9 Things You Should Tell Your Wedding Photographer

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9 Things You Should Tell Your Wedding Photographer

On your special day your photographer will be following you around, they will be there for every important moment, they will see you getting ready, they will see you walk down the aisle, they will see the emotion on your face and the tear in your mothers eye.

From start to the end your photographer will be there, so here are are important and useful tips to help them while letting you relax and enjoy the day.

What to tell your wedding photographer?

Your photographer may well ask you for some of this information, so here are things they may want to know, and also things that maybe useful for them to know.

1. Let them know the order of the day

What time will you be getting ready and where, what about the groomsmen? Do you want photos of them too?

A schedule of the day and location allows the photographer to plan their day, ensuring they are at the right location at the right time, ensuring the photographer is at the church ready to capture you getting you of the car. You photographer needs to be a step ahead, so they are in the right place at the right time to capture that perfect photo.

2. Parking

If there is limited parking, or parking restrictions in place then let your wedding photographer know, and if possible reserve them a space so they don’t have to worry and can also spend more time photographing then trying to park up.

3. Family shots

If you want some family photos, or group photos then let your photographer know, decide the important photos you want and ensure there is enough time to have these taken. The more people and the more photos you want, the longer it takes, so ensure there is plenty of time.

You can help your photographer by having the groomsmen help get the right people over for the photos that are needed. Letting your photographer know allows them to find a good location and backdrop for these photos beforehand, saving time and making it easier on the day.

4. Face sheets and Family Details

Face sheets can be useful for people you want in the family photos, especially if there is a lot of people in attendance. It makes it easier for the photographer to recognise people who should be in the photo and makes it easier when it comes to organising the photo and people in it.

If you have guests or family members that have a strong aversion to flash lighting then let your photographer know, also if you have guests that you want in some of your photos that have a disability then make your photographer aware so that the location of the photo is considered, or a bench or seat is there for them.

If there are any awkward family circumstances then ensure your photographer is aware so that when it comes to photos and positioning people, it is not made awkward or difficult.

5. Specific photos

Depending on where you are getting married there maybe specific photos you want taken in specific locations, such as a quiet bench with a beautiful backdrop, or a little bridge over a brook, let your photographer know so they can ensure they take a look before hand and allow time for these photos.

6. The details

You spend lots of time on your wedding stationary, table decor and flowers that these details that make up the day can be overlooked or missed by the photographer, depending on who you book this is part of their style however for others this could be missed so make sure to ask your photographer that you would like these types of shots captured too.

7. What to wear

Ask your photographer what their usually attire is, this may not be an issue but if you have a specific theme or style then you may wish to have your photographer matching too.

8. Surprises!

Suprises are great for guests and your other half, however it is always better to let your photographer in on the secret.

Whatever it is be it fireworks at the end of the night, or a special dance let your photographer know, so they can be ready to capture it from the best angle, if they know what is coming they can plan for it ensuring they get the best photos possible of the surprise and reaction on your guests faces.

9. Relax & Enjoy

On your wedding day you don’t need to tell your wedding photographer anything, just enjoy the day! Relax, all the planning and preparation is for this day, enjoy every minute of it, let your photographer do their job, the more relaxed you are, the more happy you will feel and more fun you will have, all making for better photos that are more natural.

If your photographer needs to know anything they will ask before the day, so don’t panic or worry about it, the key is to trust them and let them get on with their role and you to just relax and enjoy this amazing day.

Final thoughts

Effective communication with your wedding photographer is the key to ensuring that every beautiful moment of your special day is captured artfully. By sharing the information outlined in this article, you’ll not only help your photographer deliver exceptional photos but also allow yourself the freedom to relax and fully embrace the joy of your wedding day.

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