Hiring a Destination Wedding Photographer

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Hiring a Destination Wedding Photographer

With the guarantee of sunshine on your wedding day getting married abroad is becoming ever more popular, of course when it comes to planning it all, it can be a little bit more challenging, one thing to remember though is that a wedding photographer will travel, not just in your country, but many will go abroad too, to captured your perfect day.

You have found the perfect Wedding Venue and they have a wedding coordinator there who will sort out all your catering, table decorations, evening music, the list goes on. You put a lot of trust into them to make your day perfect.


Flying your photographer to a Destination Wedding

We have featured many articles about how to find your perfect wedding photographer and things to consider, however when it comes to getting married abroad the hotel and coordinator may already have a photographer they use, someone who is local there and is their supplier of choice. When they only have one photographer they use, then there is no choice. There are exceptions of course, however as there is no choice you cannot compare them to anyone else, it is also a gamble as you may not speak the same language, or feel comfortable in front of them.

How to Find a Destination Wedding Photographer

Of course when it comes to planning your big day and capturing and holding onto all those special moments and memories on your wedding day, then photography is key, that is why more and more couples hire a destination wedding photographer who will fly out to capture your day.

Finding a destination photographer is not as different as finding a photographer in the same country, first decide if you want an English photographer or someone more local to where you are getting married abroad. You may find someone in this country who’s work you just love, the chances are they will travel abroad so drop them a message, see if they are available and if they are willing to travel.

By hiring a destination wedding photographer it gives you choice, it allows you to find a photographer that matches your style, the style of photos you want capturing, it allows you to find a photographer you connect with and trust, so that you don’t need to worry and feel comfortable with them.

Things to consider when hiring a Destination Wedding Photographer:
Make sure the venue will allow an external photographer to capture your wedding

Destination wedding photographer Rates

A wedding photographer will usually charge the same rate be it a day in the UK (Average Cost for Wedding Photography in the UK is £1,480 in 2018) or a day abroad, the only difference however are the expenses which you would have to add on top. When it comes to how much to charge for travel it is usually the cost of a flight plus taxi, as well as accommodation if needed.

Travel Expenses for a Destination Wedding Photographer

You would typically be looking to pay for travel and accommodation for 3 nights depending on the location and distance in which case it maybe more. The spare time allows for any delays or problems getting there, however it is also good as it allows the photographer to scout the location and get settled. They can also get some shots of the location and venue, and may even get some photos of you and your guests on the night before.

Things to cost in:

  • Flights – To and from your location
  • Hotel accommodation during their stay
  • Transportation – Taxi, bus or train cost from the airport to the hotel if needed.
  • Subsistence – Food and drink costs for their stay

Depending on your wedding day the photographer you wish to hire may need to fly out on a Saturday, or return on a weekend, this is their busiest time of the week and you may find you can get a better deal in the week, or may have to pay a little bit more to cover the weekend.

Capturing your wedding day will give you memories and beautiful photos to treasure for the rest of your life, you maybe getting married in a beautiful location and venue, so make sure you hire your perfect wedding photographer to capture it all.

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  1. Cassandra

    Thanks for this article! I think it’s a shame when destination venues insist on a couple using their only photographer. Something to check before you book your venue for sure!


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