The Ultimate Wedding Photography Shot Checklist

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The Ultimate Wedding Photography Shot Checklist

The most significant day of your life is just around the corner, and you want to ensure every moment is captured in all its glory. That’s where the magic of wedding photography comes into play. Whether you’re a soon-to-be-wed couple or a seasoned wedding photographer, having a comprehensive wedding photography checklist is your secret weapon to create a gallery of unforgettable memories.

Providing you with the ultimate checklist to guarantee that no precious moment is missed. We’ll also share a free download of this invaluable resource, so you can seamlessly plan and execute your picture-perfect day.

Wedding Photo Shot Checklist – What Photos do you Need?

Below is a compiled list of must-have photos for a wedding day. Getting ready photos you absolutely need taken on your wedding day. Ensure you book your photographer to capture you and your girls getting ready in the morning so you get these fabulous shots for your album.

Getting Ready Photos

Those beautiful moments as you get ready, captured both sides of the bride and groom.

  • Bride getting ready
  • Dress Shot
  • Photo of Shoes and Accessories
  • Wedding bands Close Up Shot
  • Bouquet Photo
  • Relaxed shots of the bridesmaids getting ready
  • Buttoning of the bride’s dress
  • Full-length shot of the bride in her gown
  • First Look Shots
  • Father seeing the bride in her gown for first time
  • Groom getting ready with groomsmen
  • Groomsmen putting on boutonnieres or ties

The Gown

Every girl got that dream gown they are looking forward to their wedding day to stun with it. Once in a while, I will be admiring my dream gown. The gown photo will always revitalise the memories of the day I wore my dream gown to meet the love of my life.

Getting ready

Photos of the bride getting ready, adding the finishing details, putting on her shoes, these are beautiful moments and make for some stunning photos.

Bridesmaids Getting Ready

I always want to cherish moments with my girlfriends. Them fixing the robes and sipping some fine champagne in the most beautiful day in my life.

If you are getting ready with your girls then it is also about the lace robes and a fun shot of you and your girls together in them. Gorgeous shots of your bridesmaids helping button up your dress are a must for any bride getting ready.

The Shoes

Girls love shoes, so make sure you get some beautiful photos of your gorgeous heels on your wedding day.

Groomsmen Getting Ready

The photo of groomsmen fixing ties and having a crazy laugh of how they expect him to dance is necessary in the album. The memories will always be cherished.

The Rings

The two symbols of our love when sparkling new always reminds the fresh start of our marriage life. The golden shine reminds of our precious love.

The First Look

That first look, the tension, the lovely eyes, and memories I will cherish forever. The look that dictated this the exact day we have chosen to be together forever.

Ceremony Photos

  • Ceremony venue Photos
  • Groom waiting at the front
  • Guests Arriving
  • Groom mens and Usher shots
  • Bridesmaids walking down aisle
  • Bride waiting to walk down the aisle
  • Groom’s expression as bride walks down the aisle
  • Bride walking down the aisle
  • Couple together at the front
  • Parents watching the ceremony
  • Photo of the exchanging of the rings
  • The kiss!
  • Bride and groom walking down the aisle

Walking Down the Aisle

This lifetime walk of feels great. Everything seems like a dream. All my folks are giving me a silent honor to meet my better half it’s thrilling. The photo of my smiley face and my waiting groom we will cherish.

At The Alter, With the Priest

The Priest made this day possible. He is genuinely happy for us. A photo of him smiling with us of the beauty of love is authentic. Want to remember him facilitating the vowing.

Walking Down the Aisle Married

Walking down with my parent’s hands feels great. That feeling of being my dad’s small girl is thrilling. A memory for treasure, him allowing me to marry the man of my dreams I will always keep safe. The mixture of love and sorrow of leaving my parents’ home is an unpredicted memory that the photographer had to capture right.

The Candid Moment

The climax of the wedding day, him declaring our love in the presence of our folks is one moment to cherish. The courage goes beyond words and the assurance of love. The photo to always remind me of the look that I vowed to, his official look and my emotional face, we still want to go back to a wedding that moment of the promises.

The Love Portraits

Sneaking away from the congregation and taking beautiful portraits to keep in our living room. The photographer had to capture every right move. The smiley attempts of pecks.

Lifting me up like the small girl in his life felt very good. We cannot afford to miss the memories of us showing off our attires, shoes, and the flower bouquet. Our brief talk about the day, our expectations are met, relaxation after the essential feature of the day is done and the excitement of the after party.

The Wedding Venue and Ceremony Details

A landscaping photo of the place we declared our love to each other is a memory to treasure. The pictures of floral arrangements, ceremony booklets, and the aisle markers are to make the memory of the choice of our dream venue. The excellent reason for choosing the scene is always to remember why we have to select the very best for each other.

The Reception

  • Reception venue Photos
  • Still life shots of table details
  • Photo of reception room
  • Bride and groom’s place cards
  • Wedding cake
  • Guests arriving
  • Guests signing guestbook
  • Entrance of bride and groom
  • Close-ups of friends and family making toasts
  • Cutting the cake
  • First dance
  • Dancing
  • Bride and groom kissing

The First dance

Capture the moment you take to the dance floor as a married couple, dancing to your favourite song, having a special moment with just the two of you holding each other before all your family and friends take to the floor to join you.

The Wedding Party

The photo of our bridegrooms and bridesmaid dancing to the best of their moves will always remind us of the fun and the love we received from our friends. Them having fun on our wedding day is fantastic and need a capture. The breathtaking experience of romance and love with the people close to us will be cherished forever. The capture of our favorite wine, signature appetizers and cocktail details to always remind us and our guests the best delicacies and warmth of our wedding day.


When the sun falls it is a great time to go and grab a beautiful sunset shot. Depending on the weather and your location, but if your photographers suggests nipping outside for a sunset shot, get out there!

The Little One

A photo of my adorable flower girl I also cherish. Squatting down at her and having that smiling look with her reminds me of my beautiful dream of one day walking down the aisle.A photo of him with his pageboys brings the beautiful memories of our love blossoming from strangers to great lovers.

A Family Photo

A photo with both families, a great blend of celebrating love and appreciating the milestones of love is a memory to be treasured. Being in the company of the people who care and want the very best for our love is exceptional. The moment is to be captured discretely with the several snaps with our parents, our siblings and far relatives.

A photo of Invited Guests

All the people who availed themselves for our big day are to be treasured in our hearts like the memories. A picture of them in groups of our colleagues, far relatives, and formers schoolmates is also vital.

A photo of the Cake

The cake photo to be treasured as the memory of blending our love to the taste we have always wanted. The cake-cutting photo is necessary, as we share our love with the people who honoured our invitation.

Downloadable Wedding Photo Checklist PDF

We have put together a wedding photo checklist here you can download.

Your wedding photographer may direct you with a image in their mind of what they want to create, go with it and that image and idea they have may become a perfect photo you will treasure forever.

Wedding Photo Checklist Printable

Finally, the photographer should take the best shots of every moment. A wedding day should be detailed in our memories and the memories treasured forever. The photos should be as many as possible, though the above-mentioned are crucial and a must have at your wedding.

Having the right professional photographer, it’s key to authentic, beautiful memories. It is very important to inform your photographer to capture every moment.

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