Speed up your album proofing with Albumdraft

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Speed up your album proofing with Albumdraft

Destination Wedding photographer Ben from boycalledben.co.uk shares how he makes it easier to share wedding album proofs with Albumdraft.

Like any wedding photographer, I’m always looking for ways to speed up the way I work without sacrificing on the quality of service I provide – not just to make my life easier, but also for the couples who book me. Behind the scenes there are so many individual aspects to the business, and album proofing is one of them.

Until recently, when albums were ready for couples to review I’d send over the proofs via e-mail attachments. Exchanges would go back and forth for months at a time before anything was ready to be sent to print. It was a laborious process and not much fun for anyone involved.

AlbumDraft – Online Wedding Album Proofing

A few online proofing systems started to pop up, but after testing most of them it quickly became apparent they all had their flaws and bugs. Then Albumdraft arrived. My prayers were answered.

(Albumdraft is an Online Album Proofing software for Wedding Photographers)

Albumdraft is by far the best offering I’ve come across and the reason it has now become an important part of my workflow. The first thing that grabbed me was the design – super clean and minimalist which looks amazing and aligns well with my brand.

(Albumdraft’s clean and minimalist interface – Your albums will look great on it!)

Of course, design is nothing without great functionality to back it up, but thankfully Albumdraft’s brain matches its beauty and then some. The system is very slick and responsive, and page transitions are as smooth as you like. For a nonphysical product it feels extremely tactile and it’s great knowing that no matter what internet speed couples have or where in the world they are, the proofing system will operate without a hitch.

(Albumdraft makes it incredibly easy for your clients to tell you what they want!)

Ease of use is also paramount with any software, and this is another area where Albumdraft excels. There is an option to add your own instructions to explain to the couple how to operate things, but because of how intuitive the system is this isn’t even necessary. It’s always great when couples tell me how easy they found everything (this happens more often than you might think!).

The software is full of features and has new ones being added all of the time thanks to the incredible team behind Albumdraft. If there are any problems, a quick e-mail to the customer service team and everything is resolved within a matter of minutes or hours, rather than days. Their support is second to none, and to me this is invaluable.

Proofing has now gone from taking months to taking no time at all, and the whole process is a breeze.

With a pay per album option for users who only create a handful of them a year or monthly plans for regular users, there really isn’t any excuse for not using Albumdraft.

Want to try Albumdraft for FREE? Simply go to www.albumdraft.com and start using it now!


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