Martin Dabek Wedding Photographer Interview

Behind the Camera // Published by Sam, Editor - April 12, 2017

This week we catch up and chat with Martin Dabek, a UK wide & Destination wedding photographer.

How long have you been photographing weddings for and how did you get into it?

I have been photographing weddings since 2009. My first wedding happened to be a destination wedding in Mexico for friends of mine. The Mexican wedding was so much fun that I decided to start my career as Bristol wedding photographer.

What do you particularly like about photographing weddings?

Discovering new location, getting to know couples and their guests and creating something timeless for them.

Martin Dabek Wedding Photographer Interview

What is your favourite part of the day?

My favourite part is time just after the Sunset, when I can create some low-light creative shots.

How would you describe your style and approach?

I would describe myself as reportage wedding photographer with artistic/creative twist. I would say 90% of my photography documents my couple story and the other 10% would be creative portraiture during the day and evening.

Martin Dabek Wedding Photographer Interview

Who, or what inspires you?

There are few photographers that inspired me a lot when i was staring up and they still do actually: Jerry Ghionis, Chrisman Studios.

Martin Dabek Wedding Photographer Interview

What advice would you give to couples looking for a wedding photographer?

Check his sample albums and his blog … also don’t listen to your mum 🙂

What tips would you share with couples to help their day go more smoothly?

Relax and let the day flow. You can’t control everything, so just let go and enjoy every minute as the day goes very quickly.

Martin Dabek Wedding Photographer Interview

If there was one place in the world you would love to capture a wedding where would it be and why?

I would love to photograph some crazy gypsy wedding in Transylvania. I think it would be total madness! I wouldn’t mind Ice hotel wedding in Lapland too.

Finally… Whats the best moment you’ve had as a wedding photographer?

I guess receiving thank you emails and thank you cards from my couples.

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