Groom’s Wedding Day Fashion Advice

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Groom’s Wedding Day Fashion Advice

The bride maybe planning her dream wedding but the guy needs to ensure he looks his best on their wedding day. We have a detailed article on everything you need to know, consider and think about when it comes to the grooms outfit and how to make sure you look the part.

Wedding Suits – Do you Hire or Buy?

Hiring a suit can seem like a horror show, but buying a suit can be extremely expensive. For these reasons, there are a wide variety of things to consider when you’re considering purchasing your own and finding your own wedding suit look:

Affordability – It’s typically around a fifth of the cost to rent a suit, compared to buying a suit. While you’re bound to spend an arm and a leg as it is, there are several important things to consider. If you hire a suit, you’ll obviously only be able to get one event out of it, however, you’ll be spending as little money as possible and getting the most that you can. If you’re buying a suit, expect to spend more to get more- because a cheap men’s wedding suit is a cheap men’s wedding suit- and we can’t have that.

Fit – A suit that you buy for a wedding is always going to fit you better than a suit that you rent. If you choose a shop with a wide variety of suits to try, you’re sure to find something that fits you relatively well, even if you have an awkward shape or style. There are a huge variety of things to consider as well- the shoulders, the length, the hems- which makes the process a little more difficult.

Wedding Suit Styles and Wedding Suit Ideas – Is it going to be hard to have matching ushers? Are you going for a particular color scheme or style? Sometimes it’s tough to buy a wide variety of suits, because if you’re going for a color (purple or green, for instance) you might be spending a huge sum of cash to get the suits that you need, whereas it might be relatively cheap to rent exactly what you need, and hassle-free too.

Maintenance and Disaster Factor – Renting a suit is a great alternative when you want to consider returning or cleaning. You’re going to HAVE to dry clean your wedding suit, and make sure that it’s clean. Wedding rental stores do all that work for you, so you never have to worry about it. If it gets ruined, you only have to worry about one suit. If it’s your own, you have to go out and buy another when something goes wrong.

Is it About the Souvenir? Sometimes you just want the suit to remind you of your big day! There’s nothing wrong with wanting to keep your wedding suit to remember exactly how much fun you had, and what you’ve accomplished. When you go back and look at it, it’s sure to bring back some great nostalgic memories for you to enjoy with your wife and children.

Surely, there are a wide variety of things to consider when purchasing your suit for a wedding, and it’s not something that should be taken lightly. Considering all the variables guarantees that you’ll be happy with your choice when your big day comes calling.

What Colour Shoes with Mens Suits

You may have found the perfect suit and had it tailored to fit, you are done… you are ready… well not quite, the next step literally are shoes. However there are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to shoes and suits, and it all depends on the colour of the suit you have will narrow down the shoe colour choice you have.

Their are 5 common suit colours that you will come across, navy, grey, charcoal, brown and black, these are popular suit choices and each is suitable for something different.

You can have the most expensive and well fitted suit but if you get the shoes wrong it can ruin the look, just follow our guide and you can’t go wrong.

Which shoes for suit colour?

A Navy Suit

  • Tan shoes
  • Brown shoes
  • Red or burgundy shoes
  • Black shoes

A navy suit is a popular choice and looks very smart and fashionable, it will work with most shoe colour choices, tan and brown can look smart while also relaxed, while red and burgundy shoes are a bit different and fun. Black shoes can make your navy suit look very smart and a bit more formal if you think brown shoes are a little to casual for you.

Grey Suit

  • Brown shoes
  • Red or burgundy shoes
  • Black shoes

The grey suit, another stylish and very smart formal option. A grey suit is also very flexible when it comes to shoe choice as you can choose any colour really, brown shows will give you a more relaxed and comfortable feel where as black will be more formal and business like. If wearing a clean white shirt then black shoes hillock smart, if you are wearing a shirt with a pattern on your wedding day then brown shoes will give a more relaxed and playful feel.

Charcoal Suit

  • Black shoes

When it comes to a charcoal suit there is only one answer, and that is black shoes. Avoid brown and tan shoes as it just doesn’t work, black shoes will give you a very smart look and finish off the charcoal suit nicely.

