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Italy is an ideal wedding destination. The culture and history surrounding you are enriching. The scenery is breath-taking an the atmosphere is jovial. The food is also delicious. Getting married in Italy is simply memorable.

Getting Married in Italy

As a romantic and passionate country with an irresistible thirst for life, Italy has hosted million-dollar weddings over the years. Dozens of celebrities, politicians and royals have wedded in Italy. Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are one of the celebrity couples that got married in this beautiful country.

Popular Locations and Venues in Italy for Weddings

In Italy, you can get hitched on a beach, in a vineyard, on top of a mountain, in an ancient ruin; on a balcony that overlooks the lake, the list is endless. Here are the top venues and locations to get married in Italy:

Tuscany - Tuscany boasts it all, vineyards, castles, rolling hills among other things.

Amalfi Coast - Even with its fabled coastline, Amalfi was raking in crowds way before Mount Vesuvius destroyed Pompeii. If Picturesque clifftop towns are not your thing, you can take your party to the nearby Carpi Island. The area is surely a magnet for celebrity weddings.

Venice - Venice stands out as one of the most popular wedding spots in Italy because of its winding canals. According to a report last year, the city is sinking 5 times faster than originally thought. Therefore, act fast if you want to get married in this magnificent city.

Lake Como - Lake Como is home to a villa owned by the renowned actor, George Clooney. Whether you are into some Hollywood star-gazing or are the romantic kind, Lake Como is your ideal wedding destination. Get hitched along or on arguably the most stunning lake in the country.

Rome - Rome offers you the opportunity to take your big day’s photo in front of the world’s most famous monuments. How about you throw a coin in Trevi Fountain for good measure! It is no wonder that the Eternal City stands out as the second popular city in the country to get hitched.

Puglia- Puglia’s southern region is an incredible place to get married. Stunning attractions in Puglia are Trulli houses (conventional Apulian houses that are made of some dry stone with conical roof)

Verona - Verona is another perfect town for LOVERS. Celebrate your endless love on the popular Balcony of Romeo & Juliet. You can visit the dazzling Santuario Della Corona.

Umbria - The wedding destination is cosy and private. It has stunning, soft rolling hills. Umbria is the ideal destination for an eco-friendly and wealthy weddings.

Italy Wedding Venues

Plenty of factors come into play when getting married in Italy. The following are some of the most important things to consider:

Documents - The documents you need when wedding in Italy are:

Valid passport Certified/original copy of your birth certificate Documentation/evidence of the termination of previous marriage (s) if applicable. Documents such as death certificate of former spouse, annulment decree, or final divorce decree are also required.

Avoid applying for the certificates and documents more than 6 months before your wedding. They can expire under Italian protocols. All your original documents also have to go with Italian translations done by an agency that has been certified by the Italian Consulate.

Civil vs. religious - If it is the latter, a priest can conduct your ceremony and then register your union with the civil authorities. The Catholic Church demands confirmation and baptismal certificates together with letters of freedom. In Florence, civil marriages take place at the ‘Red Room’ or ‘Sala Rosa’, which is normally decorated beautifully in red. A translator - Hiring a translator is also essential since you and even some of your guests may need someone to translate during the ceremony. Vendors – It is imperative that you do extensive vendor research. You need people such as your wedding planners, music providers and flower vendors among others. The importance of shopping around is that you are in a better position to find vendors who give you value for your money in terms of services.

When considering getting married in Italy, it is essential that you do your homework. The above guidelines can be of great help during the planning process.