Find a London Wedding Photographer

View photos and reviews for each photographer, favourite the ones you love, request a quote and price for your day. Remember many wedding photographers will travel, so if you don't find one in London that you love, then look at a wider area, the chances are many will happily travel for your special day. Average Wedding Photographer London Prices: £1520

Getting Married in London

London sees an average of 15 million tourists every year. No wonder, this classic, historical city in the UK is host to a vibrant culture, and surrounded by magnificent architecture, parks and gardens. Those who choose to have their nuptials in London will be pleased to find that this magnificent city has realised this, and has made many venues open from which to choose.

London generously granted the option for civil ceremonies to be held not only in the office of registry, but hotels, pubs, the London zoo and many other establishments. If you are interested in a civil ceremony, be aware of this, so you may choose the perfect venue for your wedding. For those who love to fly above the clouds, then check out British Airways London Eye, as you can reserve your own private cabin, have it decorated, and invite up to 19 guests. Other options include taking your vows on the Queen Mary, or the historical Tower Bridge.

Couples that prefer to get married under the London skies are in luck, for London has quite a few beautiful venues to hold that special, one of a kind outdoor wedding. Brides who picture themselves surrounded by lush, greenery bursting with colourful flowers, have their pick of some very choice venues such as: The Royal Botanical Gardens or Victoria Park. If you are keen on seeing yourself married near the water, the Park Plaza London Riverbank holds ceremonies along the River Thames.

London is a city steeped in elegance and rich in historical significance. Creating the perfect wedding is just an idea away, and couples often find inspiration for their London weddings in the literary works of famous authors, such as Jane Austen. Indeed, London is host to many wedding planners who are well versed in the works of authors such as Austen, Bronte and Shakespeare. These London wedding planners will help you to create a stunning and gorgeous London wedding inspired by the greats of English literature.

London Wedding Venues

Once you have your venue chosen, it's time to go looking for a professional photographer to record the big day. It is important to choose your venue first, as you will want to find a photographer that is familiar with that particular venue. This way, you are guaranteed to have photographs that reflect the absolute best aspects of your nuptials, as these London photographers will be knowledgeable concerning light, location, and be knowledgeable about the area. You can find London wedding photographers for under £1000, although the average is around the £1500 mark which is still affordable.

While it is important to find a London photographer who is familiar with your chosen venue, it is also important to make sure you like their style. Make an appointment with several photographers that are familiar with your chosen venue, take your time and go over as many albums as possible. Make sure that the photographer is capable of creating images that speak to you, a photographer which will perfectly capture the wonders, emotions and celebration of the day that marks the start of a new life for you, and your partner.

There you have it, a brief summary of how to create a lovely London wedding. London is laden with a vast variety of specialised services geared toward making your special day all the more memorable. The people of London are diverse, welcoming, and eager to assist you in creating your wedding. Getting married in London is not only an adventure, but it is a momentous event, one that you and your partner will be sure to remember for the rest of your lives.