Brown Suit

  • Brown shoes

A brown suit should be matched with a nice clean pair of brown shoes, in the same way with a charcoal and black suit you should match up and in these cases opposites don’t work. When buying brown shoes try to find some that are a different shade to your suit, so slightly darker or lightly, you don’t want it to match the suit otherwise it may look a little odd.

Black Suits

  • Black shoes

There is only one answer to a black suit and that is smart polished back shoes, only. Black suits are not very flexible in terms of options and are really only suited towards very formal business meetings or funerals, so when it comes to your wedding day do look at other options such as a dark navy, or charcoal if you want to go towards the black end of the spectrum.

Try to avoid colour matching, it only works with black suits and black shoes, for all others try to ensure you have different shades of colours, don’t have a brown suit and matching shade of shoes, it will look odd, so ensure you go light or darker to add some contrast in the outfit.

Complete the look by finding a matching belt that is the same as your shoes, black shoes means a black belt, tan shoes should mean a nice tan belt to. You get what I mean.

When it comes to your wedding day think about the style and theme of the day, is it going to be a very formal day, is it going to be outside, will it be warm, is it going to be fun and relaxed, these things will help decide the colour of suit to go for, and which shoes.

Can Men Wear A Black Suit to a Wedding?

When it comes to dress code and suits, typically black suits are for smart work wear, or funerals. A black tuxedo will also look smart depending on the event, however wedding guests should avoid wearing a tuxedo unless they are explicitly instructed to do so by their wedding invitation.

So what about a black suit? Black suits are often a no no for weddings, you risk blending in with the groom who maybe in a formal back wedding suit, they are also very dark and reflect a negative emotion and can signify mourning and protest, you would wear it to a funeral but would you want to wear it to a wedding? If you attend a summer wedding then a black suit would look out of place and it would also be very warm to wear.

A black suit can look very smart, however for a wedding a charcoal suit, or a dark navy can look very stylish and are more suitable for weddings.

Black suits are worn with black shoes, which also means a black belt and also a black watch strap. With a navy suit or a grey suit, you could wear black or brown shoes which gives you more options and can look great depending on what look suits you.

Can Men Wear A Black Suit to a Wedding? Yes you can, however we would advise against it, get yourself a stylish well fitted navy or grey suit which will be perfect for weddings, it can also be used for work, interviews and other events. Black suits are great for work, and ideal for funerals, however when it comes to weddings we think you should go for something a little more cheerful and warmer.

Black dresses for woman also follow a similar theme, yes you can wear one, however try and ad some colour to it, whine comes to weddings white is the no no, unless you are the bride of course!

Bow Tie Dos and Don’ts

Knowing when to dress formally is just as important as dressing formally in the first place, and depending on what you’ve got hanging up in your wardrobe, you may or may not be ready. For starters, formal items like bow ties should only be worn to very formal events – like weddings, or with suits like tuxedos. If you’re over dressing and wearing a bow tie with something like a dress shirt, to something casual, then you probably don’t know what over dressing is. In this article we’ll focus on bow tie dos and don’ts.

Matching and coordinating your outfit can be just as important as matching and coordinating with others. And no, that doesn’t mean wearing the same colors or style clothes as other guests to whatever you’re attending, it means you’ll have to wearing something that’s either just as formal or casual as other guests. If you’re wearing a bow tie to a birthday party at a pub, then you’re doing something wrong. And conversely, if you’re wearing a t-shirt and pair of jeans to a funeral, well, you really have no idea how to dress to anything at all.

Bow ties, specifically, are an important part of formal wear – as long as you know when to wear them. They usually go hand in hand with tuxedos, meaning you’ll only be wearing them at events like weddings or wedding receptions. Otherwise, there’s really no reason to wear such a formal piece of clothing – it’ll make you look stiff, and even uncomfortable. On a positive note, you’ll look astute, but that doesn’t help if no one will be able to approach you.

Another important aspect of formal wear, when dealing with garments like bow ties, is where to purchase them in the first place. Since most men will just rent a tuxedo, those who own them will have to purchase their bow tie from a boutique or department store. But, this can be an expensive option, and if you’re looking to save money, shopping around can be a good idea. Even if you’re just trying to save money on buying something like a bow tie, it’s worth it.

