Wedding in Amalfi, Italy

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Wedding in Amalfi, Italy

We share the stunning wedding of Alfonso and Serena who got married in Amalfi, Italy, and was captured beautifully by wedding photographer Stefano Ferrier.

About the couple

I met that couple during a past wedding in which they were respectively the groomsman and bridesmaid of the Bride that hired me for her photographic service during that day.

They were so thrilled by a natural picture I shot to them during the day that they immediately inquired me to photograph their wedding the year after.

About the day and how it went

It is about a wedding destination, I left Milano, where I lived, the day before by train and I reached Amalfi by ferry, after a delicious dinner and a short stroll around the town I got back to my cozy B&B for a power nap.

The Big day I woke up very early in order to have plenty of time to scouting around, especially the church and the harbor zone along the sea.
So the big day started with getting ready for the Groom and the Bride, it was not such a big wedding but a small and intimate one with the main guests, some friends and parents.

Everything went fine and the day flew smoothly until the end of the party, a big wedding cake against a quay fireworks backdrop was prepared on the terrace.

“Describing an artist in so few lines is not easy, but if we have to give you an idea we can describe Stefano as Original, Amazing, Awesome, a man able to transform a yet unique day into a work of art impressed over time. – Highly recommended.”
Alfonso & Serena

The Photographer

I’ve been working as a professional wedding photographer since 2011, actually I’ve never been so keen on photography but I’ve always loved be able to put my knowledge into it and capture life and people; one day I got the chance to shoot my first wedding supported by a professional photographer then I tried to give my best and the results were good enough.

Stefano Ferrier

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How would you describe your photography style?

I don’t really think I have a style, I reckon the wedding as a day to remember, a matter of memory and communication, mindset and ideas.
When I’m photographing I’m always focused on preserving the couple’s memories with my understanding, it is about the transmission of feeling the photographer has experienced.

What did you love about the day?

A simply perfect day, everything went well, the couple has been very spontaneous and open by making me at ease.
I’d never been to Amalfi before and it was a stunning experience, breathtakingly beautiful, the steeply landscape, the blue sea, the terraces of lemon trees and their fragrance, last but not least the aroma of fresh seafood permeating around.

What advice would you give to couples planning their wedding day?

During these nine years, I have learned that the elegance and sophistication of a wedding, contrary to what one might think, never depends on the magnificence of the scenography; but it is instead linked to the atmosphere, harmony and serenity that the couple and their guests can create together.

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