The Walled Garden Cowdray Wedding

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The Walled Garden Cowdray Wedding

We feature a lovely wedding at The Walled Garden Cowdray where Lisa and Nathan tied the knot. Their day was captured by Tim Simpson.

My first meeting with Lisa and Nathan was 3 years before their wedding, they had a vision for their day and they wanted it capturing in a creative way. Lisa has a background in the arts so put a lot of this creativity herself into the wedding, all the details that you see in the images were made by Lisa’s hand, a real credit to her.

The choice of venue is always and personal and important decision to make, we have shot a few wedding at the Walled Garden and love the place, Lisa and Nathan fell in love with this brilliant venue themselves, for us it’s a long journey to get to the venue but it’s well worth it.

Lisa and Nathan are a wonderful couple who were surrounded by a 2 warm families and some great mates, its the people that make a wedding not just a stunning venue, so this day really did have it all.

I was given carte blanche really to do my thing which takes a degree of trust from a bride and groom but I have found that it’s arty creative people that a drawn to my images and realise that to get good images you need not to put restrictions (or a long list of group shots!) on the creative people you trust to do the job, it makes sense really. Working with other great photographers on the day helps too, I’m lucky enough to have Amanda my wife who is brilliant, we have pretty much a teletelepathic understanding now.

I appreciate that I’m working with real people and not professional models so to expect people to suddenly become a model for the day is asking a bit much really, so my style is to put the bride and groom into a setting, try and make them relax and just interact with each other really. When you have a place like the Walled Garden and the nearby ruins at hand really you should make the most of it, Lisa and Nathan pretty much nailed it and we had all the ” couples portrait” part of the day done in 30 minutes so they could get back to their guests.

I just love this job, how often do you get comments like the one from Lisa when you leave the office for the day!

“We absolutely loved your blog! The photos are phenomenal! You actually blew us away with both of your talents!
Thanks again for everything, you’ve both been amazing!”

I see every wedding as a creative partnership between us all. If I were to give any advice about looking for a photographer for your day I really would look for one who wants input from yourselves and can adapt his or her style and take your ideas on board. I’d also ask to see a few complete weddings and not just a single gallery of their very best images.

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