Burgh House Wedding

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Burgh House Wedding

We feature this lovely wedding captured by London based Wedding photographer Neopan Photography.

I first met this couple up in Burgh House in Hampstead Heath. I knew immediately that this was a couple and a location which I would enjoy shooting. They were kind of quiet, chilled, relaxed and clearly in love…..very much in love with one another. There was a gentleness to their combined personalities which I found instantly endearing and this most definitely shows in the images which I shot on that day.

With regards to my style of photography – well, I have been shooting street photography for twenty years. All my heroes hail from the early Magnum years; Bresson, Wily Ronis, Brassai, Winogrand, the mighty Robert Frank, Marc Ribaud, Bischof et al, and my photography is clearly and heavily influenced by these masters of street photography. Romantic without the cheese, intimate without being cliche. Its a hard act to follow but this is what I love to try and achieve and this particular wedding…..I dont know, all the elements just naturally fell into place. I am very happy with the results here. The couple were Russian (bride) and Mancunian (groom), and they clearly wanted to dispense with stereotypical agendas – no first dance, no cake, no bouquet throwing etc….not that I object to any of these details – but it did make for an emotionally charged and highly intimate event which I feel privileged to have recorded. It was all just – beautiful.

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