17 Best Unplugged Wedding Sign Ideas Saying No Phones!

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17 Best Unplugged Wedding Sign Ideas Saying No Phones!

Unplugged weddings are becoming increasingly common, and our popular post 23 Photos that Will Make You have an Unplugged Wedding certainly gets a lot of interest on social media with many couples considering it.

Of course going unplugged doesn’t have to mean no photos at all, but here we think going unplugged for the ceremony is a worthy and should be a serious consideration. Let your guests watch you tie the knot and get married to the love of your life, instead of them watching behind a lens, or phone screen.

If you have decided you want to go unplugged, be it for the ceremony or the whole day, then the next step is how to let everyone know. The common way to do this is through a notice at the venue for when your guests arrive, a simple sign that makes it clear, so below we have rounded up 17 photos of signs and notices that you could use, and also take note of how they are worded, as sometimes that is the trickiest part.

Wooden signs can be put up at the ceremony entrance, there are a vast range to choose from and can be bought o  Etsy or Amazon. Adding a little note to your invitation is another good way to make your guests aware.

Unplugged Wedding Sign Ideas

While signs and wedding notices are a great way to let people know, a mention by the ushers as guests come in to the people with a camera and maybe an announcement by their best man or maybe the priest depending on your wedding and where you are getting married.

If you are undecided about going unplugged or not for the ceremony then consider why you have asked guest to be there, of course most will enjoy the moment with you, however we all have those friends that can’t help but get their phone out and take some snaps, but you don’t want to look at your friends and family to see a camera or phone pointing back, you want to see their smiles, their emotions, the joy, or even that little tear in their eye, that is what makes it special, that is why they are there to enjoy and celebrate this moment with you.

There is no need to ban photos for the whole day, but do consider politely asking your guest to refraining from taking photos in the ceremony and to just enjoy the moment with you.

Wedding Photographers Views…

We have rounded up a huge selection of quotes from professional wedding photographers to find out what their view and opinion is on unplugged weddings, and what their preference is.

“Your guests will focus on enjoying the day rather than trying to get that perfect shot and then sit on Facebook uploading every part of your day as it unfolds.

  • It is also more likely that you will see the first shots of yourself the next day from your photographer.
  • People will then share the professional photo’s which you can be confident that you look great on.
  • Often their camera’s (especially iPads!) get in the way of the isle shots.
  • Perhaps allow for “Selfies” if people really want phones
  • If people really want their phone simply request they don’t put anything online until at least the following day.
  • Phones aren’t too bad from a photographers point of view but guests with professional cameras can waist a lot of time. Especially when they want to shoot the same scene as the photographer.

– it’s just so much better for all!” – By Meagan Sarah Photography

“Please go unplugged. An unplugged wedding means your guests are present. They are able to enjoy the day, and share in the memories. I know in today’s day and age, everyone wants everything immediately, but trust me, waiting a few months for your professional photos is worth it. And you will be pleased to see that there aren’t dozens of people obstructing your paid photographer’s great shot, with phones and tablets commanding more attention than the couple themselves.” – By Jasmin & Matt Wedding Photography

“Having an unplugged wedding would ensure that the couple have full control over ‘how’ and ‘where’ there images are shared. Also, that element of surprise would be so much better if the couple only saw any moments from their wedding for the first time from their professional wedding photographer.” – By Amy B Photography

“No distractions. No flashes. No sea of phones as you look at the congregation. No leaning into the aisle. It is a more real experience. No guests on their phones. I would advise against phones especially during the ceremony itself.” – By Lisa Dawn Photography

“Going unplugged all day can be annoying for guests – especially if there are selfie loving Instagram posting guests present!

I do believe that going unplugged for the ceremony is important, and respectful. There’s a professional photographer there to capture the ceremony, it doesn’t need to be littered with clicks and flashes.

If everyone has their cameras/phones away it also makes my job easier as I don’t have to try and keep them all out of the shot. The same goes for the group images. I have to ask people to leave more times than I care to think as they’re taking the photographs I’ve set up, and the group all looks in different directions. Other than that – photograph away! I think it’s part of the day!” – By Charlotte Elizabeth Photography

“If I was the bride I’d prefer to see my loved one’s faces on my big day, and not hundreds of phones and tablets pointing at me. Also it does make the job of the photographer harder. I think it’s fine to let guests take selfies at the reception and during the day but certainly not during ceremonies and the creative session. They are there to be present and enjoy. I’m there to capture it.” – By TeklaLight Photography

“It’s your day, and I will work around whatever your day is. I will say this though consider when you allow your guests to photograph freely with their phones, tablets etc., you may get more photos with your guests looking at their screens rather than at what is happening e.g. coming down the ailse, and candid photography isn’t particularly expressive when guests are fondling their phones rather than socialising. But it’s your day, do what is right by you!” – By Vicky Lamburn

“Going unplugged during the ceremony and wedding breakfast would be a massive advantage if they want clean photos and it helps the photographers get the angles they need to ensure the highest quality image without and iPad in the middle of it.” – By Michael O’Sullivan Photography

“You don’t have to go ‘fully’ unplugged to have the best of both worlds. Banning camera phones from church goes a long way to solving the problem! That said, surely most people want their guests to be involved fully in the day? To that end, I think asking friends to be respectful and not pull out a camera every 5 seconds is definitely worth considering!” – By Tony Hart Photo

“During the ceremony especially you have chosen a professional to capture the moment in a creative and artistic way, guests should watch through their eyes and not a screen. The images from the day will be available to everyone just enjoy the moment.” – By Tim Simpson Photography

“Knowing that you cannot go back and re capture the day again, so to ensure that the paid photographer has the best chance to capture your wedding day, please ensure all guests leave their phones, cameras, iPads at home or only to be used until the evening party.” – By Rob Grimes Photography

Are you having an unplugged wedding? How are you letting your guests know? Share your ideas below.


  1. Rob

    Great post, wish more couples went unplugged, or perhaps more guests just enjoy the day themselves and leave the camera at home.

  2. Jade & Jon

    We absolutely want this but we don’t like having to tell people; why has it become to he norm?

  3. Bristol wedding photographer

    Makes me laugh – I have 5 signs that I loan out to wedding couples that just like this!!!

  4. Danis K

    It’s a wonderful thing that your guests watch you tie the knot and get married to the love of your life, instead of them watching behind the phone screen. I had hired Terry Li as my wedding photographer and she captured all the moments perfectly.


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