Nadja and Salvatore’s Wedding

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Nadja and Salvatore’s Wedding

Today we go abroad to Germany for today featured wedding of Nadja and Salvatore who’s special day was captured by Steven Herrschaft.

Do tell us a little bit about yourself, How would you describe your photography style?”
My name is Steven Herrschaft, I’m from Central Germany near Frankfurt – and I love weddings. I’m quite new to this business but I feel a huge passion for this special job I’m really proud to do.

I have a quite documentary style of photography and I try to tell the story of the big day like I see or even feel it. I like to document the emotions between the couple, their families and their friends. For this single day I’m a part of all this and there is always something new and unexpected in every wedding I photograph.

Steven-Herrschaft-01 Steven-Herrschaft-02 Steven-Herrschaft-03 Steven-Herrschaft-04 Steven-Herrschaft-05 Steven-Herrschaft-06

Please tell us a little bit about the day and the happy couple
Nadja and Salvatore are a unique couple. They just fit. The love between was so deep-hearted and I overwhelming that I knew it will be an awesome wedding. My expectations were so right! The mixture between german and italian is a perfect match. Nadja and Salvatore married in a huge castle in the town Hanau. A beautiful place that turned Nadja into a real princess while Salvatore got her prince. After their ceremony we when to a nice party location that the couple decorated all by their own. They did an awesome job with that.

Steven-Herrschaft-07 Steven-Herrschaft-08 Steven-Herrschaft-09 Steven-Herrschaft-10 Steven-Herrschaft-11 Steven-Herrschaft-12 Steven-Herrschaft-13 Steven-Herrschaft-14 Steven-Herrschaft-15 Steven-Herrschaft-16 Steven-Herrschaft-17 Steven-Herrschaft-18 Steven-Herrschaft-19 Steven-Herrschaft-20

What did you love about the day?
If there is one thing I learned at their wedding, this would might be: “man, I LOVE how Italians celebrate!” In fact i rarely saw happier and funnier wedding guests than them. I still feel like this was a dream wedding full of lovely, funny and heartbreaking moments!

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