Should you have Two Photographers at your Wedding?

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Should you have Two Photographers at your Wedding?

Your wedding day is a momentous occasion filled with cherished memories waiting to be captured. One of the most crucial decisions you’ll make is selecting the right wedding photographer.

Finding and hiring one wedding photographer can be daunting, but do you need two?

Hiring Two Wedding Photographers

Firstly let’s look at reasons as to why you may want or think it is a good idea to hire and have two wedding photographers, or videographers for that matter at your wedding, and the reasons why this can certainly be a bad idea.

Reasons Couples May Want Two Wedding Photographers

1. Both Wanting  a Different Photographer and Style

One of the primary reasons couples may want to opt for two photographers is to cater to varying preferences in photography styles. You and your partner may have different visions for your wedding photos. While one might prefer a more traditional style and posed approach, the other may lean towards a candid, documentary style.

Having two photographers may allow you to satisfy both tastes and ensure every moment is captured according to your unique style and vision.

2. Wanting to Capture Getting Ready Shots from Both Sides

The getting ready phase is a significant part of your wedding day, filled with emotions and excitement. With two photographers, you can simultaneously capture both the bride and groom’s preparations. This results in a comprehensive story of your day, showcasing the anticipation and nervousness from both perspectives.

3. Wanting to Capture More Photos

More photographers, more cameras, should equal more photos, if you want maximum photos, more angles, and more moments than having two photographers can certainly help with this.

So… Why is hiring two wedding photographers a bad idea?

The reasons for two photographers outlined above are fair and not uncommon thoughts, the issue is that hiring two different wedding photographers or videographers can have a negative effect and the overall outcome from the photos is disappointing.

It is perhaps like having two chefs in the kitchen, one doing one thing, and the other doing another, standards and style may vary, communication amiss and the final 3 course meal feeling disjointed and mismatched.

Two wedding photographers with differing styles, trying to get into the same position to get that shot of you walking down the aisle, those first look moments, or the perfect photo of the dress. For them to work together and not ‘compete’ can be difficult as they want to provide you with what you hired them for, beautiful photos from the day that tell a beautiful story.

With this all being said, this is if you want to hire two independent wedding photographers, however you will find some photographers that are run together with their partner as a family business, and many more that offer a second shooter that they use and work with which allows you to have two wedding photographers in a more aligned and synced manner.

What is a second shooter?

A second shooter is an additional photographer who assists the main photographer by capturing complementary shots and angles. This can be a practical compromise, providing extra coverage without the potential downsides of two independent photographers.

Instead of hiring two separate wedding photographers, you hire and book a wedding photographer that can provide a second shooter. They will have worked together before, know how to work with each other, know each others styles and ensure that more photos are captured, as well as being able to get those getting ready shots from both sides.

The benefit of a second shooter is that your hired wedding photographer takes care of this, if you hire a wedding photographer that you love based on them and their style, they will ensure that is seen throughout all the images be it those captured by them or the second shooter.

If you want candid reportage style photos but your partner wants some traditional group shots, then speak to your photographer about this and share the types of group photos you would want.

The benefits of a second shooter

The benefits of a second shooter answer the reasons where you may consider two wedding photographers, more moments captured, more angles, while still creating a unified story of the day that matches in terms of style and quality.

As a support to your main wedding photographer they can capture getting ready photos, more detailed shots of decor, the venue, guests arriving and more candid guest shots while the primary photographer focuses on yourselves, the same for speeches and those dance floor shots.

Quality over Quantity

The final point here is that is should always be quality over quantity. A beautiful love story captured with beautiful photos is better than a beautiful love story poorly captured lots of times. If you are looking at a second shooter make sure they match the style you want, speak to your wedding photographer about who they will be using, look at their work too and their style, ensure if matches overall what you want.

Unless you have an unplugged wedding there is always more than one photographer at your wedding, but ensuring you have your wedding captured professionally is so important, you only get one chance so ensure you hire a wedding photographer you love and matches your style, and discuss the option of a second shooter, how they would work and the benefits they can bring to your own personal wedding in terms of the photos they can also capture.

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