Once you’ve found the perfect neck wear to go with your tuxedo, or the particular event you’re attending, you won’t be able to look any better. And, furthermore, you’ll be able to wear your bow tie to more than just one event – something that people who rent tuxedos can’t do. This is great if you happen to like dress up; if you like to look good.

And last of all, the kind of tie we always see in a classic James Bond movie, the Bow tie. Basically, the bow tie gives the smart and steady look. Bow ties are not the right kind of ties you wear to work unless you want to be the next James Bond. And again, just as reminder, it is highly recommended that you wear it to a formal party or maybe to a wedding event. However, you can also wear it to your friend’s birthday party or any causal events. It is all up to you, these are just bow tie dos and don’ts. Not rules.

Grooms: Empty your Pockets

When it comes to your wedding day there should be no need to be carrying around your wallet, phone or keys, it’s your wedding day and everyone should be buying you drinks! You have hired a wedding photographer so there is no need to be taking photos, and all the important people in your life are there at your wedding so there is no need for your phone. Keys? Do you really want to carry those around all day?!

There is nothing worse than seeing wedding photos with the groom in a well fitted tailored suit looking the part, only to have the outline of his wallet or phone showing through the trouser pockets. This is not a good look!

Ensure you look the part and leave all your personal belongings in a safe place, either have someone look after them, leave them at home or back in the hotel safe, you don’t need these and it is one less thing to worry about.

Don’t Be A Badly Dressed Groom

If there is ever a day when you want to look your best then it is your wedding day. Your bride to be will have dreamt and thought about her wedding dress since a young girl, every details of your wedding will have be planned, from flowers to reception place cards, everything will have had careful consideration.

So when it comes to you and your wedding suit give the same attention, ensure you get the right colour suit, ensure it fits you well and have it adjusted if needed, ensure you buy some nice polished shoes and a belt, finish off the look with a nice smart watch, think about the details. Be a groom with style and not a groom with a baggy creased suit.

At the end of the day it is your wedding day and you can wear what you want, you want to feel comfortable and relaxed. Just remember what you wear will be highlighted in wedding photos for the rest of your lives, photos you will show your kids and grandchildren, photos that will be shared with friends and family. So whatever you wear make sure you look the part, if it is a more relaxed wedding then you can be more relaxed with what you wear, however if it is a very formal wedding then make sure you don’t turn up in shorts and a blazer.

How to be a well Dressed Groom

Well fitted suit – Make sure you purchase a suit that fits, there is nothing worse than seeing someone in a ill fitting suit that is far to baggy for them, the trousers hanging along the ground over their shoes. When it comes to suits it is all about the fit. You can get your suit adjusted to ensure a perfect fit, trousers can easily be fixed for your leg so that it sit perfectly on your shoe. If you can go and see a tailor and get a suit adjusted just for you.

If you are hiring take the time to find a suit that fits, don’t just take the first one you see, if you can stretch your budget go and buy a suit, it will last you for years and can be used for other occasions and work where you can mix and match the trousers and blazer for example.

Shirts – Iron them… There is nothing worse than a creased shirt that looks like it has been plucked from the washing basket. If you are wearing a waist coat do still iron the shirt or at least the sleeves. If you are not wearing a waistcoat and just a blazer then iron your shirt! You may want to take your blazer off for the meal or speeches, ensure when you stand up you have a crisp smart shirt on and not something that will stand out for all the wrong reasons.

Shoes – You can have a well fitted suit and a pressed crisp white shirt, but this can all be ruined by pairing it with the wrong coloured shoes. If you go for a black or grey suit then go with black shoes. If you wear a navy suit then you can go for black or brown shoes. Whatever you go for don’t just wear your work shoes, they will be worn, go out and buy some new ones, it makes a huge difference and can finish off the look perfectly.

Pockets – Pockets, what about my pockets? Keep them empty! You don’t want to be walking down the aisle with your phone and car keys sticking out your trousers, not a good look at all, and even worse when it shows up on your wedding photos. You don’t need any of these things on your wedding day so leave them in the hotel safe, at home or give them to your mum to keep safe.

At the end of the day it is your wedding day and you can wear what you like, but this is your wedding day and just one day in your life where you should make that little bit of effort, looking and feeling the part.

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