taken at Elmore Court, a stunning venue that I’ve been fortunate to shoot at a couple of times now. This shot of Alex whispering in Joes ear straight after saying their vows is easily my favourite ceremony photo I took last year. I’d love to know what was whispered!

Wedding Ceremony Moments

Just find friends who love you like this…

Photo by Hana Laurie Alternative Wedding Photographer – Sue + Ash got married at Old Down Manor in Somerset and clearly invited all their best friends and family – there were sooo many happy tears. They say you need the support of your nearest and dearest in support of your marraige, and I think they’ve nailed this.

Wedding Ceremony Moments

Deep intake of breath

Photo by Sally Rawlins Photography – Adam, the groom, had clearly been nervous just before the wedding ceremony, but it was Kristina who suddenly looked a bag of nerves as she reached the top of the aisle.

Wedding Ceremony Moments

That first look

Photo by Mark Ewels Photography – Taken at the rustic Waxham Great Barn in Norfolk, Charis and Callum eyes meet as dad walks his stunning daughter to meet her groom.

Wedding Ceremony Moments


Photo by Tim Simpson Photography – ben and Lorna’s Saddleworth wedding was just on elf those photography days when everything came together. This is one of so many stand out shots. Your always hoping the at the groom is going to cry!

Wedding Ceremony Moments

Daughters day out

Photo by Tim Simpson Photography – Matt and Emmas Wedding was a real family affair. Abigail their daughter was a real live wire and just didn’t stay in one place for more than 30 seconds. Good from a photography point of view for sure.

Wedding Ceremony Moments

Just about holding it together!

Photo by Fiona Walsh Photography – This is the ultimate moment! All of that planning and getting ready comes down to this moment when your groom sees you and you’re about to get married. It’s one of the best feelings!

Wedding Ceremony Moments

We Did It!

Photo by Bristol Contemporary Photography – This was taken just after Jo and Remy had walked down the aisle as husband and wife. I loved this moment when Jo turned back to look at the guests still sitting down and gave everyone the happiest wave before heading out. This was at North Cabdury Court and it was a really lovely, relaxed wedding day and the ceremony was so happy and full of love!

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