November 2016 Collection

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November 2016 Collection

We round up and feature our favourite wedding photos that caught our eye this month in our November 2016 wedding photo collection.
November 2016 Wedding Photo Collection

NM wedding Cadgwith

Photo by Alexa Poppe Wedding Photography – Nancy and Martyn had a small winter wedding with just their closest family and friends in the cosy cornish fishing village Cadgwith. It was getting dark when they came out of the church and we didn’t have much light left for the photos. So I positioned a flash on a stand out of sight to the left of the couple behind the boats and shot through the fishing boats which served as a nice frame for the image.
November 2016 Wedding Photo Collection

The Notebook fairytale wedding

Photo by Martine Sansoucy Photography – Renae and Jess were married on a beautiful misty fall day! They wanted their photos to be special and unique so when they brought a canoe with them for photos I was so excited to take the photos I had always envisioned! Balancing on the canoe was not as easy as it appeared to be and we had a lot of hilarious (and sometimes scary!) moments in trying to get this shot! I am so happy with the result and I feel like it really has that Notebook romance feel to it!
November 2016 Wedding Photo Collection

Rainy love

Photo by Magia Obrazu – It was only a quick moment during the wedding to take newlyweds for this shot. It was hot and raining – beautiful summer evening and this is the most romantic shot that we did that day!
November 2016 Wedding Photo Collection

Winter Light

Photo by stunning photography & Forget Me Knot – Sunlight this time of year can be harsh. Long shadows early in the afternoon and cold temperatures are a challenge for any photographer.

As Chloe was waiting for her dad to see her for the first time the room was lit by a beam of this harsh winter light. There was something magical about this light and of course I adjusted my iso and snapped away.
I call this photo ‘Winter Light’
November 2016 Wedding Photo Collection

Melody, Fergus and Millions of Bricks

Photo by Kari Bellamy Photography – Melody and Fergus opted to do their wedding portraits before the wedding which gave us a bit more time for photos than a normal schedule. I scanned the map for an interesting location and came across the amazing Ouse Valley Viaduct. I’m so glad that Melody and Fergus were keen to travel out there as well, and with a bit of climbing we were able to score this photo. Sometimes a dramatic photos is just the matter of a little bit of effort.
November 2016 Wedding Photo Collection

The magic arch

Photo by Nabis Photographers/ Chiara Ridolfi – The couple was doing some photos in Ferentino, they were walking in the ancient street when I saw a beautiful light coming from the end of the arch.
Behind them there was a characteristic countryside !
I took the picture in the historical center of Ferentino, close to Rome.
November 2016 Wedding Photo Collection

Autumn Nights

Photo by Sam Gibson Photography – A quick couple portrait taken at Antonia and Jordan’s The Rectory Hotel wedding in Malmesbury on Bonfire night. We didn’t have long to get this (probably 4-5 minutes in between speeches) but I think we came away with something pretty special.
November 2016 Wedding Photo Collection

Bridal Party Composite

Photo by Gareth Newstead Photography – This picture was taken at Sutton Bonington Hall in Loughborough, the bride and groom asked me if I could produce a photo for them that was a bit moody, different and original so we gave it ago. Took a little while to set it up but everyone loved the result and said it was worth it
November 2016 Wedding Photo Collection

Seeing Double

Photo by Tim Simpson Photography – Taken at Upwaltham Barns, I had this image in mind to do for a while, there is an abundance of flowers at Upwaltham so Ben and Louise’s wedding were the perfect couple to try this son, its always a bit of a random process doing a double exposure but this came out well
November 2016 Wedding Photo Collection

When your up a tree

Photo by Art by Design Photography – Steve Wheller – I have also had this photo idea in my head but I had to wait for the right couple and location. This was taken at Bryngarw House near Bridgend. It was the end of the day and everybody had a few drinks and were up for some fun shots. So as soon as I spotted the tree I asked if the bride and groom would like to go for a lie down on the grass whilst I climb the tree and took the photo from above. At the moment I was about to take the shot their friends dived on the ground to get in the photo. A fun photo that will remind them of their day forever.
November 2016 Wedding Photo Collection


Photo by Martin Dabek Photography – The image was taken at Stanbrook Abbey. This unique wedding venue has a long corridors, so I wanted to incorporate this. Reflection from the glass table in reception area.
November 2016 Wedding Photo Collection

Devils Pulpitt’s bride

Photo by Christine McNally Photography – Couple travelled from US to get married in Scotland, and wanted a Trash the Dress photo the day after. The couple are into mystical surroundings and history. They wanted their session at The Devils Pulpitt in Scotland.
November 2016 Wedding Photo Collection


Photo by Kevin Belson Photography /Kevin Belson – This is Claire who was getting ready to marry Nathan at Nunsmere Hall. I set a light up behind her and asked the Stylist to let me know when she was going to spray.
November 2016 Wedding Photo Collection


Photo by Robin Ball Photography – Jon had hired a Dodge Charger RT to get him to his Wedding, so I couldn’t resist this photo inspired by the Steve McQueen Film ‘Bullitt’.
November 2016 Wedding Photo Collection

