Mykonos Island Wedding

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Mykonos Island Wedding

We feature the lovely wedding of David and Michela that took place on Mykonos Island in Greece. The day was captured by wedding photographer Athanasios Papadopoulos.

The wedding…

David and Michela decided to get married at Mykonos island and … yes, they made an excellent choice!! Mykonos is so traditionally graphical, with the narrow alleys, the white small houses with the blue roofs and windows, the small churches and their trademark, the windmills!! All these, in the company of the blue sea and sky!

Immediately when we had our first skype conversation with David and Michela, I knew that due to their exceptional characters and easy going temperament they will have a beautiful wedding. It proved I was right as everything they did, they did it right!

The choice of the specific resort and the party they had at a marvelous bar the previous night, it was a treat for their relatives and guests!

They provided me also with the best scenario as we had a «wedding portraits» photo session a day prior to the wedding. That is the only part of the wedding that I interfere, I give instructions and direct the couple I am photographing. They made my life easy as not much to say was required in order for them to understand what I wanted.

My flight was delayed on that day and that left us only with an hour for the whole session including the transfer from one place to another but David and Michela kept their smile and went with the flow! Job was swiftly done within a record time!

Next day was the big day!

The couples relaxed behavior was obvious and this passed directly to the guests! Everybody enjoyed the wedding, the vibes of Mykonos island and they celebrated until morning hours! I know that, since I was celebrating with them until late and after I left I could still hear them from my room.

Next morning, I said goodbye to my new friends as I had to leave for my next wedding at another destination.

Obviously we kept touch and I hope I see them again sometime in the near future.

About me and my photographic style

I started my photographic «journey» 22 years ago when I studied photography at a BA level and later received also a Masters degree. Perhaps it was before that as my father was a cinematographer and I was definitely influenced by him, through the memories I had of him holding a camera.

During a Wedding day, people experience intense moments…and I am there to record them and describe them with my photographic images.

I am a representative in the approach of the “Wedding Photojournalism” and the “Creatively Directed Wedding Portraits”.

During the wedding day, I never interfere and try to be «transparent» and capture the moment, the feeling, the situation!

The only photographic session at which I interfere during the day and give instructions and directions is when I am left alone with the couple in order to have their wedding portraits, which I name «Creatively Directed Wedding Portraits”.

I have been selected recently as one of the top 100 international wedding photographers for year 2016.

As an International wedding photographer I am available on wedding assignments worldwide.

My advice

I have two simple advices for the couples that are getting married.

Have fun and don’t have your priority to please your guests… is your BIG day and your guests will be pleased if you are!! ….so, have fun and whatever it happens, just happens (this has is related to my second advice). Life is full of unpredictable situations, if something unpredictable happens at your wedding day (e.g. rain at a Greek island?) just smile and go with the flow….we can not have control on everything! This attitude will be past to your relatives and guests…you are the maestros!

What David and Michela say….


Weddings usually just fly by and that is was happened to ours. Our main take is: enjoy every moment of your wedding with your family and friends and don’t worry about the moments you are missing, Athanasios will do an amazing job to capture everything.


We would highly recommend getting married in Mykonos it is a great island with a lot of spots to create memorable pictures. Regarding the island, don’t do you wedding during the summer but beginning – mid-June is a great moment to do it, you don’t have too many people visiting the island so you can enjoy more.

Do not think on how you would like the picture to look like, but just enjoy the moment you are living with your partner .. these are the best pictures! Just enjoy!


First things first, you will completely forget Athanasios and he will capture the bests moments of your day; these moments you didn’t even realize that were happening.

Looking back at the pictures we really enjoyed the photo shooting we did the evening before the wedding in Mykonos, this was a special moment between us and Athanasios, he manage to quickly understand our couple to put us in places where we would fit and not any other couple in order to capture our feelings through his pictures which is a remarkable work.

Athanasios will surprise you by proving you the key moments and the small details that are not focused directly on the bride and groom, which we loved as this shows the spirit of the wedding as well.

We couldn’t have wished for a more professional and friendly photographer .

Thank you again for your amazing work

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