Engagement shoots are are a great way to get some natural and lovely shots of you both, they are also great for getting use to the camera and your photographer which shall make it easier and more fun on your wedding day. These photos are also great for wedding invites, gifts for parents and your Facebook picture!

Engagement shoots can be whatever you want them to be, they can be romantic, creative, at a special place that is close to both of your hearts, make it your own and special to you.

Engagement photo shoot ideas

Engagement Wedding Photography

Engagement photo shoots can even help when it comes to taking your wedding day photos. They are a wonderful opportunity to practice having your photo taken together and is a fantastic preliminary experience to working with a professional photographer in a less pressured environment than your wedding venue. This means that having your wedding photos taken will be less worrying on your big day as you will already be more confident and comfortable in front of the camera.

You could even have your engagement photos taken with the hair and makeup that you have planned for your wedding day to see how they look in advance. If you are planning on using the same photographer for your wedding photography, an engagement shoot is even better preparation as your photographer will already have a better understanding of how your couple dynamics and will have a better grip on your angle, style and lighting preferences. This will result in better quality wedding day images for you to treasure forever. We have some great Paris engagement photographers, as well as wedding engagement prices and quotes.

While hiring a photographer for your wedding has been a tradition for generations, hiring a photographer to do engagement shoots is a relatively new phenomenon. Nevertheless, an engagement photography session is a wonderful opportunity for couples to capture a key moment in their lives and offers a host of unexpected benefits, which may even help to make your wedding day photos better. Engagement photo ideas can be fun, creative and funny.

Engagement Photo Shoot Ideas

It is all too easy to forget the joy of becoming engaged and the excitement and anticipation of this special time in any couple's life together. When the reality of planning a wedding sets in, with all the budgeting, organising and arranging, the thrill of the engagement can be forgotten. In the years to come, the details of this unique moment may become hazy and blurred until they are no longer clear. You can make sure that the happiness of this time is preserved forever by having an engagement photo shoot. A good photographer will be able to capture the love and elation that you are both feeling and in the future you will be able to look back on these images and it will feel like it all happened just yesterday.

Relaxed Images

Often, when you look back on your wedding photos, you will be struck by the formality of the shots. Everyone standing in just the right place at just the right time, and staged pictures for the camera. Engagement shoots are much more relaxed and informal, which creates a more natural look between the two of you. While there is always a place for wedding day photographs in the marital home, it is the casual nature of engagement shots that make a lovely display for the living room. An engagement photo shoot is also slower paced, and more importantly, is only about the two of you. There is no need to incorporate family members into the images or hurry through the photographs so that you can get to the reception venue in time. You can move at your own pace and the enjoyment of your time together with shine through in the images captured.


Wedding day photos are usually taken at the church or venue and lack creativity. An engagement shoot allows you to capture the essence of your relationship, by either going to a place that is special to the two of you, or by enjoying an activity that you both love. You can even use props to make the pictures even more meaningful when you look back on them in the future.

Make Your Photos Work For You

Not only will you be getting a fabulous record of this moment in your lives, but you will also be getting some fantastic images of you both that can be used for all kinds of purposes from Christmas cards to wedding invitations. What more appropriate image to use for the cover of your reception guest book?