Surprise Marriage Proposal in Venice

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Surprise Marriage Proposal in Venice

We share this cute and beautiful moment as Taku from Tokyo surprises his partner Chieko in Venice by proposing to her. This was beautifully captured by Kinga Leftska, a Lifestyle Photographer in Venice.

Surprise Marriage Proposal in Venice

About the couple and the day:

Taku from Tokyo, Japan brought his partner Chieko all the way down to Italy to ask her if she would like to spend the rest of her life with him. Obviously, not only he needed to get it captured by a professional photographer but also he needed some help with the planning! He contacted me a few months before the big day and so we had plenty of time to choose the perfect location and to work on all the details.

Taku decided a small Venetian island which is a great viewpoint would be a perfect spot. And so few months later, when the day finally came he brought Cheko to San Giorgio island – a beautiful spot from which you can see the skyline including the San Marc’s tower and Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute. We decided the second would be a perfect backdrop for his surprise proposal. Chieko had no idea she came to the island to say ‘yes’ – as soon as Taku kneeled down and popped the question she started both laughing at crying at the same time.

Thick clouds and a very shy Sun only added to a movie like feeling of the entire scene and I was close to laugh and cry with them! Chieko yelled ‘yes’, we hugged a lot and continued the engagement session on the main island. It all went perfect! We had so much fun together it was hard to say bye after a couple of hours. I was invited by Taku and Chieko to Tokyo and we’ve been in touch ever since the day of the proposal.

Taku said: ‘Kinga is absolutely the one you expect for the best photo-shoot and a proposal in Venice! She is just amazing! She was more than helpful and I got a real sense of her love of the job! Photos turned out perfect and me and my now fiancée will treasure them!’

About the Photographer:

My name is Kinga and I am a lifestyle and wedding photographer based in Venice, Italy. I am a lover in love with the lovers and I am more than excited to travel around the world to photograph free-spirited and adventurous couples! I love natural light, real smiles, honest emotions, tears of joy and my clients’ trust. I represent a candid style. I believe photograph is the most powerful when unposed, hence I do everything to make my clients trust me and act in front of my camera the way they really are.

I’m a queen of suriprise wedding proposals they say, hence I’m presenting one of them on the YPWP blog! I fell in love with Venice years ago and I never left after seeing it for the first time. Being a photographer in Venice and being able to travel all around the world to photograph awesome people is living a dream to me.

Advice for guys planning the big moment:

If you’re planning on proposing in a place you’ve never been to before you need someone to plan it for you precisely. You definitely want it to happen in a picturesque spot and you know your partner wants you to get the moment captured – here comes me or another photographer somewhere else in the world!

The photographer should help you choose the perfect spot, time and give you all the tips so everything goes smooth – you shouldn’t stress about anything. You just need to focus and remember all the tips your photographer gave you. And you really have to show up and propose in the spot you chose! I know it’s all very exciting and stressful in the end and I totally get some guys end up proposing 300 metres away from the given spot – I run really fast a couple of times, I did.

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