5 Questions to ask your Wedding Photographer

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5 Questions to ask your Wedding Photographer

Here are 5 questions you should be asking your wedding photographer when considering if they are right for you and your wedding.

Can I see some more examples of your work?
Obviously you have asked them as you like their style and some of the photos you have seen, however here you are looking for consistency in their work, you don’t just want to ┬ásee their best shots but a complete album making sure the photographer shows consistency throughout. You want a photographer that will give you a whole album of beautiful shots, not just a few.

What locations will you cover?
With all the different aspects and locations with a wedding you want to make sure your photographer captures it all, this will need to be discussed with them and arranged to suit yourself and your budget.

Can you make sure you take this photo?
Perhaps you’ve seen a photo position you like, or perhaps you’d like pictures of each family together or maybe with your best friend, then you need to make sure you have discussed this with your photographer so that these shots are not missed out , they can then be planned into the day so that everything is covered that you want, you don’t want to be thinking about this on your big day!

The what if question…
Check with your photographer to see what the contingency plan is incase they are ill on the day or just for unforeseen circumstances, do they have a back up?

What do we get in the end?
Make sure your clear in what you are going to get, how many shots does your photographer expect to take, how many will you get, will you be able to see them on their site, get copies of them on a CD, do you get any printed?

Obviously these are things you should be considering and will be dependent on what you want and what matches your budget, discuss this with your photographer and make sure you understand what you shall be getting.

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