October 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

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October 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

We round up over 25 photos that have caught our eye this month in our October collection.

October 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

On top of the world in Saskatchewan!

Photo by Martine Sansoucy Photography – This bride and groom got married in beautiful Saskatoon Saskatchewan and wanted a country feel to their wedding photos since the bride is an avid horse lover & rider! The couple got permission from a nearby stable to do some photos on their property and we ended up making our way to some of the farmers field to capture this image! With the help of some strong groomsmen, we were able to get the bride and groom up on this bail in the middle of the field with the sun strong in the background coming in behind them! I absolutely loved this image the moment I captured it, and knew that it would perfectly reflect what they were looking for and also embody a perfect Saskatchewan Wedding. This is really what Saskatchewan is… flat fields, hay bails, big skies and beautiful people!

October 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Autumn Fire

Photo by Rob Grimes Photography – Towards the end of the day, I saw this tree and decided i wanted to light it up with an Autumn feel, deep reds. So used 3 speed lights with red gels behind the couple. The bride held the umbrella and the groom held a diffused speed light behind him. Took a couple of tries, but well worth the set up and feel of Autumn.

October 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

A Dream Come True

Photo by Tarik Ahmet – A portrait of Emma and Tom on their wedding day; where Emma always dreamed of having her horse with her. She arrived on horse back to walk down the aisle. It was amazing.

October 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Perfect Sunset

Photo by Voyteck Photography / Wojtek Chrapek – It was the most spectacular sunset ever. My brides looked absolutely beautiful and those boys jumping of the rock made the photo pretty epic.

October 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Ye Olde Victoria

Photo by John Steel Photography – I was photographing a wedding at the fabulous Victoria Hotel in Robin Hoods Bay, North Yorkshire. Some of the favours were moustaches and when I walked upstairs I’d noticed someone had applied some facial hair to Queen Victoria, there were a bunch of people talking next to the picture, including the bride and groom. All I said was “look moody” and I got this fabulous picture.

October 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Looking out

Photo by Tiree Dawson Photography – Beautiful Kha looks out of the window of their family home in Liverpool, awaiting the arrival of her groom ready for their Vietnamese Tea Ceremony.

October 2017 Wedding Photo Collection


Photo by Samantha Pennini – A photo session before the wedding with a very romantic couple who wanted to choose a very secretive place in the Tuscany countryside.

October 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Charlotte, Jack & their wedding car.

Photo by Amy B Photography – This lovely pair tied the knot at one of my all time favourite wedding venues .. Trinity Buoy Wharf in London. The O2 is the perfect backdrop but for this shot I thought I’d push the boundaries and do something a little ‘different’.

October 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Emotional arrival

Photo by Sam Gibson Photography – Jade and Tom were married on the amazing Osea Island – a small, private island off the coast of Essex. It’s an amazing place, like stepping back in time 50 years. This moment is Jade arriving to the outdoor ceremony and Tom being just a little overcome with emotion. It was a beautiful wedding and a really fun party later in the day!

October 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Bokeh Love

Photo by Matt Selby photography – Taken at a venue with very little opportunity for outdoor photographs. I used a red gel to create a background light and shot through some large red light fittings to create a magical B&G silhouette.


October 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Now the Sun

Photo by Tim Simpson photography – Louise is a fashion designer and came to me wanting a fashion style edge to her images, its a brief I absolutely loved. It was great working with Louise and Lee at the brilliant Thornton manor, they put there all into the photos. Louise designer her own dress too which looked fab.

The photo was a bit of a challenge as the sun was shining bright causing lots of the image to be in shadow so I lit it with my battery powered studio flash, I still wanted to keep the shadows as they make the image but I also wanted detail in them. Im really pleased with this image

October 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Fairy lights

Photo by James Davies Photography – `Taken at a wedding two weeks ago on an unusually mild October evening. The couple had placed 100’s of fairly lights in jars and having from a tree outside their venue, this image was the last one of the night before I left.

October 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Rock My Wedding

Photo by Pedro Filipe Fotografia – Well… This picture speaks for itself. A happy and in love couple that are really enjoying their day.

October 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Feather like dancing

Photo by FixFoto – The bride and groom on their first dance as a couple.

October 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Mountains sunrise

Photo by Magia Obrazu – It was beautiful sunrise in polish Beskidy mountains with Magdalena & Rafael.

October 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Dads and Daughter

Photo by MIchael O’Sullivan Photography – Even the toughest of Dads get emotional seeing there daughter looking stunning in the wedding dress for the first time on the day.

October 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Amongst the spotlights

Photo by Eneka Stewart – Just before the band started to play, I asked Jill & Dan: ‘Can I steal your for a few minutes?’ I wanted to do a double exposure photo with the hanging ceiling lights and the coloured band spotlights. I flashed the couple with one OCF whilst I was standing on the balcony overlooking the Eversholt Hall dance floor.

October 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Kiss in Black and White

Photo by Dana Pruna – There is always a magic between contrasts! Here, in Helsinborg, Sweden, i’ve found out love has no boundaries!

October 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Emotion at sunset

Photo by Luigi Rota Fotorotastudio – emotion at sunset Emotion and atmosphere with sunset light a gesture, a kiss, a siluette

October 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Emotions more than a thousand words

Photo by Fotorotastudio / Luigi Rota – emotions more than a thousand words some images tell more than a thousand words.

