A Winter Engagement Shoot in Auvergne

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A Winter Engagement Shoot in Auvergne

We feature a lovely winter Engagement Shoot in Auvergne captured by Matthieu Muratet.

The story

Céline and Vinod will be wife and husband this summer with a 2-day wedding. Yes! A 2-Day wedding ! The first day will be the Sri-Lankan wedding and the Saturday will be the French wedding day in a beautiful castle in Auvergne.

For the engagement session they decided to have a winter engagement shoot in Auvergne. They live in the city of Clermont-Ferrand. So, we drove to the mountains about 1 hour from there. We spend the end of the day and the first part of the night in the mountains in the vicinity of Mont Dore. That was romantic, unique and authentic. They were alone in the mountains, playing in the snow like kids, like friends, like lovers.

We decided to head up to the city to drink a hot chocolate. After the restaurant, we finished the engagement session with night photography.

About the photographer

Several years ago, I documented wars with photographs in Lebanon, Afghanistan. I really loved to be with people, to document their life. But that was really hard and sad. With wedding photography I continue to document people life, families history. But now it’s tears of joy. It’s only happiness. It’s not a job, it’s a passion.

Now I can work on my artistic style. It’s a mix of photojournalism and artistic photographs.

What advice would you give to couples planning their wedding day?

My advice is “follow your heart”. Find which style define your couple. Which photographer make you dream. And do everything to have him. It’s sure, it’s often about money. But find ways to engage the best wedding phtoographer you can have. If you need, wait one more year, in any case you’ll be together for eternity so what means 365 days. Wedding photography is more than just photos, it’s family history seen with the eyes of an artist for ordinary people.

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