Love in traffic

Photo by John Hope Photography – Ellie & Joe held their wedding in Leeds City Centre. Most of my pre-planned portrait shoot had to be re-thought when the forecast brought rain. I often find I get some of my better and more creative shots when I’m made to work a bit harder and have to think outside of the box and improvise. So it proved this day. This shot is taken in an underpass with a slow exposure as a bus passes the couple.
November 2016 Wedding Photo Collection

Lean on me

Photo by Luisa Raimondi Photographer – Not only hugs and kisses can tell a love story.
I’m convinced that your parnter’s shoulder is one of the sweetest place to lean on, like when you were a child in your mother’s arm.
And Cristina….shares my opinion.
Thanx to Cristina e Paolo, got married in the warm Italian July!
November 2016 Wedding Photo Collection

Summer Meadow

Photo by Fiona Walsh Photography – Oh, the light! Summer time in a meadow… It was so easy and so exciting photographing these two. They were super happy, super relaxed, and we couldn’t believe how beautiful the weather was.
November 2016 Wedding Photo Collection


Photo by Joe Wood – This is a classic example of my personalised wedding photography. Star wars was the children’s favourite movie and Yoda proved to be the most photogenic toy of them all!
November 2016 Wedding Photo Collection

Magnetic eyes

Photo by Massimiliano Magliacca – Nabis Photographers – A moment of relax before entering the villa and enjoy the party. The bride had the eyes of a magnetic blue.
November 2016 Wedding Photo Collection

The First Look

Photo by Aaron Storry Photography – One of my favourite parts of a wedding is documenting the first reveal when a bride gets to see her dad for the first time. Emotions are always running high and it’s a moment which usually results in some beautiful candid photos which the couple and families will cherish forever. Here’s one of my favourite images from the year; the time where Liz walked down the huge grand staircase at Holdenby Hall towards her dad who was patiently waiting at the bottom. I love natural document photography like this – it’s a picture which paints a thousand words and which doesn’t require an explanation.
November 2016 Wedding Photo Collection


Photo by Samantha Pennini – A loving kiss at sunset on Follonica Etruscan coast.
November 2016 Wedding Photo Collection

Victoria & Anthony

Photo by Mick Cookson Photography – Taken recently at The Swan Hotel, Newby Bridge. After the intimate family ceermony, we had a few minutes in failing October light to grab a few Bride & Groom portraits. This is a simple, classic Autumnal Newby Bridge image…
November 2016 Wedding Photo Collection

Reception Chaos

Photo by Andrew Keher Photography – Taken inside a marquee after dark, singing waiters had the room in chaos. A lucky frame as one singer looks on at the carnage.
November 2016 Wedding Photo Collection

Honey Moon in Santorini

Photo by Jacob and Pauline Photography – We shot this amazing couple on their honeymoon in Santorini / greece.
November 2016 Wedding Photo Collection

Killer First Dance

Photo by Andrew Billington Photography – Sometimes First Dances can be fairly perfunctory but not for Alasdair and Ellie with their wedding at Birtsmorton Court in Gloucestershire. They went for it and I thought I ought to honour that in the photos I took – using the lights from the DJ I could give this First Dance that epic feel!
November 2016 Wedding Photo Collection

Bride playing football

Photo by Anna Pumer – Liz and Luc had planned loads of fun games for their wedding day, including football rounders – and of course Liz had to hitch up her dress and have a go! This was taken at Fairoak Farm in Sussex.
November 2016 Wedding Photo Collection

The first look

Photo by Sam & Louise – This is just one frame from Keith’s heartwarming reaction to seeing his bride for the first time. He was completely in awe of how beautiful Kim looked and it was such a wonderful moment to capture. Reactions like this are why we love shooting as a team.
November 2016 Wedding Photo Collection

First Dance

Photo by Wojtek Chrapek / Voyteck Photography – Love this photo of Stu and Philippa’s first dance at Brixton East. I shot this through a light bulb not actually looking in the viewfinder as I couldn’t reach it. So much emotions in this image, one of my fav pics from this season.
November 2016 Wedding Photo Collection

Licking the cake

Photo by Anna Pumer – This was a wedding in a villa in Ibiza – Amy and Ash were so much fun. After the cake cutting I told them they should try some. Amy leaned in and licked it! The next photo in the series is her grabbing the whole top tier in her hands and taking a massive bite.
November 2016 Wedding Photo Collection

Lost in the Highlands

Photo by Chic Photo – This photo was taken in Glencoe, Scotland as the rain was coming in fast. I love the moody atmosphere we got to work with.
November 2016 Wedding Photo Collection

Locko Park Newly-Weds

Photo by Matt Selby Photography – Quick shot of the newlyweds after the ceremony.
D750 1/60 f3.3 iso100 24mm

Well done to all, our photo of the month went to Kari Bellamy Photography who was selected to be shown on our homepage for the next 4 weeks.

If you would like to submit your photos for next month then make sure you are a member and we shall email full details once open for submission.


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