Domini & Tom’s Wedding at Almonry Barn

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Domini & Tom’s Wedding at Almonry Barn

Today we feature the lovely wedding of Domini and Tom who got married in October last year, their special day was captured by Somerset wedding photographer Kerry Bartlett.

The Couple
Domini and Tom were a wonderful couple to work for. They are so caring and loving for each other. We met initially when they first viewed their venue and I could se right away how important the intimate, personal details of their wedding were. We talked about photographic styles and they were keen for natural, discreet coverage which suited my style perfectly.

The wedding day was in October, when we were still clinging on to the very long hot summer of 2014. Their day was mostly sunny, a little rain but always warm enough so we had lots of opportunity for outdoor photos. Domini and Tom’s friends and family were all so lovely and laid back which added to the atmosphere. Almonry Barn – the Somerset wedding venue Domini and Tom chose – is a very soft, natural, pretty venue and suits relaxed, effortlessly chic weddings: the kind of thing everyone dreams of, it’s testament to the couple’s relationship that their day was so perfect.

Kerry_Bartlett_Somerset_Wedding_Portrait_Photographer_Almonry_Barn_01 Kerry_Bartlett_Somerset_Wedding_Portrait_Photographer_Almonry_Barn_02 Kerry_Bartlett_Somerset_Wedding_Portrait_Photographer_Almonry_Barn_03 Kerry_Bartlett_Somerset_Wedding_Portrait_Photographer_Almonry_Barn_04 Kerry_Bartlett_Somerset_Wedding_Portrait_Photographer_Almonry_Barn_05 Kerry_Bartlett_Somerset_Wedding_Portrait_Photographer_Almonry_Barn_06Kerry_Bartlett_Somerset_Wedding_Portrait_Photographer_Almonry_Barn_07


The Photographer
I shoot weddings all over the country but as a Somerset girl, the countryside is everything to me. I always bring a pretty country touch to my weddings. I’ve been shooting weddings for seven years now and those seven years have been a journey of continual training and reinvention. I’ve been in search of the perfect photographic style to suit current trends. I don’t think I’ll ever stop learning and growing my business. I have two wonderful children and my fantastic husband (who also happens to be my biggest critic!).


Kerry_Bartlett_Somerset_Wedding_Portrait_Photographer_Almonry_Barn_09 Kerry_Bartlett_Somerset_Wedding_Portrait_Photographer_Almonry_Barn_10 Kerry_Bartlett_Somerset_Wedding_Portrait_Photographer_Almonry_Barn_11 Kerry_Bartlett_Somerset_Wedding_Portrait_Photographer_Almonry_Barn_12 Kerry_Bartlett_Somerset_Wedding_Portrait_Photographer_Almonry_Barn_13 Kerry_Bartlett_Somerset_Wedding_Portrait_Photographer_Almonry_Barn_14

How would you describe your photography style?
Pretty. Fine Art. Unique to each wedding. I take each wedding as a separate assignment and I work towards each wedding, using inspiration suited to the theme, colour scheme and couple.

I love light and manipulating it to suit the day. I tend to lean towards bright, light soft colours and light sources for my weddings although this isn’t a rule, it’s just what lends itself to many weddings currently. Shadow can be a wonderful tool for adding drama, particularly in some of the older lodges and houses and I’m always keen to shoot after dark, using moonlight, streetlight and other sources.

In my mind, the story of a wedding day no longer only encompasses people. We’re all so used to snapping pictures on phones and creating moodboards (pinterest) or following wedding professionals. This means that colour and texture, with or without people is all part of the day and needs to be recorded.

Kerry_Bartlett_Somerset_Wedding_Portrait_Photographer_Almonry_Barn_15 Kerry_Bartlett_Somerset_Wedding_Portrait_Photographer_Almonry_Barn_16 Kerry_Bartlett_Somerset_Wedding_Portrait_Photographer_Almonry_Barn_17 Kerry_Bartlett_Somerset_Wedding_Portrait_Photographer_Almonry_Barn_18 Kerry_Bartlett_Somerset_Wedding_Portrait_Photographer_Almonry_Barn_19 Kerry_Bartlett_Somerset_Wedding_Portrait_Photographer_Almonry_Barn_20

What did you love about the day?
I had decided on a fairly plain palette for the shooting style. Domini’s theme was based on music as far as the tables were concerned, yet with floral and attire details, the colours were kept subtle – whites and creams. Almonry Barn doesn’t always require a lot of additional dressing. It’s so pretty and shines from the natural beauty of the venue. The weather played a big part in adding to Domini’s colour scheme so when the sun set without a cloud to hinder, I was so pleased. We shot for just a few minutes but got so many beautiful golden shots.

You can find out more about Kerry Bartlett and get in touch about your special day via her website at

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