6 Reasons to Have an Engagement Shoot

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6 Reasons to Have an Engagement Shoot

You are engaged, you are planning your big day, you have your photographer booked and the question has cropped up about an engagement shoot. Then it’s what is that? Do I need it? Do I want it? And is is worth it?

Having an engagement shoot has many benefits for you and its not just getting some lovely photos at the end of it.

Engagement Shoots, are they worth it?

There are many reason to have an engagement shoot, but we think these 6 are enough to make you go for it.

1. Relax with the camera

Some people are natural in front of the camera, but many always say ‘ I hate having my photo taken!’ If you have booked a wedding photographer for your wedding, then you don’t want to be think this when they capture you on your big day.

An engagement shoot is almost like a warm up, a practice run, or familiarisation, it can help you feel more relaxed in front of the camera, over come that mind frame and thought and just be yourself, enjoy it and have fun.

2. Get to know your photographer

While you may feel more relaxed in front of the camera, it is also a great way to get to know your photographer so you feel relaxed in front of them. Having photos and selfies taken with friends is always fun, and this is how you want to feel with your photographer, instead of tense, awkward and waiting for it to be over.

The more relaxed you feel with your photographer the more natural and fun your photos will be, and when it comes to your wedding day you will know what to expect, you will know the photographer and can have a laugh and joke with them making it fun and enjoyable.

Your photographer can help with poses, hand positions and what to do, making it easier on your wedding day as you will feel more confident with what to do and it saves time as they won’t need to go through this.

Reasons to Have an Engagement Shoot

3. Go back to a place you love

An engagement shoot is a great opportunity to go back to somewhere you love, a place that is important too you both, or that holds strong memories. This maybe where you got engaged, or some where quiet you go to get away from it all.

Whatever the place it is a chance to get some beautiful photos of you both there. If it is where you got engaged then its a chance to get some great photos pf you both there again, something you may not have done when you got engaged, or it was a fun selfie.

4. Beautiful photos before becoming Mr & Mrs

With the months ticking down before you become Mr and Mrs, this is a great chance to get some photos as a couple, before you are married, photos that tell your love story and chapter of your life.

Professional photos are great and a chance to capture memories and a moment in your life of you both. Engagement shoots make for relaxed and fun photos so a great chance to get some lovely photos of you both.

If you haven’t sent out our your save the date, or invites then you could use a photo from your shoot to go on these.

These photos and your shoot can be as relaxed and informal as you like, however it is also a chance to dress up and have some stylish fashion shoot photos if you wish. It is your shoot so decide what style you like, and what sort of photos you want.

Pet Dog Engagement Shoot

5. Photos of the family

Don’t forget it doesn’t have to be just you both, if you have children then its a great chance for some cute family photos, or bring the dog along, they are family after all! Some lovely natural shots of you all, that you can treasure.

It is a great opportunity to get natural but professional and creative shots of you all having fun, beautiful photos of you all together without the need for one of you taking the photo yourself. It can make fro some gorgeous photos that are natural and relaxed.

6. Photos for your Wedding Day

While this is a warm up for your wedding, you do get some beautiful photos of you both, ideal for sharing with family or having in a frame on the wall. However they are also great for using for your wedding too.

Be it save the date cards, the invites or on the dat itself, photos hung up, or on a digital photo frame, or placed on the guest book table.

What about cost?

Many wedding photographers offer an engagement shoot in the packages they have, and if your photographer does this then is certainly worth going with. If you have your photographer booked then ask the question, find out how much they would charge. You don’t need them for the whole day, it would just be for a few hours, let them know where you would like to do it if you have a place in mind so they can take into account travel time and cost if isn’t local to them.

If you wish to hire someone for an engagement shoot then costs could be between £150-£300 depending on how long you want and location.

So are engagement photos worth it?

We sure think so! If it is included with your wedding photography package then make sure to do it, it is great fun and can be as relaxed and informal as you like, make of it what you want, have fun and get some great photos before you become Mr and Mrs.

Use our search page to find a photographer near you for your engagement shoot.

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