Top Gifts to Give Your Bridesmaids

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Top Gifts to Give Your Bridesmaids

Bridesmaid gifts are growing in popularity and more and more brides are choosing to give their bridesmaids a little something to say thank you for being part of their big day; but what is the best gift to give your bridesmaids?

There are any number of gifts you can give your bridesmaids; something small and intimate, something extravagant, a day out or special trip for example, and a lot of this will be dependant on budget and how many you have in your bridal party; some brides have 1 or 2 close friends has bridesmaids, whereas others have many more with 7 or 8. Below we’ve compiled a list of some of the top gifts to give your bridesmaids to help you ensure you present your bridesmaids with the perfect gifts.

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

What gift you choose to give your bridesmaids will largely depend on budget and how many you have; for example giving your bridesmaids an expensive piece of jewellery isn’t always a viable option when you have lots of bridesmaids. However, the examples below are some of the top gifts to give your bridesmaids and there is sure to be something for everyone.

Personalised Sterling Silver Heart Locket by HURLEYBURLEY

1. Jewellery

Jewellery is a popular idea when deciding what gift to give your bridesmaids; not only is it incredibly personal but it lasts forever and can be worn over and over again as a remembrance of your special day.

2. An Experience

Buying your bridesmaids tickets to an specific experience, such as a theatre show or musical, is a popular choice; it is a fun evening out and something you can all do together. Better yet, it is the perfect excuse for the whole bridal party to meet up a little while after the wedding to catch up and have some fun.

Bridesmaid’s Initial Sterling Silver Necklace by WEDDING IN A TEACUP

3. Something Personalised

Many individuals choose something personalised as a gift to give their bridesmaids, such as a photo frame with a photo of them all at the wedding in or a scrapbook. Though the wedding is a special day for the couple and their families, as many bridesmaids are close friends and sisters remembering the day is often just as important to them as it is to others.

4. Something Different

There is nothing to say you have to give all of your bridesmaids the exact same gift, for one it may not be practical if you have bridesmaids of very different ages or those that do not have the same interests. Often, giving your bridesmaids something different allows for the gift to be more personal to the specific person and is likely to be something they individually will enjoy.

The ideas for gifts to give your bridesmaids are vast and it can be a hard decision to make. However, after some thought and a focus on what your specific bridesmaids would like, often you will stumble upon an idea that is perfect for both you and them.

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