What are the Best Wedding Photography Awards?

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What are the Best Wedding Photography Awards?

Participating in wedding photography awards is not only about the potential of winning but also about the experience, exposure, and growth it offers.

Wedding Photography Competitions and Awards

With so many different photographer platforms and sites, here’s a comprehensive round-up of some of the best wedding photography awards available for photographers to submit their work and enter.

Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

Enter our curated collections, be selected and featured in our own wedding photo features which are also highlighted on your profile page. Less focus on awards and a more easy and fun feature for wedding photographers.

Enter our Best of 2023 here.

Fearless Photographers

Fearless Photographers is a globally recognised platform that celebrates photographers who redefine wedding photography with creativity and innovation. It honours those who capture emotion, genuine moments, and creativity in their work. With awards and collections every few months be sure to keep on an eye on the next one.

Junebug Weddings – Best of the Best

Junebug Weddings hosts the Best of the Best contest, recognising exceptional wedding photography. It features various categories, providing opportunities for photographers to showcase their finest photos and best work.

Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA)

The WPJA is dedicated to authentic storytelling through photojournalism in weddings. Their contests evaluate the best documentary-style wedding photography, focusing on capturing genuine emotions and candid moments, rewarding photographers with an eye for genuine storytelling.

International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP)

The ISPWP recognises the world’s best wedding photographers, showcasing talent across various categories. It’s an esteemed platform that highlights artistic brilliance and technical expertise, setting high standards for excellence in the field.

Masters of Wedding Photography

This competition brings together a collection of the best wedding photography from the UK, Europe, and other regions. The Masters of Wedding Photography emphasises the artistry and storytelling within each image submitted.

Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association (AG|WPJA)

They focus on recognising creativity and excellence in wedding photojournalism. It encourages photographers to submit their most innovative and authentic work, showcasing their ability to capture stories through imagery.

Wedisson Awards

Wedisson Awards is an international contest that applauds the creativity and skill of wedding photographers. It recognises exceptional images in various categories, celebrating the uniqueness and individuality of each submission.


Rangefinder, a leading photography publication, hosts an annual competition that includes wedding photography categories. This esteemed contest attracts global submissions and is known for highlighting exceptional talent in the industry.

Whether a seasoned professional or an emerging talent, these awards present an invaluable opportunity to showcase the beauty and significance of wedding photography, a chance to share your work and also learn and help develop your skill and craft too.

How to Prepare and Submit for Wedding Photography Awards

Selecting Your Best Work: Choose images that tell compelling stories, evoke emotions, or showcase exceptional technical skill.

Adhering to Categories: Understand and adhere to the specific categories outlined by the awards. Some awards focus on specific styles like photojournalism, or perhaps a topic, such as getting ready shots, complex moments or emotions. Not adhering to this is a quick way to ensure you are not featured!

Quality Over Quantity: Prioritise quality over the quantity of submissions. A few outstanding images make a more significant impact than numerous average ones.

Following Guidelines: Pay close attention to submission guidelines. This includes image specifications, entry fees, deadlines, and any additional requirements for entry.

Building a Narrative: For contests that allow a series or a collection of images, consider crafting a narrative or a story through the sequence of photographs. This storytelling aspect can stand out.

Why enter Wedding Photography Awards?

Recognition and Exposure: Winning or being featured in wedding photography awards offers recognition within the industry, but also offers potential credibility, trust and visibility to potential clients.

Networking and Community: Participation in these awards introduces photographers to a vibrant community of like-minded professionals. It fosters connections, collaborations, and the exchange of ideas, providing valuable opportunities for growth.

Feedback and Improvement: Awards often involve judging by industry experts. Even submitting entries can be a learning experience. Constructive feedback and critique from experienced professionals can aid in helping to improve and develop your knowledge and skills.

Exposure: Being featured or winning an award generates extra exposure to you and your work, shown on websites, and across social media platforms, this can help increase being seen not only by other photographers but also potentially couples.

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