The Perfect Bohemian Style Wedding Day

Real Wedding // Published by Sam, Editor - March 4, 2015

I am so happy to share this stunning bohemian style wedding captured by Jonathan Ong last autumn in Australia, a lovely wedding full of colour, flowers and beauty.

Kristy the bride said “Travis and I were pretty relaxed about the way our day would be. Through everyday conversations, excited dinners and countless wines we found that the most important aspects for us would be that our day was fun/relaxed, down-to-earth and most importantly a truly genuine representation of our love for each other.”

“We always knew that living in Sydney but having our wedding in Melbourne would pose certain challenges for us, the biggest being that I wanted to be fully involved in the decision making process and also have many little DIY/personal touches throughout the entire day – thank goodness we have the most amazing support network of family and friends which helped add these beautiful genuine and personal touches to make our day so perfect for us.”

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    Bohemian Style Wedding 023

Zonzo made for the most incredible location – stunning autumn winery backdrop for our outdoor ceremony and exposed brick, polished concrete floors and high ceilings with timber and long cafeteria style tables made for an absolutely perfect reception.

Dusty baby blue simple bridesmaids, very dark navy blue groomsman, all over lace dress for myself, dark green foliage, bright blue and brown small bottles, fairy light canopies and pops of pink, yellow and orange were the feel of the day. Our beautiful timber arbour was filled with dark green foliage with bursts of bright colours with a gorgeous deer skull/antlers with flowers and foliage all entwined throughout. Travis and I hand wrote our own vows and surprised each other on the day. We plan to take our favourite part from each others vows and have the words engraved inside our wedding bands. We had a heshen/lace runner with brown bottles lining the aisle and the green vineyard backdrop completed the look.

My dress was a backless, high neck,entirely lace, capped sleeves Johanna Johnson (Rosa) dress. The first dress in the first shop I had tried on, it was beyond perfect. I wore a babies breath flower crown for the ceremony and a larger brighter, bolder flower crown for the reception (my party crown!)

Travis wore a check blue and white Paul Smith dinner jacket which complimented the yellow/pink button holes so perfectly – just divine!

My mum sourced us a Volkswagen Beetle as the wedding car and this meant so much to us. Travis’s first car was an old Volkswagen beetle which he called Tallulah, he picked me up for our very first date in that car and this was always our form of transport in the very early stages of our relationship. We adored that car and the many memories we have with it, even when we did run out of fuel on numerous occasions due the fuel gauge not working properly!

My grandmother, the wonderful green thumb she is, made us our bonbonnieres. She spent the six months before potting mini succulents into tiny terracotta pots which she had grown in her garden 12 months before, she tied all the twine bows by hand and cared for them in the lead up to our day.

Travis and I don’t really enjoy cake, the only cake we really love is carrot cake! My mother in law made us our carrot cake wedding cake. Needless to say my father in law (as the taste tester) enjoyed the 12 month lead up to our day with the many trials of carrot cake he was able to devour!

My sister in law Hollie and Jen my mother in law crafted our icosahedron curtain for our tripod “photo booth” back drop. They spent hours cutting, gluing and folding and thank goodness because end result was spectacular.

Our stylist/florist Bobilee from Love Clarence was a mind reader. She knew exactly what I wanted and completed the aesthetics of our day! Our dance floor was covered by a fairy light canopy which was covered in green foalage, large “T & K” light letters lit up the reception area, below another beautiful skull/antler combo. The tables were lined with bright blue jars, pops of pink, orange and yellow flowers and the pretty tiny name tag succulents. We also had a “posie wrapping station” where guests can grab flowers from the around the reception, wrap them up and take them home at the end of the night.

Guests ate antipasto, roast and the carrot cake throughout the night. The dance floor was constantly busy and filled with people dancing along to Travis’s very talented school friends (Michaela Marshall) band, including Travis’s famous bum dance. Another school friend of Trav’s surprised us and sang a couple of songs which was just so lovely also.

Overall, our day went by so incredibly quickly. It was better then we could of ever imagined. Along with our guests we just had so much fun, and I’m so pleased as this was our goal. More then anything else, our day was filled with love, that totally down-to-earth, real love – the kind of love that I still haven’t been able to wipe off my face.

Many thanks to the wedding photographer Jonathan Ong for sharing this with sum you can find out more about him and view more of his work online at

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  1. wow, what a beautiful wedding!!

  2. Great setting, lovely vibrant flowers and a great looking couple – all beautifully captured

  3. These photographs give a great feel to this wedding. They have a fantastic color tone to them.

  4. Awesome wedding!

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