Rachel & Shane’s Wedding Day

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Rachel & Shane’s Wedding Day

Today we feature the wedding of Rachel and Shane who got married at the beautiful St Mary’s parish church in Horsham. Their special day was captured by local wedding photographer Alexander White.

The Couple:
I met Shane, who works in banking, and Rachel, a trainee teacher, only a couple of months before their wedding over a coffee in town, we immediately hit it off and the wedding was booked along with a pre-wedding engagement photo shoot, to help get Shane a little more relaxed in front of the camera (he was a little nervous about being at the centre of attention).

The wedding:
The big day arrived and with three bridesmaids, the mother of the bride, the hair and make-up lady and myself squeezed into the couple’s small home, I knew I was in for a fun day, the girls laughter and giggles were constant as was the running up and down of the stairs to find all the different accessories, dresses and gifts for everyone.

When Rachel arrived at the church (nearly 30mins late) Shane was cool calm and collected and most of all ready, Rachel walked down the aisle with her mother as her father had sadly passed away a few years earlier, the ceremony went ahead in the beautiful St Mary’s parish church in the centre of Horsham, without a hitch.

The whole day felt very much like a family afair, and it was my privilege to see that Rachel and Shane weren’t just a flash in a pan love afair, but that they had a strong network of close friends who would see them through many years together.

The Photographer:
I’ve been working as a photographer since 2005, but I have been taking photos ever since I got my first SLR camera from the local flee market for my 13th birthday, I’ll never forget that camera and in many ways I wish I could shoot professionally using film, but digital has very much taken over and the world has moved on, plus digital has some very big advantages.

Wedding photography style:
Everyone is different, and no two people are the same as any other, as such I shoot a mixture of styles tailoring my style to suit each couple I photograph. That said, my natural style is a candid reportage style which allows for great coverage of the whole day’s activities. I often break off for a few fine art or quirky photos during the couple shoot where I can direct things a little bit more which allows me to capture the real passion and feeling of the day. And then the good old fashion traditional group photos with a contemporary twist thrown in for good measure, because who wants to spend two hours having their group photos taken?

What did you love about the day?
I can’t say there was anything about Rachel and Shane’s day that I didn’t enjoy. As a photographer I look at a wedding differently from the guests, who for the most part would rate a wedding by the drinks, the food and the music. Where as I as the photographer look at how the whole day has been put together and how much thought the couple has put into the coming together of their lives. A wedding day to me is a story which needs recording, and the more the couple have put of themselves into their day the more beautiful the recorded story will be. And for this Shane and Rachel’s wedding was fantastic! The amount of detail and thought that had gone into the day was staggering, there was little things everywhere that had meaning and were important to both Rachel and Shane scattered throughout the day. It wasn’t hard to read the love story that this wonderful couple shared with each other, and for me that’s what makes for a fantastic wedding.

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