How to Capture Photos of your proposal

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How to Capture Photos of your proposal

Photos are about capturing moments, capturing emotion, in a split second of time. When proposing to your partner when it is a complete surprise can bring such a great reaction, the joy on their face, the surprise, the shock, that priceless moment when they see you go down on one knee, the moment they say yes, the happiness and sometimes even tears, amazing moments that happen so quickly.

These moments are priceless, and something that can be great to look at and relive, it can be nice to see the reactions of each of you, the moment you go down on one knee, and this is where capturing that moment is a great way to do this.

If you are thinking of proposing to your photo then think about capturing those moments via photography or video.

How to get stunning photos of your Proposal

If you want to get some great photos of you proposing then it takes a little planning, before proposing you will think about where you are going to do it, what you are going to say and ensuring you have the ring ready. If you want to photograph these moments then you need someone there to photograph it and do it so your partner doesn’t think they are being watched or spied on!

Firstly you want to find a local wedding photographer near you who can spend a couple of hours blending into the background ready to capture the moment, finding someone local means less travel for them, and they may already know the area where you plan to propose. Of course once you have proposed you can then let your partner know you had someone photographing it, and you can then get some great engagement photos too, perfect for social media!

Decide where you plan to propose and find a local photographer who can be there ready.

The locations you wish to propose at will impact how easy it is to secretly get those great photos, if you plan to do it in the peak district where you are miles away from anyone, it will be difficult for the photographer to follow you and take those photos without arrousing suspicion. One way to get around this is to plan to have the photographer there, perhaps pretend you are doing a couple shoot, helping someone get photography experience in exchange for some nice photos.

You may wish to do it somewhere that will be busy, or perhaps an aeration where there will be quite a few people around, this makes it easier for the photographer to blend in and won’t stand out, if it is somewhere, where quite a few people may have a camera, then even better, this could be a zoo, theme park or national park.

If you haven’t decided where to propose then here a few ideas:

  • A memorable place for you both
  • A nice walk in the countryside
  • At the zoo
  • On the beach
  • Picturesque streets of a local city
  • On a gondola in Venice

Where ever you decide, plan it out, think about where you would like to do it, do you want to propose with people around or in a quiet moment, think where would make the best photos in that area and do it!

Key points for successful photos

  • Let your photographer know the rough plan
  • Think of a signal you can give so they know you are about to do it, something you may say that they could over hear, or what you could do
  • Take your time, when on one knee hold it for a moment giving more time for some great photos of you and their reaction
  • Remember where the camera is and enjoy the moment
  • Finally ensure you have some time to get some great engagement photos after

Whatever you do, relax and just enjoy it, forget about the camera and go with the moment.

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