Biggest Wedding Photography Trends for 2024

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Biggest Wedding Photography Trends for 2024

As with any industry it evolves and there are changes and trends. We round up trends you can find in the wedding photography world and things more and more couples are starting to do and also trends from wedding photographers themselves too.

11 Wedding Photography Trends 2024

We have rounded up popular trends when it comes to wedding photography and what to think about, include and also exclude from your wedding.

1. More Relaxed Weddings

The days of a formal and traditional weddings have eased with more and more relaxed and informal wedding ceremonies taking place of which we expect to increase. Couples look to celebrate in a more relaxed and sociable way, with the focus on the people and guests and less about the details.

Although not a specific photography trend it sets up a change in the wedding industry and the style of weddings couples look to have.

With the high costs and large amounts spent on weddings, couples are more cost aware and look to create and have a beautiful and enjoyable day without costing them a small fortune.

This change in styles and a more relaxed feel take us to our first photography point with the growth in documentary photography.

2. Documentary Wedding Photography

Gone of the days of traditional wedding photography with lots of posed photos, every family shot combination possible, it is all about those natural moments, those candid shots and people just enjoying the day.

Reportage also known as Documentary wedding photography and very popular, a style that relaxed and informal, capturing those little details, the emotions on your faces, beautiful moments and priceless reactions.

3. Second Shooters & Videography

We are seeing more and more couples looking for a second shooter at their wedding, allowing photos to be captured of both the groomsmen and bride and her party to getting ready. Couples are more aware of the importance of photography and therefore look to ensure every moment is captured.

Couples that share the importance of capturing those special moments also look to capture a mini film, videographers are becoming more popular with couples who wish to relive their big day.

4. First Look Photos

This popular wedding must-have has been trending for quite some time now and is still going strong.

From their partner seeing them for the first time or having photographers capture their father’s first glimpse of them in white as part of the occasion, or as well as their mother or walking out to their bridesmaids if they haven’t seen her with the dress on yet.

5. Unplugged Ceremonies

More and more couples are taking notice and are going unplugged for their wedding ceremony. No cameras, no phones, no iPads, just guests being there and enjoying the moment with you.

Our post of 23 Photos that Will Make You have an Unplugged Wedding shows you why you would want to go unplugged, we also have a guide on how to tell your guests to keep their phones in their pockets and enjoy the ceremony with you.

6. Social Media

No thank you – Social media has two sides, as it is used daily and is so popular it can be frustrating to some couples to have photos posted all over social media of the bride and her dress, the happy couple and fun selfies posted up before the day is even over. A popular trend and request is asking guests not to post anything on social media until the day is over. This also related to the previous point about going unplugged, you want your guests to enjoy and celebrate the day with you, you already have a photographer there, remind them of this.

Oh yes please – On the flip side, some couples want to see the photos guests are taking, and actually welcome it and therefore may not be going unplugged, or perhaps want to see all the photos people take from the evening reception. Using social media you could try crafting a wedding hashtag(s) for guests to upload photos to Twitter,

Instagram, and other social media platforms. It can help promote the event and helps you experience your wedding through their eyes. Apps, such as Artifact Uprising, are also allowing smartphone users to upload those photos from social media and create hardcopy memorabilia (e,g. albums, calendars, postcards, scrapbooks, etc.) of the special occasion.

7. Selfie Shots

In this ever-evolving technological age, it was only a matter of time before selfie shots took off. Let’s face it–selfies are a big part of today’s vernacular and Internet-based society. As such, social-media-savvy couples are setting up “selfie stations” for their friends and family, along with a lovely backdrop, to shoot themselves having a great time at the wedding.

Bohemian Wedding 060

This is in the same vein as wedding couples who offered disposable cameras to guests as a way of documenting their nuptials. It is a cost-saving measure and allows to guests to be an integral part of the festivities.

8. Proposal Shots

Not quite wedding day photography but more and more prospective grooms-to-be are hiring photographers to document their proposals so that the moment can be captured and relived many times over by the couple, as well as shared with family and friends.

This crazy trend is growing quickly in the wedding photography industry and it a great way to relive the moment you go down on one knee and allowing you and your partner to see their reaction while getting some beautiful photos of the moment too.

9. Drone Wedding Photography

This trending technique might involve overhead shots of just the bride and groom or wedding party as a whole. It is an effective way for the photographer to capture the spirit and excitement of the day.

Additionally, it also gives the photographer different angles and vantage points to work from, which optimises the appeal of many shots.

With the rise in drones (excuse the pun), and the higher quality cameras onboard, it is becoming another tool photographers use to capture photos, there is also an increase in photographers that offer this as a package too.

Wedding Album Trend

10. More Physical Albums

Those days of CD’s are all over and it is about getting your photo on a USB drive now, or even just downloading them. But wedding albums are back and are certainly more popular than ever, a great way to have your photographer create a beautiful album of you day selecting photos to tell a story.

What better way to see your photos and relive the day with a physical album you can sit down, hold and look through.

11. Day-After Photos

Wedding days are chaotic and stressful. Many times, things can arise that are beyond a wedding photographer’s control (e.g. intoxicated wedding party, time crunch, lighting issues, etc.) and it may limit the shots they get on “the day.”

As a result, day-after shoots are gaining popularity with many wedding couples. Furthermore, day-after photos also allow photographers to shoot the happy couple in an alternate location apart from the wedding venue and gives the photographer additional time to find the most desired shots.

Remember these are trends and showing how the wedding photography industry is changing and things that are important to couples when it comes to capturing their day.

How do you see the photography industry changing and new trends for next year? 


  1. Chris

    Documentary is more and more popular, the traditional photo list is certainly less common which I certainly welcome!

  2. andreiweddings

    Wedding photographers are tending to be more creative while taking pictures because they have to capture different moments and different emotions of people. One may be happy at the moment then other may be sad. All such emotions matter in wedding photography and need to be captured.

  3. Shaun

    I find couples are more educated now as to what an unplugged wedding is. Makes life a lot simpler for the photographer and certainly the aisle shots more appealing rather than looking like a technology fair.

  4. Louise

    We’re definitely seeing a rise in the number of couples requesting albums. They did seem to fall out of favour a little when online galleries became popular a few years back, but couples seem to be placing a lot of value on albums again 🙂

  5. Zubida

    Nice post. Photography trends are dictated by a couple of things: Visual sort of photographers, techniques that are gaining popularity in projects, the power for images to figure with other design elements, and even things like social media filters. Understanding photography trends is vital for any designer because you’ll want to debate photo options (and looks) before you start a photoshoot for any design project to make sure that your visions are on an equivalent page.


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