Proactive Steps For Photographers During this Unsettled Time

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Proactive Steps For Photographers During this Unsettled Time

During this unprecedented time you maybe worried, stressed, anxious and not sure what to do. That being said you are not alone, and these feelings are felt by many people as we are all in this together.

When it comes to your clients and couples with upcoming weddings there is a lot of uncertainty, couples deciding whether they should go ahead with their planned date, some cancelling or changing their plans, and looking to postpone to later in the year.

What Can Photographers Do During This Coronavirus Downtime?

In these difficult times it is important to take a breath, stay calm and stay focused. Here are some steps to take and things to consider.

Communicate with your Couples

Couples and clients that have you booked may already have been in touch, however some maybe in contact with their venue or still unsure what to do.

Get in touch with your couples that have a wedding coming up soon, be it email, phone, Skype, reassure them that you are still working and will be there on their day as it stands now.

Set up a spreadsheet of your upcoming weddings and couples and ensure they are all contacted. Stay in touch with them and understand their plans and thinking, are they still going ahead if they can, are they looking to postpone and to when to roughly, or are they cancelling.

Be flexible and Adapt

From our first point regarding communication, it is important you try and remain flexible and adapt to an ever changing situation, some couples will want to continue and still plan to go ahead. This is great however with daily announcements from the Government there maybe a point where it just cannot go ahead and couples are forced to postpone and move their wedding day.

This is a difficult and sad situation for couples as well as yourself and other industry professionals, but it is important to remain calm and adapt to the situation.

Review your calendar

In this uncertain time couples will be looking to postpone, however the question is to when and what will the situation be then.

Review when you may have availability, and when you are booked up, being able to adapt and rearrange to later in the year is great, but it is important to ensure you are not over stretched and to think of your couples who are originally booked for a wedding later on this year.

Review your measures

With the public told to self isolate for 7-14 days if showing any signs of symptoms, the same goes your yourself too. As much as you would want to be there to capture their day, if you show symptoms you must stay at home.

If this were to happen, do you have someone that could cover for you and step in, do you have a small network of photographers you could call upon to capture that wedding if needed? If not then reach out to local photographers to discuss working together if needed,

Keep in touch with them and review their availability for dates you are booked. We are in this together and it is important we all work together.

Keep going

During this uncertain period focus can be lost, while it is important to do and consider the above points, it is also important to keep going. There are couples still getting engaged and couples still planning their wedding that are still looking for a photographer.

Don’t just stop, keep updating your Instagram and Facebook, keep blogging on your website, keep working on your marketing and being quick to reply to enquiries. Check out our Guide to Instagram for Wedding Photographers.

During this downtime you can review your website, marketing activities, your profile on photography sites like ours, make sure they are all up to date and showing your best work.

This will pass, so it is important that you also focus on your future business.

Stick together, keep doing what you are doing and stay safe.

  • Don’t panic, take a breath and keep focused
  • Keep your couples and clients updated and reassured
  • In a quickly changing situation, be flexible and adapt
  • We are in this together, so support others in the industry
  • Keep going, keep doing what your doing, this will pass.

Finally, stay safe and healthy, we are in this together, and we will get through this.


  1. Andy Mac

    Great advice. Thank you.

    To you and all of our community, wishing everyone all the very best.
    We’re in this business of creativity and emotions, we’re empathetic and during tough times of isolation, worry and uncertainty in both business and our personal lives, times will likely feel very tough right now.

    We will get through this with each others support, love friendship and compassion.

    Stay strong everyone.

  2. Jeff Sham Photography

    Thanks for the article. It’s going to be a difficult year for wedding photography, but let’s keep going and hope it gets better by the summer… or else here’s to 2021! I’ve had a few postponements already, but staying positive in difficult times.


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