Gorgeous Boat Engagement Shoot

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Gorgeous Boat Engagement Shoot

This gorgeous couple that gets married next year, and wanted to make a first look. To do the best providers collaborated Catalonia. Very important to me to mention this, because I love this piece of land.


Girona is generally wonderful ….. Vendors like:
Catering: 21demarzo
Dress: Teresa Helbig
Styling: Alba Jordana for AtodoConfetti
Make up and hair: Diana Gali
Masia: Mas Terrats with a story behind it than any loving being who listens, from the hands of its owner Mia.
Groom: Massimo Dutti
And I, Sara Lobla with natural photos.

I wanted to take pictures at that piece of land because this summer crush and felt a part of me was there, then I was when I said I had to return to take photos and collect the pieces of puzzle. And what better way than with a partner who would make her wedding in 2016 …. prepare everything with wonderful people who believed in the project and had a wonderful day.

The site could not be more idyllic, two years ago, I first stepped into Girona and it was love at first sight, since I’m looking for a house to buy there, every corner has a magic to be portrayed. I arouses emotions that only Ibiza and northern Spain especially Bilbao, had managed to make me feel.

Portray emotions and how each of us, we were excited for each catch.

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