The Importance of Meeting Your Wedding Photographer

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The Importance of Meeting Your Wedding Photographer

When it comes to choosing your wedding photographer there is plenty of choice, while there are different styles, costs and packages can vary, as well as their level of experience it can sometimes feel like a minefield on choosing one and deciding who to book.

Why Should You Meet Your Wedding Photographer?

When booking a wedding photographer you are paying for their service and an end product, however a wedding photographer is different to other areas you will be spending your money on when it comes to your wedding.

Engaging a wedding photographer entails more than just acquiring a service or a final product; it involves inviting a professional who becomes an integral part of your special day.

Unlike other facets of wedding expenses, a wedding photographer not only executes a service but also shares moments with you, potentially spending more time alongside you than some of your guests.

Love your Photographer as Much as you Love their Work!

Meeting in person or chatting to them on zoom is important and allows you to see and find out a few things first hand –

  • Rapport
  • Passion
  • Professionalism
  • Gut feeling

While a photographer’s website acts as their storefront, it’s crucial to delve deeper and understand the person behind the lens whom you’ll be bringing into your wedding experience.


You can hire a florist for your flowers and as long as they deliver beautiful flowers you ordered you are happy, the same for your wedding cake, you don’t need to get on with the cake maker, as long as they deliver a stunning and delicious wedding cake you will be happy. Table settings and decor, again it doesn’t matter to much about the person doing this as long as what they do and set up is what you want.

But the person taking your wedding photos can have an impact on the photos taken, their work is amazing, but if you don’t feel comfortable with them, then this can have an affect on how you feel, how relaxed you are when having your photo taken by this person. If you get on the the photographer, have a joke and laugh, and feel relaxed, then it makes for better photos and also for a more enjoyable moment on your wedding day when you and your partner step away from the wedding to have some photos taken.


Engaging in conversation allows you to discern the photographer’s passion for their craft. A passionate individual tends to exhibit a deeper care for details and the overall process. Observing their enthusiasm, sharing knowledge, and offering guidance during discussions is an excellent way to gauge their fervour for their work.

When speaking to your photographer you want them to have desire and give a really feeling of passion and interest when speaking to them. Giving advice and tips, showing their knowledge and experience is great ways to pick up on this.


With the most professional website and beautiful of instagram pages, you still want to ensure they are professional and take their job seriously. Not only are they there to do a job but they are also going to be interacting with your guests and family.

As much as you want to ensure you get on with them, you want to ensure they are professional, you are hiring them to do a job, and you are inviting them to be part of one of you happiest days of your life.

Not all photographers may suit your personality or your wedding style. Meeting them gives you the opportunity to test the waters and determine if you are compatible. This compatibility is crucial in ensuring a seamless experience on your wedding day.

Gut feeling

Finally when speaking to someone you can just have a gut feeling, yep I’m going to book, or perhaps, hmmm I’m not sure. From the communication with them and speaking to them you will have a feeling of if they are right for you.

Why You Should Meet your Photographer Before Booking

You may have found 2 or 3 wedding photographers who are available, you love their work, the pricing and packages are similar, who do you choose and hire? Speak to them all, on the phone, a video call and even better in person, the one you feel relaxed with could be the one to choose.

It should go without saying that you should review their work, reviews, make sure their style matches what you want, but also ensure you connect is really important.

Having someone you feel relaxed with when you are having those getting ready shots, having someone that makes you feel at ease and relaxed when you have those photos with you and your partner, it makes for more natural photos. If you feel awkward or tense then it won’t be enjoyable and takeaway from the photos being taken.

A great way to help is to consider having an engagement shoot, this helps you to feel more comfortable inform to the camera and also the photographer.

Establishing a Personal Connection

Meeting your potential photographer in person allows you to establish a personal connection. This interaction provides insight into their personality, work approach, and how they communicate. A face-to-face meeting helps in determining if you feel comfortable with the photographer and if your personalities complement each other.

While the portfolio and online presence of a photographer are essential, a face-to-face meeting before booking them is invaluable. This interaction not only aids in understanding their approach but also in establishing a personal connection and a sense of trust.

Your wedding photographer is not just a service provider but a crucial storyteller of your most cherished moments, making this meeting an essential step towards a beautifully captured celebration.

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