5 Ways to Save Money on your Wedding Photographer

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5 Ways to Save Money on your Wedding Photographer

When it comes to wedding photography we would always say to maximise your budget as best you can, so you can get the best photographer you can afford. While everyone will have a different budget we have put together 5 ways you could help save money on your wedding photography.

How to Save Money on a Wedding Photographer

1. Find someone in your Budget

If you have a budget of £1000 don’t expect to get a stunning photographer who regularly charges £1600. Find photographers whom are within your price range, maximise your budget so you can get the best you can.

2. Book Early

You will find some photographers whom offer discounts for early bookings, so do ask to see. It is also good to book the photography as soon as possible too, ensuring they can do your date as the good photographers will get booked up and will be taking bookings a couple of years in advance.

Some photographers will offer discounts for mid-week weddings, or off season weddings in November, January and February which are less popular months.

3. Reduce the coverage

You may have found the perfect wedding photographer but they are a little out of your budget, one way to make this achievable could be to book them for less time, perhaps instead of the whole day they are not there when you are getting ready but start at the ceremony and finish once you cut the cake. You could have your guests take photos by placing disposable cameras on the tables during your reception.

Less time there will mean less photos, and less processing time overall. The less time you require a professional photographer, the less money you’ll pay.

Read our article on how long to book your wedding photographer for.

4. Go Digital

Another way to reuse the cost is to ask about a digital package where the images are supplied on a disc or downloaded, with the rights to allow you to reprint them. This allows you to print as many as you wish for friends and family using a less expensive online service.

When money allows you could then get an album put together and printed if you wish.

5. Referrals

Some wedding photographers may offer a referral scheme which may allow you to make some money back by recommending your photography to friends and family. If you go for a digital package then this may help to get a discount if you wish them to put together a wedding album for you at a later date.

How Not to Save Money

There maybe other ways you think you can save money, such as asking a friend or family member to capture your big day. This will certainly save you some money, however we have wrote an article on why you should hire a professional wedding photographer which we hope will make you think twice before going down this route.

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  1. Austyn Johnson

    Please don’t use a friend, it’s just not worth it, a professional will make sure you are able to look back with no regrets, can you imagine the upset if it turns out bad? For the money it costs, it’s so worth every penny.

    Source: I’m a wedding photographer and have heard so many horror stories.

  2. Matt edwards

    good article and good advice. I would also advice being honest and speaking to a photographer. If photography is important to you and you have someone you would like to use. Speak to them and see if there is anything that can be done. I have discounted a coupe of Weddings as the couple were really interested in my work but just did not have the budget. I was happy As I got to work with a great couple at a great wedding.

  3. Martina

    You shouldn’t ask a friend or relative to do the job of a professional, but to be honest you really can’t expect to find a professional who will charge £650. So something has to give.

  4. mattselby

    Good article. I think booking in advance can result in savings, I’d also recommend asking if the photographer offers out of season or midweek discounts should this apply to you. I personally have no problem offering a 15% discount for a wedding in December for example.

  5. Betty Bhandari

    It always send shivers down my spine when people announce/suggest to have a friend photograph their wedding.

    We wedding photographers work so hard not only photographing everything on the day, but we meet with the couple beforehand to prepare as well as edit the pictures for days to create an outstanding body of work to remember a very special day.

  6. Melanie Chadd

    Great post. As a photographer I can’t stress enough the importance of booking well in advance. I hate disappointing people.
    I have also heard stories from Brides (not mine) that hate all of their wedding photo’s because they asked a man with the “nice camera” aka Uncle Bob, to take photos.
    Brides: don’t be afraid to ask if photographers can do a shorter day – Most of us are really flexible.


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