Harry & Sharan Wedding at Chesford Grange in Kenilworth

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Harry & Sharan Wedding at Chesford Grange in Kenilworth

Today we feature the lovely wedding of Harry & Sharan, which was set at Chessford Grange in Kenilworth, a truly picturesque venue in the county of Warwickshire. The day was captured by Sukhi Chandi Photography.

In most instances, the main interaction I would have with my clients is during a meeting, usually over Skype, FaceTime, or over a coffee. Harry and Sharan were super casual about this and we spoke over the phone just a few days before the wedding to talk through the final itinerary of the wedding day.

Harry and Sharan are really family orientated and during the time I got to know them very well. I could instantly tell how in awe of Sharan Harry was… and why!

I’ve shot many different types of weddings including Sikh weddings, Hindu weddings, English weddings, Muslim weddings and many more. One of my many favourite types of weddings are fusion weddings! Two totally different cultures coming together sharing different types of food, different music and enjoying the day together. I just love it! There is always this electricity and excitement during the reception. It has to be experienced to be understood.

I normally shoot weddings independently and this one was no different. I am prominently a documentary style photographer, so rather than directing everyone and everything during the day, I let the day unfold and make sure I am there, around the couple, and their loved ones to catch the moments throughout the day. It’s a challenge to photograph everyone during big weddings, sometimes there can be 300+ guests, and only around 50 of those would actually be close family and friends. I ask of my clients to complete a ‘Names and Relationships’ form to ensure I capture those most important to my clients. I always advise my couples that they are essentially the magnets of the day, and attract their nearest and dearest family and friends, and therefore those people would be the ones who get more photo-time.

My photographic style is really based on documentary photography, a lot of my inspiration comes from learning to tell moods, feelings and stories in a photograph. Anyone can buy an expensive camera and take a picture, but the difference is the ability to see something unfold, get into the correct place to compose the image artistically, adjust camera settings to read everything correctly, and being able to do this within 1 second to MAKE a memory. That’s what really separates my photography from others. My clients know that I will deliver this consistently throughout their wedding day, and that is what I’m booked for.

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