October 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Sunset Veil Action

Photo by Duncan McCall Photography – We were lucky enough to have a lovely sunset for Carly and Kerrins wedding at Matfen Hall in Northumberland at the end of September. We were walking over to shoot at a picturesque bridge and seen the opportunity for an epic veil silhouette shot, love the results.

October 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

The First Dance

Photo by Aaron Storry Photography – Grendon Lakes is probably my favourite wedding venue, ever! There’s hundreds of little secret spots to shoot, and each time I go back I find more amazing locations. Just before Sam & Scott performed their first dance in-front of their guests I invited them out for a practice run. I got so lucky with the framing, usually there’s a steady flow of cards from this spot but today the planets aligned and we got a few minutes of quiet time.. The gorgeous light finished off the picture.

October 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

The Last of the Light

Photo by Aaron Storry Photography – It was one of those gorgeous summer days, and the light has been powerful (and beautiful) throughout – I love harsh light but I was looking forward to shooting during the golden hour. So after the speeches and when things were looking hazy and rich I asked my lovely couple out for a few pictures. I had to hide down in a ditch to get this moment, and surrounded by thousands of ants I documented the intense love between Tim & Laura. A prefect way to end their perfect day.

October 2017 Wedding Photo Collection


Photo by stunning photography – Ruth wanted this breastfeeding photo an hour before she married Phill as a testament to the difficult road they had traveled to arrive at that moment.

Ruth and Phill had fertility issues that would leave them with a 9-12% chance of conceiving.
Both had a difficult journey ahead yet they held onto hope. Despite everything and a gruelling round of IVF Ruth became pregnant and Franklin arrived into the world on his due date.

However less than 24 hours later Franklin was rushed into hospital, limp in his mummies arms. He had a condition that resulted in an infection that kills 1 in 3.

Ruth and Phill held onto hope. Ruth breastfed as it was the best thing for their sons condition. And here they are. Stronger than ever, thriving in an unbreakable bond.

The thing about miracles and hope is that they take a lot of hard work and support. Without the love that Ruth, Phill and their families have for each other and without strong will and determination from a beautiful little boy. They wouldn’t be here today, together in a union that not only faces storms, but defies them.

October 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Raise your glass

Photo by Andreu Doz Photography – We were very lucky to photograph the wedding of M&D in Menorca. It was a very small wedding in a very nice hotel. We felt like family among the guests. The decoration was perfect and behind the bride and groom there was a curtain of lights. I realise that with a very wide aperture these lights would blur and the bokeh effect would be amazing. I waited for the perfect moment and when they did the toast one of the guests rose her glass and that was the moment I was waiting for. I snapped and this photo is the result!!

October 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

The Riviera

Photo by Anthony : Special Day Wedding Photos – Taken at in Torquay, Devon with Martin & Natasha. We headed down to the seafront just before the light faded. It was beautiful and the light was perfect.

October 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Love and Golden Hour

Photo by Madas Wedding Photographer – This photo was taken in Brasov, Romania, a beautiful city with an amazing view.
Golden Hour is my favorite time to shoot, so this is my kind of images 🙂

October 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Trials bike for life!

Photo by Joshua Wyborn Photographic – Tino and Jill are awesome! Their love for having an alternative wedding, including Tino’s trials bike and the reception at a local live rock venue is infectious. Jills Sister Kay, made the dress herself by hand while working on costumes on film sets. How cool is that?! Pretty much everything has been made with friends and craftiness in this rather epic DIY wedding.

October 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Evening shot from Prestwold Hall, UK.

Photo by Matt Selby photography – I wanted to create something powerful with some wow factor which would lend itself well for this kind of venue.

D750 1/60 f2.8 iso250 15mm. Rim – 2x Godox TT-600 1/4 CTR behind pillars. Fill – Calumet Genesis GF400 1/8 through a gridded Lencarta beauty dish hidden behind left pillar. Triggered with the Godox X1.

October 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Pastel reflection

Photo by SV PHOTOGRAPH – After their destination wedding on a private island, this couple avoid rain during the photoshoot : it was rainy right after ! The day before the wedding, there was a huge storm over the island which create this thin layer of sand where our lovers are walking and create this vision like if they are walking over the sea. Cloudy days are amazing sometimes during sunset hours and create frame like escaping from a dream.

October 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Sitting at the Colosseum!

Photo by NABIS PHOTOGRAPHERS/ MASSIMILIANO MAGLIACCA – The couple were sitting at the wedding table waiting for the dinner.
Their venue was in the center of Rome nearby Colosseum. The twilight came out and I shot .

October 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Sunrise in Rome

Photo by Massimiliano Magliacca – Nabis Photographers – I was in the amazing Gianicolo with this Polish-Italian couple at sunrise.
The sun has just araisen and I began to photograph in a marvelous scenery.

October 2017 Wedding Photo Collection


Photo by NABISPHOTOGRAPHERS/ CHIARA RIDOLFI – We went in Northern Italy for their wedding and it was an incredible atmosphere.
There were the first autumn leaves and I shot this photo while the bride and the groom walking along the lake.

October 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Dartington Hall at night

Photo by Martin Dabek Photography – The picture was taken at Dartington Hall in Devon. I use two off camera flashes with gels to create this image.

October 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Sunrise love

Photo by Magia Obrazu – It was very cold and windy morning, but you cound’t feel that looking at beautiful Newlyweds Paulina and Przemek whose love was all around.


  1. Steve Wheller

    Another great collection. There are some fantastic technical and beautiful photographs but I especially love the picture by Luigi Rota as it shows the pure emotion of a wedding.


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