Beth & Gary

// Published by Sam, Editor - November 29, 2015

We feature the lovely wedding of Beth and Gary today captured by wedding photographer Matt Jones.

The couple
Beth & Gary are just one of the most genuine couples, and so much fun to be around. When I met up with them to shoot some portraits a year or so before the wedding we hit it off straight away, they both have a really cool sense of fashion and really easy to photograph. Photographing the wedding it was clear that they both have a really close knit group of family and friends who made photographing the day great fun.

Please tell us a little bit about the day and how it went
The wedding was laid back and fun to be a part of, it was nice and intimate and it was clear that B&G’s friends and family were a close knit group who were all having a great time, the day was very natural, and was clearly about celebrating friends and family being together, it was a really fun day.

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What did you love about the day?
I loved how laid back B&G were, when i met up with them to shoot some pre wedding portraits Beth was so nervous, she was freaking out, she wasn’t comfortable in front of the camera at all, which doesn’t come across in the images – On the day Beth was like a different woman, so chilled out and so confident. Gary to, in fact there was an issue with his suit, he’d had it specially made, and it had to go back to the tailors so want being delivered until about an hour before he needed to put it on. Of course he wasn’t worried and it arrived bang on time and fitted perfectly! On the day the guys had really gone to town with loads of personal touches, everything was so genuine, even down to their first dance song, which was an Artic Monkeys track.

Do tell us a little bit about yourself
I’m a wedding and family photographer based out of The Midlands UK, and am going into my fourth year shooting weddings. Ive always been creative and enjoyed using a camera so photography felt like a natural thing for me, I take pictures every single day and photography is my absolute passion. My biggest influences are music, and film, I’m obsessed with comic books, The Beatles and I love skateboarding, these things have been a constant in my life for as long as I can remember.

How would you describe your photography style?
Its hard for me to describe my own style, but its been called natural, photojournalistic, unique and quirky. One of the things that comes up often is that my images have a very cinematic feel, and that each frame stands out on its own. I never set out to take photographs like anybody else, like most things in my life I want to do it my own way. If I had to pick something that influenced my photography the most I’d say cinema, and comic books. I love clever use of composition that films often bring, and I love the beautiful colours in films from the 70’s and 80’s. I love simplicity and always work to shoot the best light I can, I strive to be present in my life, and in my work and my intention is always to photograph things as they happen in front of me. I want my work always to stand out and it absolutely always has to be from the heart, everything I do in my work comes from a place that I love, even dow to my website design, and my branding. I know that a lot of brides might be put off by my stye, which I’m comfortable with as I know that the ones who it does appeal to are looking for something specific.


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