16 Super Cute Dog Wedding Photos

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16 Super Cute Dog Wedding Photos

When you plan your wedding you invite all your friends and family, the people you love most, well when it comes to who you love it isn’t just people, it is pets too, and dogs are part of the family! We round up 12 cute wedding photos that include that important guest that is part of the family.

Your dog can be part of your special day, and is part of your family so if it won’t run riot or chew up your wedding dress then let them enjoy the moment with you.

Is your dog joining you on your wedding day? What dog do you have an will it behave?

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  1. SamLouise

    Having all the family dogs at our wedding was my favourite thing about our wedding day! It was lovely to include them and I love our photos with them enjoying themselves having a good time with everyone 🙂


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