Petrina & Urban’s Wedding

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Petrina & Urban’s Wedding

The wedding of Petrina and Urban is on the blog today captured by wedding photographer Aljaz Hafner.

The couple.
Petrina and Urban are simply one of those couples you can describe them as perfect. They are both very intelligent and well educated and they just can’t hide their affection towards each other. She has a great taste for details and that shows in here daily life as well and he is very prudent and caring. Just a great couple to be around!

The Day.
The wedding day for me started perfect – with a fresh cup of coffee at the grooms place. I then started to document his day dressing up continuing at the brides place with all the bridesmaids present so that was a lot of fun. The day from that point on just flew by since the energy was so great and everything was so perfectly organized and curated. The wedding reception took place in some lovely local church and at a former boathouse where also the reception was held and lasted until early morning hours.

The Photographer
I am a full time destination wedding photographer. I simply enjoy and LOVE what I do and the decision of becoming a photographer is probably the best one I have done so far. Photography is also what I studied but living a photographers life and learning new things each and every day is crucial and is not something you can devote only a couple of years to but is a lifetime “relationship”. I also love to take a “boat trip” to the islands called “fashion” and “commercial photography” as well where I can try some new and different things which I can later on include in my wedding coverage. Other than that I am excited to meet new people, make to know them and hang out with them. Life is all about making a connection!

My photography style is mostly photo-journalistic mixed with some lifestyle-fashion when it comes down to shooting the bride and groom. I like my images to look energetic, loving and cinematic.

What did you love about the day?
What I loved about the day was how everything was so well organized and decorated with a sense for beauty. But what I admire the most when it comes to weddings is the ability of letting the things flow as they are and not allowing some minor changes “throw you out of balance” – they where exactly like that and that helps me as a photographer a lot!

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